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The Dalai Lama on Human Values

New Delhi, India, 22 November 2014 - This morning, after a short drive across Delhi, His Holiness the Dalai Lama was received at Springdales School by the Principal, Mrs Ameeta Mulla Wattal. She escorted him to a brief reception and meeting with other principals and staff, including the Founding Principal, 90 year old Mrs Rajni Kumar. She established the first Springdales School in 1955 with a view to giving students a broad progressive holistic curriculum and a strong value system that included the universal values of love, truth and goodness.

On the daïs, His Holiness was offered a traditional shawl and a living plant. He took part in lighting the inaugural lamp while members of the school choir sang an ecumenical medley. Mrs Wattal declared that as teachers she and her colleagues feel it their responsibility to shape young minds with the notion that compassion is the solution to all ills. She said they had dreamed of inviting His Holiness to speak at the school and were now so pleased the dream had become reality. She requested him to address the gathering of eager young minds and their teachers.

“Respected principals, teachers and older brothers and sisters,” His Holiness began, “and younger brothers and sisters. Whenever I meet other people I remember that we are all the same as human beings. Having the same human brain, we all have the same potential. Sometimes that potential ends up creating more problems, but in general our basic human nature is compassionate.”

He spoke of experiments scientists have conducted with young infants. Showing them animated drawings of situations in which someone gives help and or hinders and obstructs, they favour the instances of help. He said this clearly accords with our status as social animals whose survival depends on others. This is why we develop a sense of community. And the emotions that foster community are love and affection, while anger and jealousy create distance and separation. It is by cultivating a sense of concern for others that we can learn to use our intelligence constructively.

“Modern education tends to focus on materialist goals with insufficient stress on developing warm-heartedness. If our education touches on ethics it is usually in relation to religious faith. Despite their philosophical differences, the main practice of all the major religious traditions is love. And in order to practise love effectively, you need tolerance and forgiveness, self-discipline and contentment. These traditions have a common purpose, to help us develop love. It may be through belief in a creator and the sense that we all have a spark of God, of love, within us. Or we might follow a non-theistic tradition that believes in causality and the idea that if you do good, you benefit, or that if you do harm it will have negative consequences. Whatever their differences philosophically, these spiritual traditions share a common goal.”

His Holiness remarked that in India all the major religious traditions have long lived together in harmony. However, among the 7 billion human beings alive in the world today, 1 billion assert that they have no such belief. He said the question then is how to educate such people in the value of love and compassion. He suggested a need to adopt a secular approach and that India has historically adopted such an approach that expresses an unbiased respect for all religions and even for people who proclaim no faith. 

“I believe, therefore, that the idea of secular ethics is something that can appeal to all. We are biologically equipped with love and affection. When we are born we depend on our mother’s affection to survive. Love and affection allow us to grow in a healthy way and give us self-confidence. Many of you young women take time and trouble to make yourselves look beautiful using cosmetics and so on, but the real key to happy relationships, to creating a happy marriage is inner beauty.

“We all need friendship and friendship is built on trust, which comes about on the basis of mutual respect and concern for others. A family may be wealthy and powerful, but if its members are moved by mistrust and suspicion they’ll be unhappy. A poor family whose members trust each other, on the other hand, is happy.”

His Holiness referred to scientific research that shows that people who engage in training in love, compassion and warm-heartedness for as short a time as three weeks show a marked reduction in their levels of stress and blood pressure. Their relations with their friends improve. He cited this as an example that it is possible to educate people on the basis of scientific findings, common experience and common sense. Because of the materialist tendency of modern education, work is going on in the USA and here in India to design a curriculum that fosters secular ethics, that develops the heart as well as the mind.

“The 20th century saw many remarkable developments,” His Holiness declared, “and yet it was also an era of unprecedented violence. 200 million, by some counts, died in violence. Billions of dollars were spent on developing powerful weapons, but it didn’t result in positive change. Even now, when it is pleasant and peaceful where we are, elsewhere human beings like us are being killed and injured. We cannot create a more peaceful world through the use of force; we have, instead, to cultivate inner peace.”

Looking out over the audience he said that those less than 20 years old belong to the 21st century. While nothing can be done to change the past, if this generation tries it can change the future. He said that being concerned only about your own country is out of date, now it is time to be concerned about all humanity. India, with its ages-old traditions of ahimsa and inter-religious harmony, can make a great contribution to this.

“I have lived 55 years in this country as a refugee,” His Holiness said. “I consider myself a messenger of ancient Indian thought. I also sometimes call myself a son of India because as a student of the Nalanda tradition, that is the source of all my knowledge. Meanwhile, my body has been nourished by Indian rice and dal. Indian culture doesn’t reside only in the external trappings of song and dance, but here in the heart. If we pay attention to that, it will be effective. Please take your modern education seriously, but also remember what ancient India can teach us about reality and the nature of our mind and emotions. This knowledge, this Indian treasure, is particularly relevant today, as shown by the appreciation it is receiving from many modern scientists.”

In answering several questions from the audience, His Holiness explained that competition that ensures the success of all participants is helpful, but that competition that favours some while eliminating others is not. He clarified that stern action can be employed in a positive way, for example by a teacher who is wholly concerned for his or her student’s welfare. Asked whether he watches movies he replied that he went to the cinema in the early 60s, but nowadays does not watch television or films.

Questioned whether Buddha was a god, he said no, he was a human being who through his own efforts became an enlightened Buddha. He told his listeners that his greatest challenge had been in seeking to understand emptiness and dependent origination as taught by Nagarjuna. As to his dreams when he was young, he said he only wanted to run here and there, with little interest in study, but today at the age of nearly 80 reading and study are what he likes to do. And looking fondly down at Mrs Rajni Kumar, he expressed a hope to live to 90 or 100 like her.

Asked who his sources of inspiration were, without hesitation he mentioned masters of Nalanda like Nagarjuna and Shantideva. He said that hearing Shantideva’s texts explained changed his life. Prompted to name some contemporary figures, he cited Mahatma Gandhi and India’s first President, Dr Rajendra Prasad, whose knowledge and humility had deeply impressed him. Finally, he remarked that making others happy is not a question of sacrificing our own happiness. Trying to make others happy, even when we do not always succeed, is a source of great satisfaction. He concluded that it is anger and hatred that are signs of weakness, while compassion is a sure sign of strength.

In the afternoon His Holiness was invited to address a meeting organized by the Ananta Aspen Centre, which is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that seeks to foster positive change in society through dissemination of knowledge. He outlined his own three commitments. Firstly, he talked about the promotion of deeper human values as a source of happiness and physical health; the idea that the ultimate source of happiness is within the mind. He remarked that our lives begin under the care of our mother’s affection and that as social animals it is affection that brings people together.

His Holiness described his second commitment as the promotion of inter-religious harmony, citing Mother Teresa and the Missionaries of Charity as examples of people whose dedication to the welfare of the poor and needy was an expression of their faith. He reiterated that religious traditions may have philosophical differences, but they share a common goal.

Thirdly, he acknowledged that he is a Tibetan and that many Tibetans place their trust in him. While he has wholly retired from political responsibility, he retains a concern for the flourishing of Tibetan culture. Tibetans retain a comprehensive Buddhist tradition, the result of individuals’ study and practice down the centuries. Tibetan Buddhism can benefit not only Tibetans, but also the millions in China who describe themselves as Buddhists. He said that the Tibetan language remains the most accurate medium for exploring and explaining Buddhist ideas. He added that his concern for Tibet also extends to its natural environment, noting that a billion people across Asia are dependent on the water that flows from Tibet’s rivers.

“We are all the same as human beings,” he concluded. “We all need to take responsibility for creating a better world and a more peaceful humanity. Please keep this in mind and take it to heart.”

