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Eye on the Paranormal – Issue 5

Copyright 2008 By Kirby Robinson

Eye on the Paranormal

Welcome back to our latest edition of Eye on the Paranormal. We are reaching the final issues of this series.

Dear Readers,

It has come to my attention through various sources and personal emails that many of you are upset with this series of blogs. Why? It seems that the subject matter, my tone, and accusations that I am simply jealous of other people’s success.

I’m deeply sorry if these blogs have upset anyone. That is not my intent or reason behind them. That being said, just because I write Eye on the Paranormal doesn’t mean that you have to read it. If it upsets you or offends you then skip it and come back for my Monday and Thursday teachings. Or feel free to pray or receive prayers in my Weekly World Wide Prayer Circle each Wednesday. If none of the above interests you, then walk away from my blogs altogether. I’m not here to placate others. I’ve never lived that way, nor would I want to.

I don’t dislike Ryan Buell, Chip Coffey, PRS, or Paranormal State. What I do dislike is deception, distortion, and people who think they are getting helped but end up getting used. As to fame and fortune of others both of those are brief and fleeting. And when we die and go where we each personally feel that we go, our level of fame and fortune in this life will not help us at all. What will help us is did we love? Did we show compassion? Did we pursue the truth? Did we protect others? And did we fight the good fight of faith?

What I’m doing in this series is what any good lawyer should attempt to do in a case -- establish a clear consistent pattern of behavior. There will be two more blogs that will cover the remaining episodes of season 1 and season 2 and the final edition is when the words will come from the horse’s mouth themselves. And this series of blogs will come to a completion.

Your friend in spirit,


P.S. Some have said that I’m devoting far too much of my time and effort to this series. All the investigation was done by others who diligently spent their time analyzing DVD’s, making phone calls, and doing the footwork. They feed me the information and I put the narratives together. This would be far too big of a project for one person to tackle alone.


Each week we will post questions that we would love PRS (Paranormal Research Society) to answer. But we know they never will.

You, my reading audience, are invited to send in questions and we will gladly post them in the following week’s issue. Please send them to my MySpace page email. And please don’t hold your breath waiting for an answer.

Secondly, as we move through both seasons of “Paranormal State,” we will be adding additional names of so-called para-celebrities who have made an appearance on either season of the show to our “Paranormal Moment of Truth Challenge.”

Here are the questions so far.

~ As a team, how many cases did PRS investigate off-campus prior to the start of the series?

~ How many cases does PRS investigate on a yearly basis, not including those for the TV series?

~ If you do investigate without the cameras rolling, how often do you invite para-celebrities to take part in such investigations? Or are they only there to make an appearance on the show?

~ What kind of training did Ryan Buell receive in demonology, and how was it that he became active with the local archdiocese?

~ What happened to the people who were part of PRS in the pilot episode but mysteriously disappeared from the series?

~ Why doesn’t PRS feature any of the new kids from the campus club on their current season?

~ Why doesn’t Chip Coffey or PRS do any events that we don’t have to pay to see?

~ Everyone knows that the Frank Box is a fake—why did Ryan Buell use it on the show and continue to stand behind the validity of the device?

~ What happened to the “Lady Vampire” episode? Why did A&E pull it from the broadcast schedule?

Here are two new questions:

~ Why wasn’t Chip Coffey on the Tyra Banks show as he advertised in August?

~ I noticed that Chip Coffey is doing reading via phone and ask that you send in question before speaking with him...very odd. Shouldn't this be a spontaneous reading?


“Thanks for opening my eyes. I'm gonna watch now some more and see what I can catch!” Tammy Boo Crew PI, North Lawrence, Ohio

Thank you for contacting me. You're not only a beautiful mind but you have a brilliant mind. Starting with this week's edition of Eye on the Paranormal we will be starting a new section entitled Paranormal State Bloopers! Anyone that finds any kind of blooper will be invited to post it.
Again, thank you for the idea!


Folks, please share with us any bloopers you find in any episode, any season! At the end of this blog series we’ll have a look and see which episode will be receiving the Big Blooper Award for the largest number of bloopers.


Due to all the repeated statements by Ryan Buell concerning the Amityville Horror case, I would like to give people a chance to read for themselves that there was no haunting at that residence in New York. And the only people that were ever terrorized were the innocent bystanders whose lives were altered by all the wild allegations put forth by those who spread the deception. Here are links to three sites and a book about the Amityville Horror Conspiracy.

Link #1

Link #2

Link #3

The book "The Amityville Horror Conspiracy"


We now continue to do an episode-by-episode overview of season 1. As we do, the numerous para-celebrities that make an appearance on the show will be added to the Paranormal Moment of Truth Challenge each week.

