Sunday, May 20, 2012

Healer Beware

By Rev. Dr. Fred E. Lee

Food for thought, and a word to the wise. Ever since I was a youngster, I have always been empathetic toward others. It wasn't until recently that I realized that I had a designated purpose in life. I have found that I have the ability to help strengthen, and heal my fellow man's spiritual integrity. "Sub atomic body". I have been trained to do so by my inner light. My inner light consists of knowledge of past life experience, along with the integrity of kindred spirit that have left the physical, and found their home within me.

I have found that healers are a target for certain dark entities. "Beware the Wolf in sheep's attire". If a person comes to you in need of healing, and makes statements like I need some good energy. It is typical for a healer to want to give them that energy immediately, to make them feel better, to heal them. The truth of the matter is, it is up to the individual to heal themselves. It brings to mind the statement, "It is better to teach a man to fish, than to feed him your portion, because then he will always be able to take care of his, or herself".

As I tried to help anyone, I believe that everyone should know, that the nucleus of every atom that makes up their physical anatomy, is a particle of light. The individual atom that encompasses that particle of light, is a very sophisticated mechanism. It naturally magnetically absorbs various frequencies of solar, and cosmic radiations, to maintain its integrity. In the old days this was called, "Manna from Heaven". As these various frequencies passed through the individual biological anatomy, the energies fall incrementally upon the anatomy. You will find that as these energies have passed through the body, the vibration of red, will be manifest in the genital area. Ultraviolet should resonate within the cranium. The heart should resonate to the frequency of green. You can fill in the gaps on your own, there are basically seven of these centers that have evolved into manifestation. In Eastern traditions these are called chakras. In the Holy Bible, these are known as the seven churches of God.

You must understand that God is light. Light has seven visible frequencies. These are the seven spirits of God. In the acronym code that I talk about, these seven spirits have a name. It is the seven letter acronym, "FOUNDER ~ Foundation Of Universe Naturally Develops Employed Reactions", or, "First Order Unifying Naturally Developing Evolutionary Reactions". I have found that I can activate this resource when I, "Pray ~ Politely Request And Yearn". Or when I do, "Meditation ~ Maintain Equanimity Direct Intent Toward A Truth In Our Nature". With the appropriate desire, Founder will manifest to reveal the answers requested. In the form of Angels, visions or intuitive knowingness, or synchronicity in life.

The ideal is to maintain your anatomy to be conducive to the seven spirits of God. There is a seven letter acronym that explains the energies that one would want to maintain. The acronym is, "Destiny". So we want to fulfill our Destiny, by being, "Dependable, Empathetic, Sincere, Truthful, Intelligent, Natural, Yearning". This is every individual's responsibility. Whether they have been damaged by life, or whatever, there must come a time that they made that decision to be responsible for their own well-being. They are the tabernacle of God, and they must be taught to maintain their tabernacle.

What I am getting at is this, if a person is troubled emotionally they must be taught appropriate manners of overcoming their deficit. Even people with physical trauma, should learn how to be responsible for their own pain, and to develop methods of coping.

I have found that there is a certain type of person, that is the victim. They believe it, and they will give you 1 million reasons to believe that it is so. In and of itself, this belief shows proof of immaturity. They would like for you to give them your energies. This is not a cure. They will transmute that energy, and become sicker yet. I know this to be true, because I have been through very traumatic physical and emotional problems, without anyone to help me through. I am not talking about denying compassionate words, and support, I am talking about taking on someone's pain.

It was scientifically proven in 1960s, that people with emotional problems, ranging from bipolar, to murderers, alcohol and addicts, etc., these people were found to have very large increments of dark matter integrated into their DNA. The ideal is this, whether by the food they ate, the environment they were brought up in, or their emotional principles, somehow or another they have developed a system of dark energy. The dark energy that has manifested in their DNA, is the physical construct of a negative system. Also, people who have acquired a physical ailment, will naturally acquire certain elements of dark matter, to develop a system that can harbor the energy, and then to transmute it into something workable. Hydrogen and carbon, are as cement and water.

So what happens now is, as the various radiations, "Manna from Heaven", pass through a system that is violated by these dark energies, it has no good effect. The magnetics of the chakra center will dispel the life-giving energies that it should be receiving. Or, it will transmute the energy, and start feeding the negative system, and develop into cancer.