Answering the audience’s questions His Holiness elaborated on his thoughts about secular ethics, the importance of compassion, the steady changes taking place in China and the fact that the future of the world depends on us and how we exert ourselves. He said that in seeking to find the source of happiness within us, we need a map of our mind and emotions. We need to develop a sense of emotional hygiene, an understanding of how to manage our emotions, how to counter those that are negative and cultivate those that are positive. He said that is the way to find peace within.

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Meth And Demons Part Two

Due to the comments and the private emails I feel I should touch on this subject again. I have some new information to add. It's a very disturbing topic so be forewarned. Some people get freaked out very easy.  If you google this yourself, you'll see I'm not a fruit cake. All drugs mess with your mind but there is something about Meth that seems to be the worst of all of them. They all encounter demons and skeletons chasing them...this is what many claim. They say it's only when they do this particular drug that things turn so very deeply dark and oppressed. Disturbing events are taking place. Many are followed home and terrorized so don't think your safe once you leave the place you were using. Demons are very patient as I've said many times before. It could wait until you're at your most lowest then decide to zoom me and attack you or you're mind.

This is very scary. I believe all drugs are doorways as I said above however, this Meth in particular really seems to take people down quick, in a matter of just 4 to 6 months. The enemy is certainly drawing people in. I've heard all it takes is one time and your addicted. It works fast. The enemy just feeds off this kind of chaos. Let's stand against this drug and any supernatural power taking place so these people have a chance at life. A chance to know peace and Jesus Christ. I hate to think of people in this kind of bondage to the enemy. It's pure hell. It would have to be. The bible warns us of the enemy seeking who he may devour.

The following article I found at and I think you should read this:

'From my own experience this dark forces theory would explain so much because of the pure venomous nature that I saw meth bring out in others and myself. I seemed to come out of nowhere and people I thought I knew were acting in ways you usually see in horror movies.
The hallucinations on meth were so real and so very powerful I never ever would have thought what I was seeing was all in my mind. The sounds and chattering were as real as the chair I am sitting in and drove me to tears as I heard them literally coming out of thin air.  They were always dark.
The voices seemed to be coaxing me to do something and I felt extreme fear every time I heard them. It was like a primal instinct kicked in and I would hide beneath a blanket on my bed afraid to move, afraid to breath until my heart was beating out of my chest! '
This is what I'm talking about. There are more and more stories like this. Could there be truth to this? I think so. This many people can't be making this up. They are describe the same feelings. This never ending darkness and voices, scratching noises and growls. Dear God it sounds like a nightmare right out of a movie. It gives me chills which takes A LOT! If I would highly recommend anyone to steer clear of this drug at all costs. Possession or attachments just are not worth it. They are very hard to put back in the box once they've had legal rights to invade ones life. It effects people around you and family. It could possibly put them in danger. It's a very serious issue once a demon has been unleashed.

I found the following on a random online forum:
Jose says:
February 22, 2016 at 2:49 am
" i see I’m not the only one who experienced meth and demons. I’ve been sober now for 4 months. i dont experience these demon encounters but i gotta say it sure would scare the heck out of me. But i was so addicted that i couldn’t stop. These demons where trying to get rid of me. They knew everything about me. They knew that i was a child of God so they tried even harder to get rid of me, and by that i mean death. I saw death around the corner. I lived in an area of my town where all the low budget hotels, prostitutes, gangsters, dopefiends, dope dealers, homelessness and dark alleys in a border town with mexico so there is all the drugs anyone could ever want. and along comes evrything else like these demons. God allowed me to see how these demons worked through people. it was crazy. Coincidence after coincidence every single day. theres no such thing as coincidence. it was all real, through meth, these spirits where able to work through us and against us with hallucinations, mental instabilities and it was and is real. shadow people, to the normal people its just lack of sleep. but for me, i know who they really are. if you dont know Jesus and u use meth you dont experience the same as someone who knows Jesus and uses Meth. Faith in God is what saved me. i know for a fact though that if i go back to using, its my turn to die. I barely made it out."

There is actually forums for support over this issue. This should not be taken lightly. If we let all these things loose to terrorize people good luck finding someone truly capable of helping you. There are not many. I just can't begin to say how much these stories freak me out. And that doesn't happen easily either. This is obviously a big problem if there are support forums. Take a look at what they are saying. Just spend 10 minuets reading all the different stories from 2012 to the present. So it's not going away people. It's evidently getting worse. More and more people are coming forward with this. I'm very surprised this issue isn't really spoke of? But it's all over the Internet. It's the most disturbing research I've done in a long time. I first started my research in 2011 after someone shared their personal story with me and needed my help. I couldn't believe the things she was going through. But I could tell his person was not lying about what they believed. This subject is very serious.

I beg of you to at least research this. You'll see so many different experiences. I'm sure all drugs can cause these types of situations but you have to wonder why is meth such a conduit? What is it about this drug that demons are so attached to? How could one begin to test this theory? How would you without serious risks of attachment or even possession.

Read Part 3:

Written By Jennifer L Auld

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My Basic Beliefs About What the Paranormal Realm IS...

... and How That Relates to People’s Suffering

by Reverend Mark Hunnemann

continued from Viewing the Paranormal from a Biblical Worldview, Part 1

Ever since I became interested in the paranormal, I felt a call from God to analyze the basic beliefs of the paranormal community. But underneath that was a deeply felt compassion and concern for those who are unwittingly exposing themselves to danger by their involvement in the paranormal and the demonic.

Recently, I came across an excellent article by Tim Yohe, whom I have subsequently met, who expressed concern about the physical dangers of being exposed to the demonic via involvement with the paranormal. Tim was kind enough to mention me in his blog and I sincerely want to thank him for his gracious and kind spirit…as well as his deep compassion for those who are (or may) suffering from serious diseases or organ failure. Tim mentioned that he met a woman who is trying to collate the data of the connection between the paranormal and ‘getting sick’….hopefully by July.

It occurred to me that if we want to deal with this issue thoroughly, then we need to ask a very basic question: WHAT IS THE PARANORMAL REALM? If we wish to understand more fully why an increasing number of folks are suffering by being involved with the paranormal, then we must understand what the paranormal realm IS. That will be my main focus in this blog.

In this blog I simply want to explore the origin and nature of the spirit realm. I will mostly leave it to the reader to assess what is appropriate behavior towards the supernatural realm, after discussing what it IS. My ultimate criterion which gives justification for my beliefs is the Word of God, which is based on the unchanging character of our Triune God. If you are a Christian, then I trust that the Word of God is your ultimate criterion as well. We desperately need to recover a CHRISTIAN MIND, especially with regards to this exploding fascination with the paranormal. All too often we mirror the intellectual status quo, instead of having our minds thoroughly transformed…able to reflect deeply and honestly with people’s honest intellectual questions, which deserve honest intellectual answers. It is a matter of compassion that we listen to the questions/beliefs of those around us, and express an observable love to a watching world.

 As I mentioned, I have had the honor of communicating with Tim Yohe, whom I quoted from a couple weeks ago…and whom I have grown to deeply respect.  He is a man that cares deeply for those who are suffering, and he is trying to do something about it. We share a mutual burden….

As will become clearer, I’m not going to appeal to the scientific method to answer this extremely vital question. Instead, please read the following texts which shed God’s light on the origin and nature of the supernatural realm, which has taken our nation by storm. How can we answer other questions, if we are not clear on what the paranormal realm actually IS? And the bible has a lot to say about that.

