Thursday, August 23, 2012

Scientific vs. Spiritual

By Reverend J. Andrade

Paranormal research is not a recognized science. The reasons for this are many, but the most obvious reason is that numerous frauds have destroyed the credibility of paranormal phenomena as worthy of scientific endeavor. Before any comparison between science and paranormal phenomena can be explored, the following is a general description of what science is. The word ‘Science’ comes from the Latin word scientia, meaning, knowledge. Science explores a broad field of knowledge that deals with observed facts and the relationships existing among those facts. Scientific theories utilize general rules or laws that attempt to explain how and why something happens or happened. More specifically, scientific theory organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the natural world. Paranormal theories do not adhere to the rules and laws of scientific theory, and are at most, philosophical. There are numerous paranormal theories, each deserving greater attention, but some things will be mentioned here in order to provide a sense of how paranormal theories differ from scientific theories. As stated, paranormal theories often fall outside any of the rules or laws applied to scientific theory, although they are thought to have some scientific basis – for example: the theory that ghosts can generate Electro-Magnetic Fields (or EMF) that can be measured with EMF meters.

Now Balancing with the Scientific Method with Spiritual Method,when I do a walk-through, during a paranormal research, of a location, I give information as it's coming to me but also keep in mind the instruments my team members are using that may be able to capture and/or measure information validating the impressions I am getting. Remembering this during paranormal investigation is not only a good way to validate experiences from my stand point, but also helps the team in capturing possible evidence.
A big part of the job during a paranormal investigation is knowing when to speak and when to remain silent, regardless of what may be coming through at the moment. If the team is in the process of an EVP (electronic voice phenomena) session for example or trying other forms of communication through scientific methods, it's important to learn to wait and take a mental note of what you are feeling at that moment. and share it with the team at an appropriate time. This is to not only ensure the balance of the paranormal investigation, but also that even in the role you are helping the technical side by not getting in the way so to speak.

It would be a disservice to everyone if a medium just walked through a location talking the entire paranormal investigation disregarding the roles of his/her teammates. Just as it would be if the scientific side was to disregard their spiritual tools which can provide insights and information as well. Some teams have trouble finding this steady balance or choose to not use mediums at all, while other just seem to "click" naturally using all methods. Finding the right team to work with is important, and it can take some time, practice, and learning from one another on how to be the most efficient. Most importantly, everyone should feel equally involved in a paranormal investigation regardless of role.

Another great asset in having a medium as part of a paranormal investigation team is having one experienced in helping spirits to cross over, or can perform a blessing/cleansing if needed or requested. Especially in handling residential cases when most often a family is frightened and not sure what to do, which is why the call upon an investigation group to help in the first place. Even if the team captures scientific evidence for the client to review, what is really being done to help other then validating the family's claims? This is where the spiritual side of a team comes into play as well, providing not only information, but also a solution to the haunting.

On the flip side, I feel it is extremely important for mediums involved in paranormal research to be well versed in the scientific methods and uses of different instruments. Cross training mediums not only makes them an asset in being able to pick up instruments and help in scientific investigating. But also gives them a better knowledge of what his or her teammates are doing and what indicators they are looking for. A deep understanding of everyone's role and method of research is the key to success. I personally, find the use of scientific tools to be fascinating and enjoy going over evidence with the eye of a skeptic. It helps keep our field honest, mediums should take part and become experienced in all avenues of paranormal investigation.

This blog came from my friend Leo Martin Ryokan.