In the acronym code, these manifestations of dark energy have a number of names that explain it all. One is, "Demon ~ Developed Environmental Matrix Of Negativity". This is what we are born into. This is where we learn negative attributes that violate our spiritual integrity. Another is, "Demon ~ Developed Eaten Manifestations Of Negativity". Obviously, diet is very important. The other is, "Demon ~ Developed Emotional Manifestations Of Negativity". There are seven aspects of this Demon. They are in direct opposition to our, "Destiny". They spell out in the acronym, "Failure ~ Fear, Anxiety, Impatience, Laziness, Uncertainty, Resentment, Envy". The ideal is this, if you house any of these seven Demons in your life, they become a physical matter. They started out as a reactive principle, and then manifest physically. Once these dark energies are integrated into your anatomy, you will, no doubt, begins you have biological failure, and in turn failure in life.

The reason that I am using these codes, is that these codes were developed by God, this is the way God perceives our situation. And these codes were developed to hopefully instigate investigation. Most people that I communicate this message to say that it sounds like a very interesting theory. For me it is, "Truth ~ The Real
Untold Temporal History", and definitely, "Food for thought".

The reason I named this post, "Healer Beware", is because this dark energy that I am talking about, “these Demons”, are a global cancer. If you consider that every nucleus, of every atom in all creation, is interconnected at a foundational level, "quantum energy", then it must also be true that the dark matter that
I am talking about, is also interconnected throughout all creation. This dark energy is connected directly to our source. It is a global cancer, it is interconnected through what is called, "Quantum Entanglement".

As many of you are probably aware, the stuff that we are made of, "An Atom", is composed of protons and neutrons and electrons. It is the protons and neutrons, "Positive and Neutral Charges", that make up the nucleus, "A Particle of Light". It is the electrons, "Negative Charge", that entraps the light element, with up to seven shells of resistance. This obviously correlates with the seven colors of the light spectrum. As I visualize this, science tells me, that if you break down the light spectrum to its finest increment, you find that there are 1000 frequencies of light, a perfect number. Those thousand frequencies have 998 increments of dark matter separating them. On the outer perimeter, dark matter is infinite. I called this, "Quantum Entrapment". As I use the acronym code to understand this better, I find that the acronym for, "Satan, is, Seven Atoms That Absorb Neutrinos". Satan is termed as being, "The God, or gods of air", oxygen is the eighth element in the periodic scale. So oxygen is a frequency carrier for the first seven elements. The first seven atoms on the periodic scale, are also called, "Old Reptile, which is the acronym for, Original Life Design, Reactive Energy Particles That Initiated Life's Evolution". In mythology it is called, "Hydra". These are all aspects, or the reactive principles of" Antimatter is symbolically turned as, "The Antichrist", in the Holy Bible. In other words the principles of antimatter, are in direct opposition to the principles of light, "and light is the foundation of matter". I have done my own experiments, and have proven to my own satisfaction, that the elements that we are composed of, as well as the world around us, has a mind of its own. It brings to mind the statement that, "The best trick the devil ever pulled, was to get everyone to believe that he, or she, does not actually exist". I would like to say that I believe that all evil is no more than a reactive principle in nature, which becomes manifest when allowed. Most people that have a desire, and the ability to heal another individual, have very good spiritual energy. And sometimes their desire to take away someone else's pain, creates a self defeating situation. I have seen in many occasions, where they healer will desire to take away someone's pain, and then they become as a magnet. The next thing you know they have some type of cancer, or their liver comes under attack. They overwhelm their own system trying to transmute someone else's negative energy.

So once again, if someone is in need, be very careful. I will not lay my hands on someone who is sick, with the ideal of taking away their bad energy, or their pain. I have found that if I can teach them to be responsible for their own emotional status, and give them the methods for doing this, then they can have the glory of healing themselves, hand-in-hand with their inner light.

This may sound paranoid, and delusional, but I have found that the dark matter that I am talking about, will compel a healer to take on another person's dark energy. It does this by working on the healers sympathy, etc., so as to make the healer develop a desire, or magnetic attraction, to encompass the afflicted persons energies. And then, that is exactly what happens. The healer now becomes host to the dark energies. I have several friends that do various types of holistic healing, they are all afflicted. I was also heavily afflicted, as I pray and meditate, it came loud and clear, "Healer, heal thyself", and help others to do the same.

On a positive note, I have found that these Demon entity, are no more than reactive principles. It is a dark energy that has obtained life from the light within us. When it senses its demise, it goes into survival mode. And as all living organisms it has a natural tendency to consume energy, the more, the better. I'm going to let this go for now, I'm sure you can fill in the gaps. This is my opinion, please take what you like, and leave the rest. God bless, and good day. Lee