He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation. 16 For by him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things were created through him and for him. 17 And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together. 18 And he is the head of the body, the church. He is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, that in everything he might be preeminent. 19 For in him all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell, 20 and through him to reconcile to himself all things, whether on earth or in heaven, making peace by the blood of his cross. (Colossians 1:15-20)

Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan also came among them. 7 The Lord said to Satan, “From where have you come?” Satan answered the Lord and said, “From going to and fro on the earth, and from walking up and down on it.” (Job 1)

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. 11 Put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil. 12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. 13 Therefore take up the whole armor of God that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm. (Ephesians 6)

8 Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. 9 Resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same kinds of suffering are being experienced by your brotherhood throughout the world. (1 Peter 5:8-9)

We know that we are from God, and the whole world lies in the power of the evil one. (1 John 5:19)

What do these texts teach us about what the paranormal realm IS?

1. God created all things, including the paranormal realm (invisible, supernatural, spirit realm) out of nothing for His glory. (Genesis 1:1; Colossians 1:15-18) Because the Triune God created the supernatural realm: He owns it, He sustains it moment by moment, and He is absolutely sovereign over it. That MUST be our starting point in our quest. The bible’s view of the paranormal realm (as with all reality) is theo-centric. There are no brute facts in any realm…only theistic facts or data. He not only created and owns the spirit realm, He sustains it moment-by-moment. Otherwise it would ‘poof’ out of existence.

2. Though the Word of God (bible) is not an exhaustive handbook on the paranormal realm, it tells us all we need to know (explicitly or by inference) about it in order to function and interact appropriately with it. (2 Timothy 3:16-17) But that does not mean that there are certain aspects of the paranormal which we can’t learn from observation.

Should we explore it though, like the natural realm? I’ll leave that to you to decide after answering what it IS.

3. Before we ask what is appropriate behavior regarding the paranormal—what kind of exploration is proper?—we need to know what the spirit realm IS? From Genesis to Revelation, the invisible realm on earth is the place that God has sovereignly placed Satan and his demons, until they are hurled into hell for all eternity. (see texts above) Of course, holy/elect angels exist here as well, but the paranormal realm ON EARTH is where Satan and countless demons lurk around as roaring lions, seeking those whom they can devour. The important thing to note is that GOD placed Satan and his minions here…in what we call the paranormal realm.

 It is the spiritual battleground between angels and demons. God has placed them here on earth, and as spirit beings, they operate from the spirit realm…interacting with the visible realm. The important fact is that, by God’s decree, the entire paranormal realm is a supernatural battle field in which a battle royal is being waged. It is imperative that we understand that the paranormal realm is essentially a place where armed conflict of the most vicious kind is occurring moment-by-moment (Daniel 10; Ephesians 6, ect.) Of course this conflict spills over into the natural realm, but its origin is in the spirit realm, what we call the paranormal.

I live next to a national military park—where the Battle of Guilford Courthouse was waged in March 1789. It is a battlefield, but it is an INACTIVE battlefield. The spirit realm/heavenlies (Ephesians 6) is an ACTIVE battlefield….every human being is a target for Satan/demons who are lurking about…HERE.

This is extremely important—if I could use just one word to express what the paranormal realm IS, it is a “BATTLEFIELD”. Surely, this fact sheds some light on the dangers of purposely ‘entering it’.
Would you rush headlong into a fire-fight between American soldiers and ISIS terrorists? Surely not! Satan/demons are the ultimate cosmic terrorists who are waging war 24/7, and we must re-think if we are endangering ourselves by certain behaviors relative to the paranormal realm.

4. The creation/cultural mandate given first to Adam and Eve, and then to their descendants, was to subdue all creation (Genesis 1:26-29) in a way that reflected God’s holy and loving character—and love for His creation. However, you will note that this foundation for the scientific enterprise and technological advancements is limited to the natural realm.

In Genesis 2:19-20 God brought before Adam all the various kinds of animals, and whatever Adam called them, that was their name—showing the creation/cultural mandate in action. Again, this holy and happy taxonomic exploration was limited to the natural/visible realm. Never does God ask Adam to name any inhabitants of the supernatural or explore it. Why not?

Perhaps one is thinking, “Adam also did not explore space…go the moon…experience the internet.” Quite true! But he started the ball rolling that eventually brought us to that place. Moreover, all of the technological advances mentioned are within the realm that God sanctioned for exploration—namely, the natural realm.

Just because we can do something, does mean that we should…and we are finding out now the physical suffering many people are enduring for trying to extend the creation mandate to the spirit realm.

The urge to extend exploration to the paranormal is understandable because we are naturally inquisitive. However, in light what the paranormal realm IS, should we not re-think our strategy and assumptions?

5.  As a corollary, we are given no indication that Adam’s creational supremacy and stewardship extended to the paranormal realm. (I am not referring to the work of Christ, but creational inquiry) Indeed the first appearance of a paranormal creature was Satan, who had taken over control (or appeared as) one of the beasts of the field(3:1)…where he is called ‘a beast of the field’. The Hebrew word (arum) for ‘crafty’ does not necessarily take on the negative connotations of English usage.

6. Given all of the above—what the paranormal IS--what role should a child of God (or anyone) play in exploring the paranormal realm? I have no doubt that discoveries are being made, but at what price? Something I am convinced of is that folks will NEVER be able to discern the true identity of paranormal entities solely through scientific means. The scientific method was designed to discover God’s laws graciously manifested in nature. It is not equipped to explore a realm which is essentially a spiritual battleground, harboring creatures of unspeakable evil and deception. When scientists explore the visible realm (from astro-physics to zoology), they don’t have to be concerned about entities who are pure evil and who are master deceivers—and who will intentionally manipulate the data to suit their infernal purposes. How can we trust the results, when they are hell-bent on deceiving us?

In sum, we have been speaking of the physical dangers folks face when exploring the paranormal. My hope and prayer is that this brief blog will shed some light on this subject. Given what we have seen about what the paranormal realm IS—and I say this with tears—is it any wonder that some folks are getting very sick and even dying?

"Seeing Ghosts through God's Eyes" (also in a Kindle edition)...please consider purchasing my book which uses science, logic, and the bible to analyze the true source of power behind paranormal activity.

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Dalai Lama Brings Message of Peace, Nonviolence

By Bill Glauber of the Journal Sentinel

Madison, Wisconsin — Dispensing wisdom and radiating warmth, Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, told a rapt audience Wednesday that "this 21st century should be a century of dialogue."

As he reflected on the wars of his lifetime, from World War II to present conflicts, the Dalai Lama said "unlike (the) 20th century, this century must be (a) century of peace, of nonviolence."

The "World We Make" event, in the Capitol Theater at the Overture Center for the Arts, was the public highlight of the Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader's 10th visit to Madison.

Wearing a crimson robe, black shoes and glasses, the Dalai Lama, 80, eagerly placed on his head a cap that read, "Change Your Mind, Change the World."

"It's practical," he said, peering at the audience with the stage lights beating down.

Richard Davidson, founder of the Center for Healthy Minds and a professor of psychology and psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, said the Dalai Lama's main message to the audience was that "we need to take responsibility now for cultivating positive qualities like kindness and compassion."

"We can all have a positive dramatic impact on the world if we take seriously that we can train our mind to nurture these qualities," Davidson said.

Answering questions from a panel that included Dan Harris, an ABC News correspondent, the Dalai Lama displayed an infectious laugh and a wry sense of humor that delighted the audience. At one point, he provided a long answer and then with a smile on his face asked the questioner, "Do you have further argument?"

"I would never argue with you. I hear you're a very skilled debater with many years of experience," said Soma Stout of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

Again and again the Dalai Lama reflected on how positive change can be made, starting with a single individual who can influence others — "10 people, 100 people, 100,000 people, then millions," he said. "That's the way to change."

"The happiness of humanity is our common goal, our common interest," he said. "Of course we are selfish. Selfish is the key factor for survival."