BEER, WINE & SPIRITS – Episode 9

This episode concerns Brian, the owner of Katie’s Bar located in Long Island, NY. He has a failing business which he’s desperate to save, so Brian comes up with the brilliant idea that the bar is haunted. The haunting consists of a ghost that hangs around the basement breaking wine glasses indiscriminately. Prior to moving forward I really feel it’s important to note that none of the current workers are ever interviewed about personally witnessing the ghostly activity.

Ryan must have an endless supply of magical color changing shirts. When he first arrives at the bar he has on a dark t-shirt that within a few moments suddenly turns into an electric blue t-shirt in the middle of a scene. And wait, the magic isn’t done—seconds later it turns into a dark t-shirt again and the black scarf he’s wearing is now tied around his neck.

We’re told that this bar has been in business for 20 YEARS, owned by various people, yet no one has ever made any money or knows the history of the bar.

The team places wineglasses and surrounds the bases with baby powder. If one is going to go that far why not station a camera on the table? Especially after the first night when the wineglasses have supposedly moved.

A wineglass is suddenly thrown from the bar surface breaking off camera. Yet we see nothing. Counselor Jamie Hernandez begins her interview at 3:28 PM. She suddenly has to flee to the outside, which is already in darkness.

When Sergei and Ryan reenter the bar it’s simply dusk outside.

Ryan breaks out his EMF detector then orders all the power shut off but the track lights remain on. Ryan doesn’t point out to the audience that an older building will give off high readings due to the wiring within the walls. You’ll notice he gets the loudest reading when he swings the EMF very close to the wall.

Since this alleged investigation the bar owner has not passed up any opportunity to promote his bar as being haunted. PRS and the bar have a financial relationship as they hosted one field trip there and they will be hosting their upcoming Halloween party at the bar.

"I just wanted to say that Episode 9, about Katie's Bar....
I can probably guarantee that place is not haunted.
There are so many things that TV shows do not show!

I live on Long Island (where Katie's Bar is located.. its about a half hour from me I want to say?)
There is an over pass that is right next to the bar that a TRAIN drives through.
So, wine glasses move? they put the powder around it to prove the glasses move?
OF COURSE IT MOVES. the whole building probably shakes when the trains come through!" Melissa posted this on the MySpace comments section on 10/11/08

SHAPE SHIFTER – Episode 10

This case concerns a single mother, Georgia, and her teenaged daughter Katie, who are being haunted by a spirit, which is later determined to be a shape shifter.

It’s interesting to note that Ryan brings up the issue of Native American spirits to the family long before the issue is ever brought up in the actual investigation.

Ryan who’s had two encounters with Native American shamans, in each season, doesn’t go too well in either case. They have located what the shaman determines to be a vortex in the backyard. And that moving the stones could possibly release the spirit and cause harm to others. Brent Allaire of the Penobscot Nation says that the best thing to do is seal it and it will be taken care of the next day when his Elder, Ron Strongheart, can be there. But Ryan and Eilfie can’t wait and they disturb the site. The Native Americans show up to perform a simple smudging ceremony and seal the vortex. And all is well.

But not in Ryan’s mind. Because there are 10 additional minutes yet to fill and Chip Coffey needs to be placated. What we are left with is a Keystone Kops imitation where Chip ‘n Ryan and the rest of the crew chase the imaginary spirit up and down the hallways in the house. And the imaginary spirit simply flees when the owner tells it to, and all is well.

In episodes 11-13 we now begin with what I’ve decided to call Paranormal State’s Twilight Zone Trilogy. Just as in the classic TV series what is not real becomes real, real turns unreal, time and space is bent, and if one can clearly understand what’s going on you end up being a better person than me. Within these next three episodes you’ll see the length of deception that is carried out by the show.


Here we are introduced to the story of Carol Anne Crowley, a senior lady who spends too much time taping EVPs.

The first distortion of the facts is that this is an EMERGENCY investigation. That can’t be the fact due to the fact that the production company had to put a crew together and get filming permits at the locations of the home and Grand Central Station.

They arrive at the residence at night. Eilfie is wearing a dark outfit as she and Ryan interview Carole Anne in the dining room. Now it’s alleged that Carol Anne has been spending too much time with EVPs yet her total supply is half a dozen cassettes within almost two years.

We then see Eilfie in the garage interviewing Brian, the husband, and she now is wearing a green outfit. Brian is wearing a button plaid shirt and Heather has a black/multicolored pattern jacket on. Please keep this in mind as the episode plays.

The next scene is a house tour. Heather’s multicolored jacket has morphed into a solid red one. Carol Anne informs the team that her brother will no longer come to the house to stay because a spirit pushed him off the mattress. We then see an interview with the brother shot in the daytime and Ryan is wearing a dark sweatshirt. Hold that thought in your head. The brother informs Ryan of a suicide in the house several years ago. We are given the impression that Ryan learns this for the first time during the interview. Well, folks, we jump back into time to the first interview with Carol Anne informing Ryan and Eilfie about the suicide. We then see Heather and Eilfie interviewing Brian, which had to be the first night. Brian’s shirt midway through the spliced interview changes into a dark jacket and t-shirt. Then there’s a sudden cut as Heather remains in the garage, but Eilfie morphs into Sergei.

