Thursday, January 17, 2013

Plasma, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Other Dimensions, and How They May Help Explain The Supernatural (Part One)

By Lisa Grace

Those who read my bi-monthly articles here at Eye on the Paranormal know two things about me: 1) The Holy Scriptures are the ultimate authority on our understanding of the paranormal and 2) Science is proving the Holy Scriptures are correct.

In elementary school we are taught there are three forms of matter. Solids, liquids, and gases. However, this is not entirely true. There is another state of matter, and it is the most abundant state of matter in the known universe accounting for 99% of all matter, visible and invisible: Plasma.

Did you catch that? Plasma, the most abundant form of matter in the universe has vast amounts that are invisible.
We know there are life forms that live within liquid. - Fish.
We know there are life forms that live with in solids. - Parasites.
We know there are life forms that live with in gases - We humans breathe air consisting of a variety of gases, and it’s hard for us to live without an atmosphere.)
There must be life forms that live with in plasma. - It’s the most abundant form of matter, it makes up 99% of the univers, and much of it exists with in a state where it can be visible or invisible. My hypothesis is: What we call supernatural, paranormal creatures such as angels and demons, are actually made of this form of matter.
Taking it one step further:
We know that the creatures that live with in the densest matter are the least intelligent.
We know that the creatures that live within liquids are smarter than those that live with in solids.
We know that those that breathe gases are smarter than those who take in and live in liquids.
Therefore I hypothesis that those who live in plasma are more intelligent than us. Which makes perfect sense and is in agreement with what the Holy Scriptures says about angels and demons.

I know this is a radical concept for most to agree with, but it explains why the supernatural sometimes can be seen, and then can’t.
Next week I’ll explore how this ties in with dark energy and dark matter (two entirely different areas of study) tie in with plasma.

But the exciting conclusions I come to is how science is proving God (not that He needs proof, just faith) for all those doubting Thomas’. Read Part 2.