He was impassioned as he talked about the need for education "so that we can look at things from various angles. From one dimension you can't see fully."

He spoke of how there is an emphasis on love in all religious traditions. And he emphasized the important role parents play in developing and nurturing children.

The Dalai Lama also told a story of a Tibetan who had been imprisoned "18 years in a Chinese gulag," before being allowed to travel to India in the early 1980s. The man mentioned that he faced danger in those years, the Dalai Lama said.

Asked what kind of danger he faced, the man said "the danger of losing compassion toward the perpetrator."

"Practice of compassion is so important," the Dalai Lama said.

Harris, who wrote a self-help book called "How I Tamed the Voice In My Head," sought practical advice from the Dalai Lama.

"I have a 1-year-old," Harris said. "What is the right age to teach him mindfulness and will it stop him from pulling the cats' tails and eating their kibble and drooling on me and pulling the pages from my wife's magazines?"

"As a father, I think you know best," the Dalai Lama said to laughter and applause.

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The Evil of Celebrating Easter

This blog is designed to help you understand the upcoming pagan tradition known as Easter.  Do you realize the name of ‘Easter’ comes from the spring goddess known as ‘Ishtar’ translated to the modern English word ‘Easter’?  When you examine exactly why this pagan time frame is rooted in a Demonic background you will understand this even further.

Do you know why at Easter people consume the meat known as Ham?  Ham you say? What does that have to do with PAGAN practices?  Come on Reverend you got to be kidding me this is rooted in pagan tradition.  Well folks, sadly, yes it is rooted in paganism and no I'm not kidding. This is a very serious topic.  By doing this aspect you open doors into yourself as well as into your home during this pagan celebration.

Do you know why our 'traditions' have been to eat either ham or lamb? While the majority of many people do eat Ham, many do eat Lamb as well, but Ham is preferred by more people.  Now if you don’t believe me then do this simple test - Ask your clergy about this pagan ritual act of consuming Ham. Ask them if “they” promote this within THEIR own lives as well as the lives of the flock they herd. Ask them and see what kind of responses you find it must just be very eye opening to you.

So let's explore this false and improper aspect which falls under the upcoming pagan celebration of Easter. As we learned from above Easter represents the fertility and spring goddess known as Ishtar. Ishtar also known as Semiramis, Isis, Ashtoreth, Astarte, Asherah, etc., etc., etc., which is a top ranking demonic force.  Did by know that partaking in an aspect known as hunting eggs you are giving credence to another force too.  This falseness this pagan tradition sadly is practiced by MANY Christians who think is just innocence and what our kids do and is just fine, but folks it's not fine!! This pagan celebration has nothing to do with Christ Jesus what-so-ever. If you want to celebrate appropriately then one should be more in line with 'Passover' which is not stemming from a demonic practice and false idol aspect.

As I stated earlier in this blog why is eat then many people consume Ham for this pagan celebration.  So here is the answer as to why many eat Ham. When Tammuz, the son of Nimrod and Semiramis was forty years old, Tammuz was hunting in the woods and he was killed by a wild boar (a pig). This is why we eat “ham” on Easter/Ishtar day even though it is against the God of Abraham direct commandments to not eat pig.  He (Tammuz) took after his father Nimrod in that his father Nimrod was also a “mighty hunter.”  So you even see how improper this celebration it is do you know of the image of cupid?  I bet you did not know that this image is of a false idol and the cupid image also represents Nimrod as ‘the mighty hunter’.

The son Tammuz really liked rabbits as well as it is written in history. Tammuz was noted to be especially fond of rabbits.  The rabbit became sacred in the ancient religion, because Tammuz was believed to be the son of the sun-god, Nimrod.  When Nimrod died he was exalted to the status of BAAL also known as Moloch/Molech/Marduke. Tammuz the son of Nimrod, like his supposed father, became a hunter.

The day came when Tammuz was killed by a wild pig and then queen Semiramis told the people that Tammuz has now ascended to his father, Nimrod (Baal, Moloch/Molech/Marduke).  She indicated that the two of them would be with the worshippers in the sacred candle or lamp flame as Father, Son and Spirit.  Are you starting to see just how false this now and that the churches do NOT even tell you the truth of the matter regarding the history of Easter?  So by you partaking in this idol and pagan practice you are celebrating the lives of Nimrod, Semiramis and Tammuz, not the life of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Semiramis, who was now worshiped as the "mother of god and queen of heaven", continued to build her ‘mystery’ religion. The queen told the worshipers that when Tammuz was killed by the wild pig, that some of his blood fell on the stump of an evergreen tree and the stump grew into a full new tree overnight (NOW YOU KNOW WHY TREES ARE IN EVERY CHRISTIAN HOME) because the 25th of December is NIMROD'S BIRTHDAY if you didn’t know.  SO YOU STILL THINK ITS PROPER TO HAVE THIS EVERGREEN TREE FALSENESS AS WELL?

When the act of his blood spilling on the tree, this supposedly made the evergreen tree sacred by the blood of Tammuz. Semiramis also proclaimed that a forty-day period of time for sorrow to commemorate the of the death of her son Tammuz. During this time, no meat was to be eaten.  The church then adopted this false practice which became Christianized and known as 'lent' under the modern day Roman Catholic Church.  So when you partake in the ’forty-days’ you are paying homage to Tammuz and once again not the Lord Jesus Christ.

Every year, on the first day after the first full moon of the spring equinox, a celebration was to be held.  This was known as Ishtar's (Astarte’s) ‘Day’ and was celebrated with both rabbits and eggs.  Are you starting to see just how diabolical and false this celebration aspect is and has nothing to do with the Lord Jesus Christ?

The “Ishtar Eggs” were originally dyed in the blood of babies sacrificed to Tammuz with the “cross of Tammuz” emblazoned on them as the children would “hunt” the eggs in the likeness of Tammuz and Nimrod, the mighty hunters.  So you still think having a ‘plain’ cross is proper within your home or your life?  See how a plain cross represents Tammuz because of the sacrifices paid in homage to him from those pagan roots so very long ago?

The queen Semiramis also proclaimed that because Tammuz was killed by a pig, that a pig must now be sacrificed and eaten on special day known as Ishtar’s day.  Now at this point in time I do hope that you have now “seeing” what exact abominable “beast” replaced the sacrifice of the Passover Lamb. It was then and is still now, the Easter Pig of Ishtar (Astarte/Semiramis).

I pray this has opened the eyes of many readers of this blog.  Come out of mystery of Babylon folks - Repent and get proper with one true and living God - The Alpha, The Omega, The Beginning and The End.  If you proclaim Christ Jesus but partake in this falseness, then you are guilty of false idol practice and worship in the eyes of the Lord God Almighty and you give rights for unclean spirits to come to you because of your own free will choices to partake in pagan rituals.

Rev. Bradley Luoma, Exorcist & Deliverance Minister
Savior Christian Deliverance Ministries

Saturday, March 19, 2016

What Happens During and Before Armageddon and End Times?

Hello my para beauties! I trust you had a amazing weekend and those you love are healthy. I've been asked more to touch on this subject which can get a bit dicey. This is my opinion and interpretation of what I read in the Gospel. So here we go....

Acts 4:12
Those that say the Book of Revelation has already happened base it on the assumption that Nero is the Anti-Christ and the mark of the beast (666) is representative of his name. The problem with that. The first verse of the first chapter " The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants WHAT MUST SOON TAKE PLACE. He made it known by sending his angel to his servant John" (Revelation 1:1) This is not a history lesson, but a prophecy. Then there are those who will assume "soon take place" to mean immediately, but the whole book is not an immediate. There are some things that began at that point, and other things that will have to happen at a later date "After this I looked, and there before me was a door standing open in heaven. And the voice I had first heard speaking to me like a trumpet said, "Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this." (Revelation 4:1) There are a lot things from that point on that have not happened. The tribulation has not occurred, and Jesus has not returned.