We then see a cut of Ryan writing on a dry erase board that has the title Woman in the Window which is from an episode that aired three weeks AFTER this one.

We are led to believe that in the Rockaway, Long Island, Eilfie and Heather go knocking on the doors of the neighbors very late at night. And … Surprise! Surprise! Heather’s multi colored jacket has now turned back into a red jacket.

Then, Ryan brings in an expert on EVPs, Dr. Ron Milione, and suddenly it’s daylight. In our timeline it should be Investigation - Day 2, but Ryan’s timeline says it’s Investigation - Day 1. PRS is just amazing as they can warp time and space, as they will.

Carole Anne informs the EVP expert that she gets a lot of names, but we only hear one: Mary. She also claims that she gets a lot of messages, yet we hear only one: get out of here.

And sorry to say, if anyone closely listens to the tapes that’s Carol Anne’s voice we’re hearing on tape.

Also note, Carol Anne is sitting on the bed in one shot, and that there are only two people in the room, Dr. Ron Milione and her. Suddenly she is in a chair next to the EVP expert, and she’s wearing glasses. Next cut Sergei just appears into the bedroom, the chair’s gone, the glasses are gone, and she’s back to sitting on the bed.

Notice that the so-called Dead Time, which according to the legend Ryan has created, takes place from 3:00 to 4:00 AM. However, according to their own computer screen it is taking place on January 5, 2007 at 22:29. That translates as 10:29 PM. And observe that Eilfie is back to wearing the outfit that she had on in the beginning of Day 1.

Please note that Ryan states in his voiceover right before the EVP expert scene that it’s Investigation - Day 2 and the time is 8:02 PM. Then we see a caption that reads: Investigation - Day 2, 9:00 AM? Huh? Someone please call H.G. Wells, Ryan Buell has come up with a better time machine.

During the team meeting at 9 AM on the second day of the investigation which happens to follow the first 48 hour day in the history of the world, both Ryan and Eilfie have on outfits that were worn at the beginning of day 1.

Ryan decides to bring in Lorraine Warren while he has clothing from Day 1 on, worn during the first interview with Carol Anne. Lorraine Warren lives in Connecticut but is able to arrive in Long Island in less than an hour. It’s broad daylight when she enters the home, but when she supposedly listens to the EVPs for the first time, it’s dark. Then when Lorraine meets Carol Anne for the first time it’s broad daylight.

At no point during the intervention or during the post intervention is anything ever done to drive the spirits out that Carol Anne has invited in.

Finally, there are so many errors, inconsistencies, and lapses of logic in this episode that I could go on and on, but due to time restraints let’s move on.


This episode centers around two paranormal investigators Shannon and Jeff Sylvia. If the names sound familiar they should. Shortly after this episode aired Shannon was hired to be one of the investigators featured in Ghost Hunters International on the Science Fiction channel. It’s alleged, but we never really see any proof of, ghosts of children are supposedly haunting the converted loft. And the only real “damage” that ghosts ever did was bang a bathroom door open. Outside of Shannon claiming to have some troubling dreams we get no indication that there was really any kind of haunting taking place. I’m not going to belabor the point of inconsistencies that appear in this episode like I did in Paranormal Intervention and Shape Shifter, as that would be overkill. But the points I would like to bring out are:

~1 The audience is never told that the Shannon and Jeff just happen to be seasoned paranormal investigators. You are given the impression that they are crying out for help from Ryan and PRS.

~2 At 6:41 PM it is bright daylight on January 11, 2007 according to the team’s computer screen.

~3 At 7:38 PM it is bright daylight on January 11, 2007.

~4 Just as in previous episodes the clothes interchange unexpectedly in a fashion that if one goes back and reedits the episode you see how the investigation was conducted.

~5 Dead Time occurred Friday, January 12, 2007 at 23:31 or 11:31 PM.

~6 This has the least amount of evidence ever presented within the series that there was an actual haunting. So the viewer is left watching another fake case courtesy of PRS.


It concerns a pair of Whitehall, Pennsylvania antique collectors, Nadine and John, who picked up a free piano off of Craig’s List. And strange things begin to happen in their home such as a mice infestation and John reports a sense of doom and depression.

One thing that Nadine brings up is that a deactivated cell phone begins to flash the number 666. This has nothing to do with Satan, Lucifer, or the Devil. It’s a sign associated with the Beast, which will be unveiled along with the False Prophet and the Antichrist.

When the team first arrives at the site the couple wears white sweaters, but when they are interviewed about the impact that the piano has had on the husband, John is wearing a dark sweater and Nadine is wearing a dark top.

