Thursday, February 14, 2013

Imagine Being a Four Dimensional Creature Trapped in a Three Dimensional World (Part 3 of Plasma, Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Other Dimensions & How They May Help Explain the Supernatural)

By Lisa Grace

For those who are coming in mid-series I highly suggest you read parts one and two first. I believe that science proves the Holy Scriptures are correct.
Last week, I put forth the theory that what we know of angels and demons, and other supernatural creatures may present themselves as being made of and living in plasma the fourth state of matter in our three dimensional world.

This may get a little complicated. Let’s imagine, for now, the two dimensional world. We can take a three dimensional piece of paper (it has width, height, volume) and a three dimensional pencil, and we can create a two dimensional world by drawing on the paper. Now, if we were the same height as the graphite on the paper, we might perceive dots curves, lines and that’s it. Yes, this is a brief description but you could fill a whole book as described in part two of this series as to how everything would be perceived.

We know God exists outside time. We know angels existed with God before this universe was made and may exist outside time as we know it, too.

A two dimensional world surrounded by a three dimensional world, cannot possibly understand how big and vast our three dimensional universe is. It also exists outside of time as we know it.

If a three dimensional creature passes through or enters the two dimensional one, it can not be perceived correctly. Only certain phenomena would be visible and would not follow the known rules of the two dimensional world.

If supernatural creatures made of plasma, mainly exist in a four dimensional universe, (plasma, as we can observe it, does not obey the laws of our universe, which falls right in line with it following the laws of another bigger, more complex, dimension instead) what would they appear as in this one? Possibly the supernatural phenomena we do observe and can measure?

The big question is—How can we start thinking four dimensionally from phenomena that is only observable in our limited three dimension trapped in time? One way to start is to realize time is only a measurement relative to distance and location in our three dimensional universe. The answer isn’t easy, but it is one we need to explore to begin to understand how God’s supernatural creatures interact and make themselves known to us. Here is a link to Part 4.
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John E,Blake said...

I have had out of body experience and felt the prescence of Jesus and God.When I meditate deeply I can feel my Boyhood Friend Albert who died at age 11.He has been with me since.Ilkie your blog and this area has always interested me.In two instances I saved the life of two people who were about to fall.On the day my father died.I felt his prescence and rushed to his side 2 minutes before he died.The world of the spirit does exsist.

Anonymous RDH said...

Do you think that those who believe in their "third eye" have a more heightened sense of spiritual awareness?

Maybe the "third eye" is real!
It may be there, but it doesn't work like our other eyes in our three dimensional world.

There very well may be a THIRD EYE. It's not connected to optic nerves but it may be connected to the parietal lobe, thru the pre-frontal cortex. (Maybe I should grow my bangs out so I can "see" better.)

I like your ideas.

Anonymous said...

Where do you get these ideas? there is nothing biblical about this :(

Lisa Grace said...

Anonymous -
Which part isn't Biblical?

God states he exists outside of time. (Genesis1:1, Hebrews 1:10 &11)
He exists outside of our universe. (Heaven) We know He sends angels (mentioned through out the scriptures) to visit us, we know demons are trapped here (it's all in the Bible).

We know there are other "worlds" (Hebrews 1:2) i.e. might mean dimensions, as languages at that time were not broad enough to include concepts we now understand)

We know God surrounds himself in light, (1 John 1:5,CR4:4, Rev 21:23 and on and on) plasma is light, angels appear as bright light(mentioned several times in the Bible), etc.

All of this is most assuredly Biblical. Science proves the Holy Scriptures is correct. Someone must voice the possibilities so those intent on proving the Holy Scriptures (apologetics) have a direction to explore.
I don't need to prove them because I have faith...
but there are those who don't yet...and there are those questioning their goal is to help strengthen their faith.

Anonymous -
What is your goal? Please state exactly what you have a problem with and site your Biblical scripture. Thank you.