Thursday, February 14, 2013

Plasma, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Other Dimensions, & How They May Help Explain the Supernatural (Part 2)

By Lisa Grace

The greatest part of what the known universe is made of is not understood. Dark matter of which all we can deduce is: it has a gravitational pull. And then there is dark energy which seems to be pulling solar systems and the universe apart.

Depending on the source, dark matter makes up 25% to 99% of all known matter in the universe. It’s called “matter” because all matter has a gravitational pull.

The term “dark energy” is a way to say for scientists to say “there is a force out there that we can’t see and can’t explain, but we think we can detect it is pulling solar systems and the universe further apart.”

Scientists name their theories to make them more believable. How does this relate to the supernatural?

Because the supernatural is somewhat like the theory of “dark energy.” In that “there is a force out there that we can’t see and can’t explain, but we think we can detect it.”

Then also with dark matter 25% - 99% of the known universe is made of matter we can’t detect except it has to be there because it has gravitational pull?

How is that anymore believable than when witnessing a supernatural creature EMF, temperature, sound, and physical disturbances can be detected?

Yet scientists take themselves seriously while laughing at the paranormal community?

Other Dimensions

Quote from above link: In 1919, Polish mathematician Theodor Kaluza proposed that the existence of a fourth spatial dimension might allow the linking of general relativity and electromagnetic theory.

Remember in part 1 where we talked about possible creatures living in plasma, the 4th state of matter?
Also, quote: Plasma energy can be of various origins: thermal, electrical, or light (ultraviolet light or intense visible light from a laser). With insufficient sustaining power, plasmas recombine into neutral gas.
Plasma can be accelerated and steered by electric and magnetic fields, which allows it to be controlled and applied. Plasma research is yielding a greater understanding of the universe.

Remember that plasma can be visible and controlled in electromagnetic fields?

There is an interesting book, (written in 1884 by Edwin A. Abbott - Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions) that talks about how a three dimensional creature, in a two dimensional world (like a sphere) would appear as a line getting shorter or longer to the two dimensional creatures. (See link above for a full description.)

Right now scientists studying electromagnetics and plasma are observing phenomena appearing as waves.
See: Institute for Electromagnetic Field Theory and Plasma Physics, (1994)

What if that is because as three dimensional creatures, peering at four dimensional creatures, we simply can’t comprehend what we are really seeing? That waves, mists, occasional movements and sounds, are the closest we can come to seeing these four dimensional creatures? (which could be separate thermal, electrical, and light beings or combos of all three.)

My hypothesis (theory) is: scientists are seeing four dimensional creatures and simply not understanding what they are seeing. This is to be expected. Mathematically they can prove through string theory it’s there, also through gravitational pull they can prove dark matter is there, and they can make plasma (the fourth state of matter) visible in a lab setting, but they haven’t tied it all together yet, because it is simply too mind blowing.

It proves there is without a doubt another dimension with living beings in it, and when scientists stop denying the most likely explanation - comes closer to proving there is an AWESOME intelligent designer behind the whole shebang. We are not the top of the intelligence pyramid, matter of fact, we’re not even close, which is very humbling.

Lisa Grace is the author of the Angel Series which is currently in movie development, 30 minutes of Flash Fiction, and The 15th Star (A Lisa Grace History Mystery) available through all major ebook retailers and soon to be in paperbacks.


Anonymous said...

Lisa, I really enjoyed your article. This is the first time I've read about possible life in plasma. Such a fascinating topic! Please do not let the previous commenter discourage you. Remember I Peter 5:8: "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour." He looks for any possible weakness. Yet we can take comfort in Philippians 4:13: "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." Keep up the good work, dear Lisa!

Lisa Grace said...

Anonymous RDH,

Thanks for your response. Science cannot even explain how eight entirely different planets , composed of different materials, some having magnetic poles, others not, different angles, spin trajectories etc.
Science cannot explain why all the ice comets haven't melted,
Science cannot explain how come DNA is an obvious organic computer code. Requiring a designer.

Planetary scientists are coming to realize our solar system was uniquely designed.(Watch "What you aren't being told about Astronomy".)
Spike Psarris used to be an athiest engineer in the US military space program. He left a creationist and a Christian.

If you look at the "scientific" evidence you will be amazed at how much science points to an intelligent designer.

A car is so much simpler than a one celled amoeba.Yet, any child can look at a rock and realize it won't ever evolve into a car. It required many human designers to make each part and then assemble it.
Every biology major will admit a cell is much more complex (from the RNA to the DNA to the mitochondria and flagellum motors that are just mini biological boat motors that are running at much higher rpms)yet, you're will ing to believe it evolve? As Spike says, "I don't have that much faith!"
Molecular scientists that talk to mechanical engineers see that each cell is a mini factory.

Occam's Razor - The simplest explanation is most likely the correct one—which is—an intelligent designer created time, our universe, and the biological machines contained on one planet that had to everything designed just so, to sustain life.

RDH - Instead of posing the same old tired arguments that are based on scientific half-truths and out right lies, open your eyes.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lisa, these comments are the most action one of your pedantic, monotonous blogs will likely ever see.

Wicca is a contrived religion founded by a child molester. (sorry)

eyeontheparanormal said...

Lisa Grace has asked that any and all comments on her blog MUST focus on her blog only. Any other comments will be removed

Anonymous said...

Im very disappointed in her blogs as of late, how's that for focusing on Lisa Grace? also she is now to defend wicca? are you kidding me? fence ridding? You cannot serve two masters

How quick you show your true colors lisa grace, no need to worry lisa grace's blog is now deleted from my history, embrace wicca or any other pagan followers. God will see.
its always the money that destroys and makes it OK to embrace sinners and the godless, isn't that right lisa grace?

what an ego, lisa grace relearn humility or I am betting God will remind you.

Anonymous said...

hmm nothing but crickets here now, LMAO! excellent kill shot lisa, you killed your blog thank GOD!!!!!

Lisa Grace said...


How old are you, thirteen? I hope so, because you have little understanding of God. Be careful how you invoke His authority. Your judgemental attitude (He is the judge, not you) is pharesitical on your part.
Remember what Jesus said about being a stumbling block to those who are doing His work, and what He said about those hindering those with a child-like faith?

Go back and read your Holy Scripture. Stop trying to be a stumbling block or wait until you are at least 21 and your brain has formed to the extent that you can learn how to use empathy and understanding rather than acting like a little child.

I would rather talk to Anonymous RDH because that person has real questions and is seeking real answers.

I'm not writing my blog for immature responses like yours that have nothing to do with the topic (which is why I suspect you're an adolescent) and I count it as a blessing that you won't be responding anymore. Then maybe you won't scare off those who are seeking proof of God or have questions regarding their faith.

I've asked you not to respond unless you have a question or would like to discuss the topic, and you can't/won't do that—so I will ask the owner to remove your posts since you are not mature enough to comply.