Friday, July 19, 2013

The Creeping Darkness

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

Ever heard of the "creeping darkness"? Or maybe I should ask: have you ever seen it? In this article I want to discuss some of the ways that demons appear. We are becoming so accustomed to the spiraling paranormal activity that I fear that some are becoming jaded...others have lived so long with "weirdness" that they do not realize what they are dealing with...still others of you are experiencing one/more of these but are uncertain as to what it is...and finally, some are even entertained by the antics of the "little girl".I am trying to heed the apostles warning to not be ignorant of Satan's schemes.There is tremendous diversity to demonic activity--from the seeming hilarious to the horrid--but they all emanate from pure evil. All of these I have some form of experience with--direct or indirect. I am intentionally focusing on some lesser known phenomena...some of which are very easy to brush off (sometimes literally) Remember that just because something CAN be explained naturally, does not necessarily mean it was caused naturally...sometimes we get foolish with debunking theories. On other hand, care must be taken with some of these phenomena to make sure that they were not caused naturally. Avoid both extremes--hyper skepticism and hyper-supernaturalism.

1. The Creeping Darkness is when a person is perhaps laying in bed and their eyes have become adjusted to ambient light. Suddenly, off in a corner, the darkness becomes even darker. A dark cloud... it may appear to be "pixelating" in the creeps closer and closer-- the room becomes totally dark..Sometimes it will evolve into a shadow figure (humanoid shape) and other times it just slides through as a cloud...sometimes smaller and swirling. Usually it frightens the person terribly...I have not heard this said before, but it is my opinion that this is an intentional demonic parody of the cloud of glorious LIGHT surrounding the Lord (recall Mt of Transfiguration) Much demonic activity is a darkened mirror image of God's reality.

2. Floating faces -- could be very human like or monstrous...often composite--that is, a figure shaped like two or more creatures. Sometimes they float in mid air and other times appear on TV screen. I have had numerous cases with this and seen pictures of incredible weirdness (eg 3 ft "clown" kneeling on sofa with body suit on).

3. Indoor rain is when it rains inside the house! Using pre-existent matter, somehow demons are able to cause drops of rain-like substance to fall. I have a friend who had these drops fall on them while in bed. Sadly, they just attributed it to "paranormal activity" and is unfazed by it.

4. Hooded figures -- these are often seen at the foot or side of bed. There is no such thing as a real GRIM REAPER....God is in control of our lives and deaths (Psalm 139, etc) Demons appear in a way to bring about desired affect...this figure seems to cause considerable fear due to superstition of it being harbinger of gloom, doom, and possibly death.

5. Cobweb effect -- this occurs when there is no spider-web but one can feel on face/hair what clearly feels like a spider web--which it is not, but it has certain creepy effect, especially when walking about in the dark!

6. Bee sting -- or so it seems...a sudden stinging on one's arm. Not a scratch but a "sting".

7. Breezes -- if there is no way to naturally explain it,then it is important that you realize that demons can cause the sensation of a breeze. A cold spot is much more common phenomenon.I seriously doubt this is just the inadvertent effect of a demon moving close to you. Evidently, it is intentional...messing with you.

8. Doppelganger -- refers to seeing your own ghost, which is thought by some to be harbinger of doom. In "quantum jumping" it is one of an infinite number of each of us, that we access to siphon their energy.

9. Light bulb effect -- inside or outside, a sudden flash of bright light...gone instant later. Other light anomalies can occur. (This happened to me a week ago...outside).

10. Sleep paralysis -- This happens fairly often. Scientists say this can be explained, but not all cases can be. Cannot move or speak...frightening. Once, I was pinned in chair and demon cussed me in audible voice...not pleasant!

11. Vivid nightmares/dreams--this MAY be indicator of demonic presence or influence. We should always pray against this at night. From my experience, vivid nightmares often occur at beginning of infestation, and other phenomena start occurring later.

12. Appearance of ghost of pet animals--given our love for our pets, this is cruelly effective means of demons gaining acceptance and foothold. I had one case with appearing/disappearing demonic cat.

13. Seeing the # 11 repeatedly ... apparently a worldwide phenomenon. Lots of alleged explanations, none of which are exceptionally persuasive. Historically, the Lord has never signaled any of His activity via numerology. That is occultic, and likely demonic if occurrences are beyond law of averages. Also, any activity (e.g. bangs) occur in three's, then that may be demonic--evidently, a mockery of Trinity.

14. Hearing conversations or whistling--usually voices just out of range to understand words.

I want you to remember this and burn it into your psyche--assume that ALL paranormal activity is demonic...angels do not play games with us--they are our servants (Heb. 1:14).

So, what should you do if one or more of these start occurring (or have been for quite a while)? Please do not do not start taking not attempt communication...SEEK HELP!! (you can contact me by replying to this).

Depending upon what is occurring, a direct, verbal rebuke in the name of Jesus is often more effective than praying TO God. For me, I do both

Some people I have helped with long term exposure to seemingly innocuous spirits, had experienced premature stroking, brain tumors, heart attacks, and death. I beg of you to see this activity for what it really is--the presence of unspeakable evil.