Why, though, would God wage a global war? Armageddon is closely related to one of his cardinal qualities, justice. The Bible declares: “God is a lover of justice.” He has seen all the acts of injustice perpetrated during man’s history. This naturally provokes his righteous displeasure. Thus, he has appointed his Son to wage a just war in order to do away with this entire wicked system.

Only God is capable of waging a truly just and truly selective war during which righthearted individuals on earth, will be preserved. And only Almighty God has the right to impose his sovereignty over all the earth, for it is his creation.

What happens to those that survive? No one needs to perish during Armageddon. The apostle Peter observed: “God, does not desire any to be destroyed but desires all to attain to repentance.” And the apostle Paul stated that God’s “will is that all sorts of men should be saved and come to an accurate knowledge of truth.”

Consider the good Har–Magedon promises to achieve, godly humanity’s peaceful future on this planet, no more pollution, no more war, no more poverty, no more disease or even death. God promises: “Look! I am making all things new.” Revelation 21:3,4

The one's living in a Paradise Earth will be the survivors of Armageddon, and the one's that will be resurrected & obey the rules that are layed out by Jesus Christ.

Psalms 37:29 The righteous shall inherit the land, and dwell therein for ever. King James Bible

[The Antichrist Covenant Week of 7 Years]

· [21] The Antichrist, also known as the king of the north and the little horn of Daniel—a Syrian and initially a man of peace executes a 7-year treaty with Israel in fulfillment of Daniel 9:27 (see also Dan. 8:23-25; Dan. 11:6, Dan. 11:11-16, Dan. 11:21-24; c/p. 1 Maccabees 1:29). This begins The Antichrist Covenant week of years. God's prophetic clock is turned on, as it has been turned off since the resurrection of Jesus and day of Pentecost. The last 7 years of the age or dispensation of grace has begun (Eph. 3:2).

[For an understanding of the distinctions between Daniel’s 70th week of years and the Antichrist Covenant week of years, please review Prophecy of the Seventy Weeks, and the accompanying notes on Daniel 9:24-27.]

[22,23,24 and 25] Jesus opens the first 5 seals of Revelation during the first 3 ½ years of The Antichrist Covenant week (Dan. 9:24-27; Rev. 6:1-11).

1.5 billion [more] people die from: war, famine, plagues and the beasts of the earth [hungry because of the famine (Rev. 6:7-8)].

False Christs [false Messiahs claiming to be anointed] shall arise. There will be wars, rumors of wars, nation against nation [ethnic group against ethnic group] , kingdom against kingdom, famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in divers places. Jewish Christians shall be called on the carpet for their faith because of the now restored Law of Moses in Israel, which is at peace with the Antichrist, killed, and shall become the most hated people on the earth for sake of the name of Jesus. The Jewish Church [especially] shall be plagued with offense, betrayal and hatred; false prophets shall arise and deceive many; sin shall run rampant and the love of many shall wax cold (Matt. 24:5-12; c/p. 2 Thes. 2:3; 2 Tim. 3:1-5; 1 Tim. 4:1-3; 2 Pet. 3:3-4; 1 John 2:18-22; 4:1-3; Jude 3-4; 11-19)

The great falling away in the Church at large prophesied in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 gains momentum, as many Christians become offended at God when widespread persecution and killing of Christians increases, and the Church is not Raptured [caught away] before these things begin [see Two Prerequisites for the Rapture from The Thessalonian Letters In Verse Outline; see also The Offended Prophet from Seven Prophetic Pictures of the Rapture for an example of what can happen to God's people when they allow offense to take hold of their life].

· Mystery Babylon of the revised Roman Empire—its religious harlot—secures a lock hold on at least 10 of the governments of the old Roman Empire (Rev. 17) [See Rev. 17:9-10, The Book of Revelation In Verse-By-Verse Outline; see also Endnote #28 and 29 on Revelation 17:18, The Chronological Revelation ].

· The gospel of the kingdom is preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations, and then the end comes (Matt. 24:14). [Just as happened in the Book of Acts, it is persecution of the Church that causes the gospel to be fully preached in all the world (c/p. Acts 8:1-4)].

· The Church began as a Jewish church on the day of Pentecost. There will be a latter day ingathering harvest of Jews back into the Body of Christ before the return of Jesus (Exo. 23:14-16, Rev. 6:9-11; c/p. Matt.20:16).

· The great prostituting whore city of the revised Roman Empire—Mystery Babylon—is destroyed by the 10-horn confederacy of revised Roman nations (see Rev. 17:16, The Book of Revelation In Verse-By-Verse Outline). The 10 horn / kings of revised Rome then give their power, strength and kingdom to the Antichrist. The revived Grecian Empire is thus formed (see Rev. 17:10-11, The Book of Revelation In Verse-By-Verse Outline). [See also, The Mystery of Mystery Babylon Revealed,]

The Rapture of the Church at Midweek

· Between the 5th and 6th seals of Revelation the Church is raptured; it is seen for the first time in heaven in Revelation 7:9, having been "snatched out" of the earth during the great tribulation [literally, the tribulation, the great: the first 3 ½ years of The Antichrist Covenant week]: caught up to meet the Lord in the air (Rev. 7:14; 1 Thes. 4:15-17. See also The Midst of the Feast, and The Body of Christ from Seven Prophetic Pictures of the Rapture).

· Jesus opens the 6th seal: all creation praises the Lord. The rocks cry out! (Luke 19:40; Rom. 8:19-21). All men remaining on the earth know the wrath of God has come—because they can't find any Christians! [see Rev. 6:12-17, The Book of Revelation In Verse-By-Verse Outline ]

I hope I've helped the best I can using biblical text explaining this subject per request of many. It's a lot to take in but we know who wins this battle and we praise his Holy Name. God is in control! We have nothing to fear. Obama or any world issues with any president. God is in control. Not man.

Written By Jennifer L Auld

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Viewing the Paranormal through a Biblical Worldview, Pt.1

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

Is it possible to access the mind of God? The beautifully staggering truth is "yes, we can"--that is precisely what the bible is...God revealing some of His mind to us. I wonder, as bible-believing Christians, if we sufficiently appreciate the astonishing wonderment of God speaking to us...revealing His mind to us? As we shall see, this self-disclosure of God provides the foundation for everything--certainly everything pertaining to our worldview.

Before we apply this worldview thinking to the paranormal, we need to lay the foundation of what a worldview is and does.

This is a longish and not easiest of blogs to read, but love/compassion is often hard, isn't it? Why are there so many professing Christians but such little impact on culture? I believe that a big part of that is due to the fact that we are not discerning enough...not equipped to discern evil and error. This takes hard work--learning how to think with a biblical worldview, but love (for God and man) dictates we do the hard work necessary. Anyway, the whole premise of my blog is to equip to think/analyze issues from a worldview perspective. This is already way too long...enjoy! :)

A provisional definition of a worldview is best conveyed like this: to see with a biblical worldview is to see all of reality through God's see it as He does. Or we could put it like this: a worldview is how we view God and the universe, and our relationship to both. I suppose if there is one thing unique about my book, it is that it teaches about the nature and importance of worldviews. Worldviews are like spectacles through which we view the world, and it effects how we think, feel, and behave. We almost always hold them unconsciously, unless we systematically discuss them as we are now. This is not secret knowledge, like gnosticism/occult, but it is rare, even among pastors, to know how to think with a full-orbed biblical worldview

In my book I list what I consider the seven components of any worldview...

