Thursday, February 14, 2013

Plasma, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Other Dimensions, & How They May Help Explain the Supernatural (Part 2)

By Lisa Grace

The greatest part of what the known universe is made of is not understood. Dark matter of which all we can deduce is: it has a gravitational pull. And then there is dark energy which seems to be pulling solar systems and the universe apart.

Depending on the source, dark matter makes up 25% to 99% of all known matter in the universe. It’s called “matter” because all matter has a gravitational pull.

The term “dark energy” is a way to say for scientists to say “there is a force out there that we can’t see and can’t explain, but we think we can detect it is pulling solar systems and the universe further apart.”

Scientists name their theories to make them more believable. How does this relate to the supernatural?

Because the supernatural is somewhat like the theory of “dark energy.” In that “there is a force out there that we can’t see and can’t explain, but we think we can detect it.”

Then also with dark matter 25% - 99% of the known universe is made of matter we can’t detect except it has to be there because it has gravitational pull?

How is that anymore believable than when witnessing a supernatural creature EMF, temperature, sound, and physical disturbances can be detected?

Yet scientists take themselves seriously while laughing at the paranormal community?

Other Dimensions

Quote from above link: In 1919, Polish mathematician Theodor Kaluza proposed that the existence of a fourth spatial dimension might allow the linking of general relativity and electromagnetic theory.

Remember in part 1 where we talked about possible creatures living in plasma, the 4th state of matter?
Also, quote: Plasma energy can be of various origins: thermal, electrical, or light (ultraviolet light or intense visible light from a laser). With insufficient sustaining power, plasmas recombine into neutral gas.
Plasma can be accelerated and steered by electric and magnetic fields, which allows it to be controlled and applied. Plasma research is yielding a greater understanding of the universe.

Remember that plasma can be visible and controlled in electromagnetic fields?

There is an interesting book, (written in 1884 by Edwin A. Abbott - Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions) that talks about how a three dimensional creature, in a two dimensional world (like a sphere) would appear as a line getting shorter or longer to the two dimensional creatures. (See link above for a full description.)

Right now scientists studying electromagnetics and plasma are observing phenomena appearing as waves.
See: Institute for Electromagnetic Field Theory and Plasma Physics, (1994)

What if that is because as three dimensional creatures, peering at four dimensional creatures, we simply can’t comprehend what we are really seeing? That waves, mists, occasional movements and sounds, are the closest we can come to seeing these four dimensional creatures? (which could be separate thermal, electrical, and light beings or combos of all three.)

My hypothesis (theory) is: scientists are seeing four dimensional creatures and simply not understanding what they are seeing. This is to be expected. Mathematically they can prove through string theory it’s there, also through gravitational pull they can prove dark matter is there, and they can make plasma (the fourth state of matter) visible in a lab setting, but they haven’t tied it all together yet, because it is simply too mind blowing.

It proves there is without a doubt another dimension with living beings in it, and when scientists stop denying the most likely explanation - comes closer to proving there is an AWESOME intelligent designer behind the whole shebang. We are not the top of the intelligence pyramid, matter of fact, we’re not even close, which is very humbling.

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Imagine Being a Four Dimensional Creature Trapped in a Three Dimensional World (Part 3 of Plasma, Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Other Dimensions & How They May Help Explain the Supernatural)

By Lisa Grace

For those who are coming in mid-series I highly suggest you read parts one and two first. I believe that science proves the Holy Scriptures are correct.
Last week, I put forth the theory that what we know of angels and demons, and other supernatural creatures may present themselves as being made of and living in plasma the fourth state of matter in our three dimensional world.

This may get a little complicated. Let’s imagine, for now, the two dimensional world. We can take a three dimensional piece of paper (it has width, height, volume) and a three dimensional pencil, and we can create a two dimensional world by drawing on the paper. Now, if we were the same height as the graphite on the paper, we might perceive dots curves, lines and that’s it. Yes, this is a brief description but you could fill a whole book as described in part two of this series as to how everything would be perceived.

We know God exists outside time. We know angels existed with God before this universe was made and may exist outside time as we know it, too.

A two dimensional world surrounded by a three dimensional world, cannot possibly understand how big and vast our three dimensional universe is. It also exists outside of time as we know it.

If a three dimensional creature passes through or enters the two dimensional one, it can not be perceived correctly. Only certain phenomena would be visible and would not follow the known rules of the two dimensional world.

If supernatural creatures made of plasma, mainly exist in a four dimensional universe, (plasma, as we can observe it, does not obey the laws of our universe, which falls right in line with it following the laws of another bigger, more complex, dimension instead) what would they appear as in this one? Possibly the supernatural phenomena we do observe and can measure?

The big question is—How can we start thinking four dimensionally from phenomena that is only observable in our limited three dimension trapped in time? One way to start is to realize time is only a measurement relative to distance and location in our three dimensional universe. The answer isn’t easy, but it is one we need to explore to begin to understand how God’s supernatural creatures interact and make themselves known to us. Here is a link to Part 4.
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