Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Issue 35 - The Chip Coffey Slam Dunk Edition

After putting to rest the credibility of Animal Planet's para-reality TV show, Demon Exorcist, we hoped we could start exposing fake demonologists. But we would be ignoring our duties as paranormal journalists to ignore breaking news within the field. Yes, we have more tall tales, distortion of the truth and a new fake para-reality TV show.

Another Smackdown to the Credibility of Paranormal State & Paranormal State: The New Class

Here's a post that was left on the "SAY NO TO PARANORMAL STATE: THE NEW CLASS" Facebook page.
"Keep in mind the same producers backed both shows and Chip Coffey was featured in them. We hoped that when Mr. Coffey parted ways with "Paranormal State" in the fourth season it was due to the fact he was tired of seeing evidence faked on the show…But apparently that wasn't the reason. "Is the New Class still up and running on A&E? I thought it aired once and failed lol! I remember my group was offered a contract to be the exact Paranormal State sequel but we declined due to the outright shitty contract and shady producers (legally claiming they had the right to fake evidence on the episodes, etc.). Pooh pooh! ;)" Samantha Harris
It's a shame that these producers couldn't hold themselves to the standards set by two recent para-reality shows that we have endorsed: Haunted Collector and Paranormal Challenge. Seems like some people never learn.

Is Chip Coffey Afraid of Casey Anthony? 

Chip Coffey, who claims to be a psychic medium, posted this on his Facebook page:

"Some individuals continue to ask me to focus my psychic abilities on the Casey/Caylee Anthony case. PLEASE STOP! For legal, ethical and moral reasons, I do not consult on forensic cases unless specifically requested to do so by immediate family members and/or law enforcement.

Your understanding and consideration are sincerely appreciated."

Now this kinda bugs me as it has many others who have contacted me about the post. It really makes no sense. Here are six reasons:

1 Mr. Coffey, are you unaware that many psychics have contacted the Orlando Police Department and the Anthony family directly with information about the murder? How's that? They used their gifts. Granted, none of them have a para-reality show nor do they have a big name, and most never went public with the information they provided. But they helped and some of them even pinpointed the spot where Caylee's body was found.

2 What are the legal reasons that you couldn't offer to help? I personally have no knowledge of any law that prohibits a psychic from focusing his/her gift onto a matter. Please point it out to me and my readers.

3 Moral reasons? Well let's see -- Casey Anthony was found NOT GUILTY. [Please DON'T confuse this with being innocent in the matter of Caylee's death]. There could be a killer on the streets who might kill again. Would one who is so amazingly gifted as you claim to not have a moral responsibility to help get that killer off the street? What if they kill again? Do you not have a moral responsibility to help the public understand, as well as the family: the who, what, why, where and when?

4 Ethical reasons? Not sure who wrote the guidelines of ethical psychic behavior. But if one does have a gift, as you claim, one should use that gift. That gift shouldn't be dependent upon cameras and/or payment.

5 More than likely the truth is, Mr. Coffey, you have a fear of being wrong. After all, you failed my little test I gave you. And you even failed to realize that the air date for your show was going to be changed. You avoid making public [free!] predictions which anyone could examine your gifts and see if they are as real as you claim they are.

6 Other psychics have seen what happened and have come forward to share. I have some cases coming up in Orlando, and when I get there will share with the proper authorities what I picked up on as to who was part of Caylee's murder. Why not join me and help bring justice to Caylee? Remember, her birthday is August 9.

A Bitter Coffey He Will Be After Our Review of Celebrity Ghost Hunt A/K/A Ryan Buell's Calling Chip Coffey & He Wants Paranormal State Back!

Last month we received a copy of Celebrity Ghost Hunt and have been holding off our review until the public was forced to endure this rip-off of Paranormal State. Celebrity Ghost Hunt is on the Biography [BIO] channel and features Chip Coffey playing the dual roles of Ryan Buell and the go-to psychic. Guess this two for one deal saves the producers some buckeroos.

We kick the show off with Christopher Atkins a movie [The Blue Lagoon] and TV [Dallas] actor. We are never told that Chip has had a long time friendship with him. Why? Well, maybe to throw the viewer off to the fact that is how Chip knows so much about the land.

Many claims are made for the next few minutes as to paranormal activity but we see no real proof. In fact, none is seen throughout the 30-minute long segment.

Chip claims that a murder happened on the property and reenacts how it took place but does he inform the local police? Possibly the killer is still alive. And the victim's family would like to know what happened. We should contact the Cabarrus County Sheriff's Department in Midland, NC. [704] 888-0271. Ask if this information shared with them? If not, inform them of this situation.
If you read our book you will see that Chip also pulled this stunt during season 3's "Church of the Damned" episode.  

Michelle Griffin arrives to help out but the viewer is never informed about the relationship that Chip and Michelle have. Is it possible that Chip passed on information to her?

We then experience the same Paranormal State shtick of knocking noises allegedly heard off camera and something happening, but we never see it or any shadow movement.

We are offered one EVP in which we allegedly hear: "Find the gold!" But is it?

The team descends into the mine and we have flickering lights and shadows in the dark.

 A Native American medicine man, or elder, it's never clear who he is, does a blessing and all is well.

Have we all not seen this on Paranormal State over and over again?

The next case features Eric Roberts and his wife Eliza. Eric is a onetime 'A' lister [Runaway Train, The Dark Knight] that has fallen in the rankings. Seen in season 4 of Celebrity Rehab  With Dr. Drew, that show features various has-beens, oops, celebs, who use their own insurance policies to pay for rehab and get paid for it. [They complete 28 days in rehab and not the minimum of 30 days.]

Eric claims that one night he saw a ghost in the kitchen. He didn't see the ghost two or three times or every night but one single time. Eric didn't reveal if he was high or sober when this encounter took place. Trying to sell the story we're told that even a maid and the house man saw it. Do they speak to the viewer? Nope but we're assured they saw the ghost!

Chip shows up and does his walk through. What does he pick up? Listen closely and he reaches to point out that Eric sometimes knows what his wife is thinking. Is this uncommon for a couple that has been married since 1992?

Notice that while Chip, Eric and Eliza are upstairs it's broad daylight. When they return downstairs it's suddenly dark. Did they film events that take place on the second day during that time?

Chip asks Eric about things which were bad that happened to him at ages 12 to 14. Proof of Chip's psychic ability? Nope. Eric discussed these things on Celebrity Rehab.

Beth Brown is flown in from the East Coast. One wonders why in the city of Los Angeles [population of approximately 4 million] they couldn't find a paranormal investigator? Is it possible that Beth was in on things?

Notice that the video feed indicates a start time of: 22:59 00. This is going to be very important.

Chip sees a shadow move across a darkened room. The video feed says 23:10:58. Keep that in mind.

They bring out the Ovilus and it speaks many times. Listen to the sound of the voice.

When they do the evidence review notice that when the shadow is caught moving the time is 22:46. However, they didn't start until 22:59. Chip saw it at 23:10 so the shadow moved 24 minutes prior to Chip seeing it! Boy what a gift he has!
Listen to the EVP's. They sound so much like the voice from the Ovilus. The words are spoken in the same order.

When Eric sees a photo of this woman he initially says, "This could be her."

We end up with a show that's so much like Paranormal State it's not even funny. Or maybe it is! Because the style, content and deceptions aren't needed. You like the paycheck, Chip, but is this mockery of the paranormal field worth it?

SPECIAL SATURDAY BLOG! -- Watch for "The Karma of the Casey Anthony Case."

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