1. What is the nature of God or ultimate reality?

2. What is your purpose in life?

3. What is the nature of reality?

4. Is history going anywhere?

5. What is the basis for morality?

6. What does it mean to be human (essential traits of being human)?

7. What happens to us after we die?

Let me ask three questions: do you see how utterly basic these questions divergent the answers would be depending upon whom we asked...and how seriously impoverished and "lost" one's life would be if they lacked certitude regarding them? Sometimes stating a thing negatively can have some shock value which is conducive to this. "I have no clue as to what God is idea why I should get out of bed because I have no clear purpose...I think reality is all in my head...morality is whatever feels right to me....humans are just apes with little hair...we are annihilated when we die...I think..."  Get my point??!!

Before I proceed any further, I believe that one of the best ways we learn is just by doing. So, the next time you read a novel, go to an art gallery, watch a TV program or movie, and so on, please ask yourself how they/it are "answering" each of the above seven questions. Obviously, the movie director is not going to have one of his cast say, "Hey, this is the worldview of this film...god is energy, pleasure is our purpose...and so on...!" It takes listening carefully to dialogue, and other factors, to pick up the explicit or implicit expressions of the seven worldview components. That is, put into practice the habit of viewing everything through a biblical worldview.  But that involves being able to spot the distortions in one's worldview spectacles,as they are presented on the silver screen or in the novel, ect...After awhile it becomes second nature. We need to develop a distinctively Christian mind if wish to have a substantive impact on our culture (Rom 12:1-2)

I want to introduce a philosophical term--epistemology--a branch of philosophy which deals with the validity, nature, and extent of human knowledge. Put another way--it deals with how we know, and how we know we know..Christians should know this term because it lies at the heart of what ails our country We are not experiencing a generation gap, but instead we are experiencing an epistemological gap (which at root is spiritual in nature). Which has led to what some call "culture wars"Let me explain.

One-hundred years ago there was a basically Christian ethos in our country.. If you were to ask the average person off the street any/all of the seven questions above, most would have given an answer that was roughly based on the bible. If someone disagreed with them in conversation, it was understood that one of them was wrong...or both were. Today the responses to the above questions would be all over the map, leaning heavily toward New Age/neo-gnostic beliefs. And to even gently assert that someone is wrong is taken as an offense...absolute truth lies bleeding in the street. Yes, it is an epistemological gap. How we acquire knowledge regarding basic issues has radically changed.

The seven questions above, which comprise one's worldview, are either answered by God's revelation or man's autonomous speculation. These differing presuppositions lead to radically differing we shall see. Is it not instructive that the first temptation was epistemological in nature? Says Satan/serpent, "C'mon Eve, use your autonomous mind to determine right and wrong...and you'll also discover that YOU are the real a big girl and THINK FOR YOURSELF. Be open-minded!" How we gain knowledge is the key to everything...we either fear God and attain true knowledge of reality or we trust in ourselves and distort reality.

Where do you go to answer these questions? What is your final court of appeal in answering life's most basic questions? Do you look your intuition...your experience...what your heart says--or do you look outside of yourself to the Living God who created heaven and earth, who in His kindness and love, has spoken true-truth to us in His written Word?

Let's go to Psalm 119 to get just a glimpse into what the biblical worldview is. Our epistemic assumption is that we can access the mind of God, and this is done via His special revelation in the bible. ALL knowledge, certainly all the knowledge pertaining to the seven questions above, can only be answered by accessing the mind of God--because we are incapable of ascertaining the answers autonomously...

Please read these verses carefully, and in light of these basic questions. As a philosophy major, it was a beautifully stimulating experience to see the basic questions philosophers had been asking for millennia, and how the bible fit like hand-in-glove in answering them!

"Oh how I love Your law! It is my meditation all the day." (119:97)

"I have more understanding than all my teachers, for Your testimonies are my meditation. I understand more than the aged, for I keep your precepts." (vv. 99-100)

"Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path."(v. 105)

"How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to Your Word." (v.9)

"I am a sojourner on the earth; hide not Your commandments from me." (V.19)

"Righteous are You, O Lord, and right are Your rules." (v. 137)

"The sum of Your Word is truth, and every one of Your righteous rules endures forever. (v.160)

"Your hands have made me and fashioned me; give me understanding that that I may learn Your commandments." (v. 73)

"Forever, O Lord, Your Word is firmly fixed in the heavens. Your faithfulness endures to all generations; You have established the earth, and it stands fast. By Your appointment they stand this day, for all things are Your servants." (vvs. 89-91)

Please forgive my repetition, but these concepts are new to some, and they are vitally important for us to understand (for a whole slew of reasons) Epistemology accents the wonderment of having God's personal revelation to us--explaining who He is....who we are....the nature of the universe--and our relationship to both. Using just Psalm 119 let us give a brief review of a biblical worldview.

1. What is the nature of God or ultimate reality? (119: 89-91, 137) The word used for God throughout the psalm is LORD....which is Yahweh in the OT--this is the covenant Name of God. He is infinite/personal God who created the heavens and earth...all creation is His servant. Energy is not ultimate reality. The gnostic worldview denies the distinction between Creator and creation, and subverts other creational distinctions.

2. What is our purpose in life? Frankly, had Yahweh not revealed this to us, our lives would be utterly meaningless. (v.97) speaks of loving the bible of God, and the God of the bible..the Great Commandment is our noble purpose as redeemed humans. (v.73) God Himself made and fashioned us...we are not cosmic accidents or descendants of monkeys. And of course Jesus Himself declares that loving God is the greatest commandment. Think of all the alternatives we have come up with to replace loving God as our purpose (or dominant life value, as some put it) Calvin said, we are idol factories.

3. What is the nature of reality? It is not an illusion. Matter/energy is not eternal.

(v.89-91) Again, we see that there is a distinction between the Creator and His creation. There are two basic types of reality--the self existent and eternal Creator, and His creation which He created ex nihilo. The physical world is not the full circumference of reality--there is an unseen, spiritual dimension as well.

4. Where is history going? LORD...Yahweh is the faithful God of the covenants--the flow of history (including your personal history) has meaning because history is His-story. The whole psalm points to a God who will hold us accountable for our thoughts, words, and deeds. (v. 19) that we are sojourners here, means that we are preparing to go home! Eastern thought tends to see history as moving in endless, meaningless cycles..NO!

5. What is the basis for morality...or how do we distinguish right from wrong? (v 9, 137, 160) A young person can discover right and wrong by meditating on God's word, which is entirely truthful. Because God is righteous, His laws are righteous..forever. We know that right and wrong are based on the unchanging character of God, as expressed in his written Word. If energy is ultimate reality, then there is no adequate basis for morality. Or if we base it on anything other than God's Word, then it is not a sufficient basis for morality.

6. What does it mean to be human (essential traits)?  v.73 God made us and fashioned us in the womb ( see Ps. 139--fearfully and wonderfully made!) Human beings are not self-referential...As John Calvin said, knowledge of ourselves and knowledge of God are inextricably bound together in a thousand different ways, since we are made in His image. We are certainly not animals or glorified monkeys. We are noble, but we are sinners as well.

7. What happens when we die? Again, we are called "sojourners on earth" (v. 19) We are just passing through this time/place before we enter our eternal rest. We are a body/soul composite, and when we die our soul immediately goes before the Holy Judge of heaven and earth. Death is determinitive of our eternal destiny--either eternity in heaven or hell. At the Last Judgment we will be reunited with our glorified bodies. Hence, any notion of "trapped souls" is repugnant to scripture and to God's holy character. Ed and Lorraine Warren got this issue wrong--unfortunately. Annihilation is also wrong-headed.

