Monday, May 21, 2012

Paranormal Headline Monday – May 21, 2012

By Kirby Robinson

Welcome back! The news never disappoints us, as this week we have things to think about, things to make us shake our heads, and things that make us go "say what?"

I've followed the career of televangelist Jim Bakker for some years. I've recently started to tune into his show, THE JIM BAKKER SHOW, which has turned into a daily 1-hour marathon of the end is near message. He claims that some time ago, GOD took him in the spirit and he lived in the end times for 2 weeks. Jim's only description is that it will be "VERY HOT AND VERY COLD!" How can you be prepared? Just send him money and he'll send you Apocalyptic Survivalist Gear to cover your physical needs:

Here's a great article in which a neural scientist takes a look at the ghost box and explains why we hear what we do:

Often the press portrays men of faith in a negative light in this case; a priest is treated respectfully as he talks about modern day exorcism in Australia:

And on the flipside we gotta talk about the dark side of exorcism in America:

We hear little of the subject of purgatory these days and hardly ever hear of it in the paranormal field. But could this be the source of ghosts? Read about people who hear from those souls stuck there:

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