During Dead Time Heather and Ryan are on the front porch on a very cold winter’s night with snow on the ground and paranormal activity is noted because both of them are cold. Duh, it’s February!

At the end of the first Dead Time both Eilfie and Ryan are in different outfits than what they were at the beginning.

Notice when they call the former owner of the piano listen carefully and ask yourself, does it sound real? Or does it sound flat, monotone, and scripted?

Ryan calls Lorraine Warren late in the afternoon. She then shows up while the day is still sunny. It can’t be the same day if she was driving in from Connecticut.

When Lorraine examines the piano for the first time remember it’s toward the end of the second day. Nadine has the same outfit on when the team first arrived on Investigation - Day 1.

When Lorraine is talking in the living room she has a coffee cup and saucer in her lap on one cut, the very next cut, the cup and saucer disappears.

Later on in the episode when Ryan is driving back from the warehouse after they destroyed the piano, he calls Lorraine on his cell phone. Remember that Lorraine was supposed to stay with the couple to make sure that all was OK. Lorraine informs Ryan that she just “talked” to the family and that every thing is OK with them. If she was still physically at the residence she would not use the word talk, she’d say everything is fine here.

But the biggest deception of them all and probably fitting for the final scene of Paranormal State’s Twilight Zone Trilogy, is when PRS is burying the piano, so as no one else will encounter it. Now remember we’re talking about Pennsylvania in February. You will notice:

~1 No snow.

~2 The ground is not frozen

~3 Brown cornstalks still standing upright in the fields.

~4 If they were actually burying the entire piano they would need more space than the little hole that they dug out with two shovel loads of dirt

Now I’m a country boy, and it’s been several years since I’ve been on a farm, but I don’t think nature has changed its patterns, even with Global Warming. In February the ground is frozen. In February even if there are some cornstalks left in the fields they won’t be standing straight up but would be beaten down by the winter storms. So actually this was done at a completely different time -- prior to the start of the episode or several months later.

In next week’s edition we will finish Season 1, the week after that we will do the entire Season 2, including the unaired episode, and then the finale where the truth is finally revealed.


To the one that I had not talked to in a few months you’ve gone from public to private. I think you’ve been used and I think you know you’ve been used. We’ve exchanged private emails and you know my intentions are above board. If you need additional proof I’ll put you in contact with others.


Dear Ryan Buell, Chip Coffey, Lorraine Warren, Sandra & Keith Johnson, Dr. Ron Milione, Tony Spera, Shannon & Jeff Sylvia:

I have expressed concerns about how you conduct your investigations and the validity of those investigations, where anyone with a clear and discerning eye can see that they are not authentic. I have also witnessed heavy-handed tactics being used against people who question your alleged authority within the paranormal community and dared to raise questions concerning the validity of appearing on the A&E shows, Paranormal State, and Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal. I can no longer sit by in silence. That is why I came up with The Paranormal Moment of Truth Challenge, which will benefit you, your organization, the paranormal field, and a charity that would be assisted from the donation of the prize money.

1 ~ It would silence your critics if you are determined to be telling the truth about all your claims and how they are presented. There can be no one left to challenge your honesty and integrity.

2 ~ It would not only benefit your organization, but it would also help the entire paranormal field. Because if such evidence is true, it will be brought to a much wider audience, which hopefully would fuel additional legitimate investigations. So it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

3 ~ The charity of your choice would have the prize money donated to them. If the truth is being told, that prize money could reach $500,000.

So, what is The Paranormal Moment of Truth Challenge? I am sure you’ve heard of the Fox Network program entitled The Moment of Truth. This is where a contestant is hooked up to a lie detector test and asked 50 questions, of which 21 of them are used on the actual show. As long as you tell the truth, you keep on winning money -- up to $500,000. The production company, Lighthearted Entertainment Inc., would jump at an opportunity of doing a show with the two of you. And I will put my personal credibility on the line and appear, as well. For if you visit my Free All Spirits page (, you’ll notice that I personally make what some would call outlandish claims concerning my work as a Demonologist/Exorcist/Paranormal Investigator/Caring Spiritual Adviser.

If you would like to be "one step closer to the truth" then this is a way to achieve your goal. If interested, please contact me at this email address and I will get the ball rolling as soon as possible.

Your friend in spirit,

To date, this is the response that I’ve received from them.

Why not do the show? Only you, the paranormal field, and a charity of your choice would benefit.

INFORMATION REQUEST: If anyone wants to share any information with their experiences involving the PRS, Ryan Buell, Chip Coffey, and any other para-celebrity that has made an appearance on Paranormal State, whether it is good or bad, I would like to read it. Your confidentiality is 100% guaranteed.

NOTE: Please feel free to copy and paste this and place it all over the web. And, unlike any of my other blogs, you can even repost this under your own name!