(89-91, 99-100,160) All of this discussion would be for naught if it were not for the truth of these verses.The infinite and personal God of the everlasting covenant is really there, and He has not remained silent. His Word is true truth (forever His Word is fixed in heaven) Every one of His righteous rules endures forever. Amen!

Have you ever heard someone say, "I have 35 years researching the paranormal."? I certainly have, and it is often (not always) used as a fact to buttress the force of their argument against what I or someone else has said that contradicted a claim of theirs. Here the psalmist states that he has more true knowledge than his teachers BECAUSE it is grounded in the granite of revealed truth, and not in the shifting sands of man's autonomous speculation.

I have mentioned this example before but it bears repeating: an unbelieving friend of mine, who specializes in getting rid of spirits who are hostile (and they stay busy all year), loudly proclaims two things: they have nearly 40 years of experience, and they have never, ever seen a demon! This is usually followed by a sarcastic, withering criticism of those who stupidly believe that all ghosts are demons. This person is my friend and it grieves me that they are so blind that they cannot even recognize demons when they are attacking or harassing them. Every classic criteria used to determine demonic presence has been met many times over, and yet they still refuse to see reality clearly...tragic, but quite common.If our worldview glasses are distorting our perception of reality, then decades of experience will only make one more foolish in their understanding of the world.

There are no answers to the seven questions above if our epistemology is not grounded in the Word of God. That is, if we do not look to God's revelation to learn what: God is like, the nature of reality, our purpose in life, what is right and wrong...and so on, then we have no adequate foundation for acquiring any knowledge. This may not be exciting, but please know that this is bedrock foundation for building a biblical worldview...reason for getting out of bed and not committing suicide. I am baffled by this optimism which is grounded in a worldview in which impersonal energy is Ultimate reality....that kind of optimism has both feet planted firmly in mid-air.

The paranormal or spirit realm was created by God, He owns it, He sustains it, and He is in absolute sovereign control of it. Hence, next week we shall examine it through a biblical worldview.

Each question is SO basic...if only one is wrong or even partially distorted, it will seriously impact ones life. Yet the majority of people in the world have all of them (seven questions above) partially or totally wrong! Why? Because their epistemology is wrong. This is not rocket science...we either humbly look to God to answer life's most basic questions, or we pridefully look to ourselves...revelation or speculation. We DO have access to the mind of God through the Holy Bible--and that is the foundation of a biblical worldview! Please do try to watch and read with these questions in mind this week...

Part 2 is here:

"Seeing Ghosts through God's Eyes" (also in a Kindle edition)...please consider purchasing my book which uses science, logic, and the bible to analyze the true source of power behind paranormal activity.

Monday, March 14, 2016

The Dalai Lama Emphasizes the Oneness of Humanity

When His Holiness the Dalai Lama arrived in Geneva yesterday evening a large number of Tibetans gathered in front of the hotel to welcome him.

This morning, during a meeting with journalists he explained his three commitments. He recommended that education should emphasize the inner values of warm heartedness, tolerance and forgiveness. He observed that although religion has been a source of happiness for thousands of years, sadly, today, it is becoming a source of hatred.

He made clear that when he retired from his political responsibilities in 2011, he did so completely, voluntarily and proudly, but conceded that 99 percent of the Tibetan people continued to place their hope and trust in him. Therefore, in addition to being concerned for them, he continues to work for the protection of Tibetan culture and Tibet’s natural environment. He explained that since Tibetan culture is a culture of peace, non-violence and compassion, it is in everyone's interest that it be preserved.

In the afternoon, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, fellow Nobel Laureate Tawakkol Abdel-Salam Karman and Leila Alikarami, an Iranian lawyer and human rights activist representing Nobel Laureate Shirin Ebadi, engaged in discussions on the theme ‘Nobel Laureates on Human Rights - A view from civil society’ at the Graduate Institute of Geneva. This event, hosted by the Permanent Missions of the United States and Canada to the United Nations, took place on the periphery of the UN Human Rights Council's 31st session. Mrs. Kate Gilmore, UN Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights moderated the event.

His Holiness expressed his gratitude to the US and Canadian Permanent Missions to the UN for hosting the event. He also acknowledged the moving addresses of the two speakers who preceded him.

“We are talking about the future of humanity,” he said. “No matter how small our voice here may be, it is essential we speak up. Sometimes people say all is well with the world, but they are mistaken. We are facing many problems. During my lifetime I have witnessed continual conflict and bloodshed in the course of which millions of people have been killed. We need to ask where we went wrong, what qualities we lack and why violations of human rights take place. Answering these questions and creating peace will require wisdom and compassion.

“Although I am a Buddhist monk, I am sceptical that prayers alone will achieve world peace. We need instead to be enthusiastic and self-confident in taking action.”

He said those now causing trouble and disturbing peace in the world are also confident, but are insufficiently moved by basic human values. Therefore, if we are to create a more peaceful world in the future, we need to introduce warm-heartedness and secular ethics into our general education system.

He observed that climate change and the ups and downs of the global economy are problems that affect us all. They are not confined to national boundaries. Focussing on secondary differences between us like race, religion, nationality and gender, stokes our inclination to divide people into ‘us’ and ‘them’, which easily becomes a basis for conflict. He stressed that if we remember the oneness of humanity and think of each other as brothers and sisters we can overcome that potential for violence.

Following the panel discussion, His Holiness drove to the Palais des Nations where he addressed about 3000 Tibetans. He assured them that he was in good health and thanked them for their prayers for his well-being.

original link with photos:

Saturday, March 12, 2016

What Does It Mean When One Says Demons Have A 'Legal Right'?

It basically means whether it was inadvertently or done on purpose such as playing with the Ouija board and things to that nature. That would truly give a demonic presence legal rights into your life. Or you went ghost hunting thinking it was harmless all the time and everything turned out fine until 5 days later now the person realizes they brought home a demon. In these kind of cases, if you can possibly find out what the legal rights are that these vile demons are using to be able to attach to that person, get them properly taken care of by binding and broken before the Lord, and then cast the demons out of that person if they are on the inside of their bodies, or cast them off that person if they are attacking them from the outside of their bodies. I believe that our God is a God of perfect order and reasoning. And if demons are able to get inside of a person’s body, then there has to be some kind of specific reason that has allowed this to occur with them. Otherwise, we would all be having demons living on the inside of us 24/7.

This falls into the Spiritual Warfare category. Legal rights can be handled. There is nothing God can not defeat. With the word of Jesus we have so much power! But only through Him and our faith in Him. Otherwise it won't work. In my opinion, everybody I know has different beliefs on this subject so I'm certainly not trying to step on toes. I'm just giving the most valid answer I can give. In this world we won't always know the answers to some questions until were on the other side. It's kind of a scary thought I guess if your not at peace with where your going. But this subject definitely falls into spiritual warfare there's no doubt about it. In case you don't know what spiritual warfare is I'll talk very briefly about it and put its definition below.

What Is Spiritual Warfare?

"Concept of taking a stand against preternatural evil forces. It is based on the belief in evil spirits which are able to intervene in human affairs. Various Christian groups have adopted practices to repel such forces, as based on their doctrine of Christian Demonology. Prayer is a common form of spiritual warfare among Christians. Other practices may include exorcisms , anointing oil, etc...." The mind is what the enemy really goes after. He knows all our sins and how to make us feel bad about ourselves and that we are not worthy of love or forgiveness.

