Saturday, January 26, 2013

Desert Flower

By V.K. Bronz

Ella was raised with her own mammy and with the finest of founding fathers heritage. As a young adult she married an anointed man of God and they settled in a beautiful home on St. Simons Island, off the coast of North Carolina.

When the anointing of God was poured out in the sixties and seventies this couple took young people into their home to bring salvation and set the captive free. Bible studies worship and praise were heard continually throughout the home.

Then the unthinkable but predictable happened; a young lady set about to seduce the man of God. She would pry and question to find out what he liked to eat what was his favorite this or that until she stole him away.

Ella and the man of God were riding in a car when a horrible accident occurred. Ella was thrown through the window; her face ripped off and landed paralyzed on the ground. As Ella lay in critical condition her husband would bring her paperwork to sign having to do with the home finances and the accident, unaware and trusting her husband she signed away all proceeds from the home, accident and finances to him. He left town with the money and the young lady leaving her scarred, paralyzed, broke, no home and children to care for. Thus began her journey in the desert circling the mountain.

When Ella got out of the hospital she attended a Home gathering of saints in her wheelchair. The spirit of the Lord came mightily pouring out upon her, her face was healed and she jumped out of the wheelchair totally healed!

During this time her husband was also being dealt with; he was in a hardware store walking down the aisles when suddenly he went blind. Horrified he cried out to the Lord and the Lord told him to return to his wife, he agreed and the Lord in his mercy restored his sight.

As he returned to his Ella he insisted to her he had to go to the young lady’s house and get his things; Ella was not happy with this idea but couldn’t talk him out of it. Sure enough when he returned to the young lady he never returned to his wife! You would have though fear of the Lord would have taken over but it didn’t.

He stayed with this woman the rest of his life and the presence of the Lord lifted from him. In later years he had cried out to the Lord for the anointing and presence but to no avail. Unaware of these details at the time the Lord sent me with a word for him out of Leviticus about returning what was taken plus fifteen percent. This of course was rejected; it amounted to quite a bit of money, I was attacked and I left. At this point in time the man has been diagnosed with cancer and not expected to live long.

Ella’s life as an anointed wife was stolen, her ministry with him was stolen, her home the security for her and her children all stolen, her union in Christ. Thus began years of deep struggles and suffering, where oh where are you Lord her heart cried.

The Lord still used her she moved around place to place looking without knowing what she was looking for; that union in Christ she once had; going in this and that direction as the world does; seeking, making mistakes but searching for what was lost.

Most of us have similar stories, that one thing that caused us to search for what we felt in the beginning, that union with Christ now seemingly lost; That one thing that sent us to the desert.

The Hebrews wandered in the desert forty years, searching for that city made by God: that place God has for each one of us; the land he has promised that is filled with milk and honey; the land of abundance that land of fullness, the land of peace, our inheritance.

The Lord was with them, showing himself faithful, showing himself strong, showing himself a provider for his sheep, a protector of the helpless, showing himself a loving father. Yes he kept his sheep in the desert; the strangest of places for sheep.

The Lord poured out in the sixties and the seventies, we reveled in our new found relationship and power seemingly unaware of our pride and fleshly strength, but then He took us to the desert. We lived and were used by the Lord in a small degree and our Father began our journey round and round the mountain; the mountain of God! Come to my mountain He cried but the Hebrews said no you go Moses. Come to my mountain cries God.

We have found out who he is; with some he has been a high tower to many a lifter of our head and still more a loving Father. Yes we have been in the desert to learn who our Father is, the great warrior the tender lover…..

Moses was chosen to lead Gods people and in his pride and the strength of his own hand he struck and killed the Egyptian.

Moses ran to the desert to hide. All the years in the desert broke him of the flesh and mans’ prideful strength until Moses said who am I Lord I can’t do that! Yes we have been in the desert being sifted and broken becoming one with our God even though it doesn’t feel that way.

We have learned who our God is, we feel weak and lost because we are no longer walking in our strength. We feel we can no longer fight or no longer want to.

He has not forgotten us he has come to our desert he is calling once again but now, as Moses, we have no strength of our own.

As I come to the end of this article I began worshiping to Robin Marks song “All is Well”

I’m held firmly in his grasp the rock of all ages
All is well with my soul
He is God in Control
I know not all his plans
But I know I’m in his hands

Weeping before the Lord soooo grateful being washed in his presence I saw John the Baptist standing in the desert proclaiming “make straight the way of the Lord” then as I could see the pathway through the desert I heard John say ”can you see him, look he’s coming.”

First Visit During Deliverance

By Stephen Piersall,
God’s Preservation Ministry,

Because of the last three Deliverance’s, I have been involved with I decided to write this particular blog. There may be a right way (through God) and a wrong way (scientific, New Age) of doing a first visit to the client’s home. However, I want to give a particular scenario that I believe could be used or tailored to fit your needs accordingly.


First thing on the phone before going to see her, I would advise her to have someone watch her son at a different location so we may conduct the interview in privacy and no distractions. I would encourage her to have anyone to be there with her to provide support or can relate with the findings that she has reported. I also would not go alone, as to make sure it never could get legal because she could accuse me of anything and I would have no witnesses for myself. The person coming with me would be someone I trust and know is a Christian. We would pray before knocking on the door and make sure all my senses are in alert mode.

I would introduce ourselves and turn on my digital recorder for the duration. We will sit with them and have them complete the consent form, and obtain the questionnaire that I had previously sent them so I can review their responses. I will use all my senses and listen to them tell their story. I would also have a discussion regarding fear to get their perspective, and would advise them of what I know of fear and the demonic. After reviewing the questionnaire, it will reveal all background information I need. I will take notes to document everything necessary.

I will ask permission to take a tour of the home, inside (Attic – Basement) and outside and surrounding area. I would also ask about the neighbors, and neighborhood. We would turn on EMF meter as we do the walk through. If they point out activity at a certain area, we will set the digital video camera in a spot that would be able to capture anything while I am there. My assistant would be taking random temperature, pictures, and EMF readings accordingly as well as humming christian songs throughout the process.

I will always try to debunk things accordingly, but will not tell them straight out that is what I am doing. I will always treat them with professionalism and respect, and accept any answers or comments “their truth” as they show me around and explain what goes on there.

After the walk through, we would sit and discuss the answers on the questionnaire. If they were not Christians, I would witness to them and at least plant the seed of salvation through Jesus Christ. I then would ask their permission to bind any demonic spirits present. If allowed, I would pray for the binding of the demonic spirits. I would also pray the Lord’s Prayer. I would discuss with them about releasing any Legal Rights or attachments and how they can free themselves through praying to God and asking for forgiveness and repent for any sins in their life. If they accept Jesus as their Savior, I would recommend they attend a local church of their choosing and be baptized.

I then would let her know that we will come back for a 2nd interview, which would give us time to go over the information collected and review anything the electronic equipment may have picked up. Once back to our vehicle, I would pray for continued protection and that no evil follow us back in to our lives.