Remember when I said when a person becomes converted and receives God's spirit they immediately enter into battle. They will have to fight these powerful enemies every day of their life until they die. The first major opponent Christians face is themselves. They must battle their own human nature with its self-defeating, sinful and destructive tendencies. The apostle Paul referred to this constant battle of the mind Christians face in his book to the Romans. The second lifelong opponent true believers must face is the devil and the world he has deceived into thinking and acting like he does (Ephesians 2:2, 1 John 5:19, Revelation 12:9, etc.). Jesus, in his prayer to the Father before his crucifixion, reveals the ultimate attitude of those who do not believe God against those who do. I have given them (the disciples and all Christians by extension) Your words, and the world has hated them. . . (John 17)

The above information is from a Christian point of view however, there are many views due to the different demonology's. There are many different kinds of demonology is out there and some people don't know that not to mention you will also get different answers pending the different religions. It depends on the individual.

It's very important to keep the enemy from finding legal rights. We are all human and we make mistakes and God loves us no matter what and sometimes we make mistakes and let the enemy in by giving legal rights. I will admit that I have. I was just stupid and messed with a Ouija board taking a chance. This was years ago and at that time I had, had about 3 years experience under my belt and I still made the mistake. This is not a game it's very dangerous. I can't imagine anybody wanting to do this, actually wanting to be a demonologist. It takes a toll. It's a calling, not a choice. It consumes your life.

When we as humans go through periods like weakness, such as emotional trauma, physical trauma, break ups, divorces, health issues etc...There are just so many areas to which the natural walls of defense in the physical, spiritual or emotional system of a person are weakened, it leaves us vulnerable for the enemy. The same is true with drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, and especially taking drugs, because they lower our defenses. We are wide open for the demonic to just slip right in our life. It happens so fast. As I've said many times, when you open that door it is extremely hard to get rid of any attachments or possession and oppression. Please think twice when presented with anything like Ouija boards and things to that nature. It's best to just be curious and leave it at that. It's not worth going further. It can and will destroy lives. Demons prey on people through those mimicking another like an aunt who passed, or parent. It's only to,gain your trust to draw you in.

Many people in today's world are suffering badly. Too sick to work and can't even get their medication. They live in shelters and eat at the food shelters. Some people are so depressed about the effect of the economy. When someone has been just through way too much and are desperate for peace they actually make a pact to the devil. All you have to do is say it out loud it's not like it doesn't count if it's not done in a certain way or in a special ceremony like a lot of people think. People call this "demonic vows". It's like a spiritual signature that the enemy and his minions use as a legal right to gain access into our lives. Demonic vows can be made consciously or unconsciously. Often when a person joins a cult or coven, they are required to make vows with the devil. Demonic vows can be made unconsciously just by dabbling with the occult. Just by getting curious about the occult and reading forbidden materials (including horoscopes) can give the enemy your spiritual signature. Jesus warns us not to make any vows of that kind. It speaks of it in scripture.

We need to remember we have the power of Jesus through His Word. He said "they shall cast out demons in my name". Have 110% faith and they will be very limited how hard they can harass you. Some people have been driven to suicide. I was almost one of them. I'm speaking from experience on this one. Don't let any fear get in your way. That's exactly what the enemy feeds off of. Always keep a personal relationship with Christ and the Father.

Written By Jennifer L Auld

Friday, March 11, 2016

What is Demonic Collusion?

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

EDITOR'S NOTE: This blog was originally posted on March 20, 2014. Mark will have a new blog next week.

" that we might not be outwitted by Satan; for we are not ignorant of his designs." (2 Corinthians 2:11)

COLLUSION--secret cooperation for an illegal or dishonest purpose. (Webster's Dictionary)

"Error, indeed, is never set forth in its naked deformity, lest, being thus exposed, it should at once be detected. But it is craftily decked out in an attractive dress, so as, by its outward form, to make it appear to the inexperienced (ridiculous as the expression may seem) more true than truth itself." (Irenaeus,  Against Heresies 1.2)

Corruptio optimi pessimum est (the corruption of the best is the worst).

As I was sitting and watching, a strong wave of panic rushed over me...I was watching last week's Ghost Adventures in which a young man dressed up as Satan began to read Satanic incantations (this was part of a Halloween factory they were investigating), BUT thankfully, they put a strong warning on the screen and muted his words entirely.These guys are known for doing whatever they can to stir the "hornet's nest" but I was petrified that millions of people were going to hear stuff they really, really do NOT need to hear. So, my hat goes off to the GA trio for making a very wise choice in this matter. Did you also notice the adult content warning at the outset? Good for them.

As many of you know, the TV show which follows GA is the Dead Files. My forte is not that of an investigative reporter, in which Amy Allan's credentials are put under scrutiny. Kirby does that exceptionally well, so my focus is elsewhere. In the text quoted above, we are told that we need--like Paul--to be aware of Satan's schemes...the way he operates. We must be aware, acutely aware, of certain diabolical strategies which are used over and over.

COLLUSION--is one such strategy which we must be aware of so that we are not misled by Satan's deceptions. It is defined as, "Secret cooperation for an illegal or dishonest purpose." (Webster) Forgive the repetition regarding the Dead Files, but I personally think it is THE show which most clearly showcases this particular diabolical scheme.

Suppose there was a car accident which four different individuals were eyewitnesses to....all from different angles. Let me ask this--what would you think if all four eyewitnesses agreed on EVERY single detail, in their reports to the police? They even used the exact same words to describe certain details of the accident. There would be something fishy about that, wouldn't there? The investigating officer might begin to wonder how much they had talked afterwards...and tried to make their stories sound alike. This certainly happens in other scenarios, and too much agreement can be as problematic as too little agreement amongst witnesses.When there is intentional behind the scene working to make stories line up with each other, it is known as collusion. People can be very creative in how they do this in order to haul in some cash. However, the true masters of collusion are Satan and his band of demons.

And as I have alluded to before, I do not know of a TV show which showcases this diabolical collusion more masterfully than the Dead Files. The result is a very, very convincing deception, which looks "truer than the truth." (Irenaeus) Please bear with me on this, because I well remember how deeply troubling it was for me when I first encountered demonic collusion of this kind. It almost threatened to overcome what I knew to be absolute verity/truth. I NEVER want to lose my sensitivity to what seekers experience when they are overcome with dizzying displays of complex collusion, as witnessed on the Dead Files. Feel free to disagree, but I am convinced that there is an immense amount of serious demonic scheming and activity going on during this show.

If you have the potential to deceive millions, then one would expect there to be exceptional demonic strategizing. This past week was no exception. Sure the producers cut and paste between Amy and Steve, but there is ALWAYS a string of scenes where both are coming to the exact same conclusion, "independently" of each other regarding a remarkable array of historical detail.However, the sad fact is that this former homicide detective is being "collusively played" just as much as his partner, Amy.The net result is that, unless you are experienced at spotting collusion, it will deceive you--it is perhaps the most effective diabolical lying strategy being employed against us.It is simply organized lying to accomplish a larger goal.

Once they have come to the reveal, then collusion has everyone in its infernal grip. Of course it is Aunt Hilda making all the ruckus...they even have an independent artist sketch of her! And by then it is impossible to accurately identify the true culprits (demons) because, unless it serves some purpose to self--reveal their demonic identity, then they will conceal it most of the time.

BTW, it was sad that, starting from herself (not dependent upon divine revelation) Amy came to the conclusion that the folks should move because she had no idea who shadow people were--only that they were powerful and dangerous--and she had no success in getting rid of them. The reality is these shadow entities are demonic, and are quite common, contrary to what Amy says regarding their rarity.

In closing, my advice is to keep your eyes open to the potential of demonic collusion, so that we might be equipped to effectively overcome our Adversary.

Addendum--one strong piece of evidence of the reliability of the eyewitness accounts of the gospels is the manifestly obvious lack of any collusion between Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

"Seeing Ghosts through God's Eyes" (also in a Kindle edition)...please consider purchasing my book which uses science, logic, and the bible to analyze the true source of power behind paranormal activity.