Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stop That Brain! It's Getting Away!

By Reap Paden

I've always been fascinated by my brain, well not just my brain, but any human brain. Its aware of itself and it's in charge of running a machine called the human body yet it has no control of it at the same time. At this point and time it can't even answer questions about itself. Shouldn't your brain know you have a tumor growing and perform the proper bodily function to get rid of it? Shouldn't it be smart enough to quit smoking without resorting to cigarette flavored gum? Wouldn't you think the brain would rule the roost, rule with an iron fist, do everything it could to make sure it survived as long as possible? Well it doesn't work that way and that's one reason why you cant trust it. It's 1.5 kg of lying, incompetent mush but it's all you've got.....

There is a great book called A Brief Tour of Human Consciousness by author Vilayanur S. Ramachandran. You can pick it up for around 7 bucks on amazon. I recommend it highly. After reading it you may find yourself wondering if maybe the paranormal is mistakes and data processed incorrectly by someones brain. People get all uptight whenever I say this but I feel it is true- religious belief  and belief in the paranormal are very similar. Not in what people believe so much as in the way they go about believing it. We want life to be magical in some way, we want those incredible dreams we have while sleeping to have some possibility of coming true. We want to feel like the time we spend scared and alone in this life will lead to something better, a reward for all the terrible thing we put up with while on earth, Whether that reward is heaven or just turning into a glowing sphere, free to travel the universe. As long as there is something more after, then this life can be endured.

I have bad news for you, and this isn't  to be negative but have you gave thought to all the things we used to think were caused by magic or were paranormal but have now been explained with science?  Have you noticed EVERY SINGLE ONE has turned out not to be paranormal. Everything we know, can repeat, and test is caused by nature, natural causes. If you think about it what are the chances that suddenly we are going to jump from science to magic and if we did what kind of screwy impossible universe would we have?

You know why psychics aren't real? Because that would mean the rules of nature apply to them differently. You know why people who claim they see ghosts are either mistaken, crazy, or plain outright liars. Same reason. Would you expect a balloon filled with helium to float when some people held it but not others because they had unique genes?

That's not going to happen either because there are laws. We don't know all the laws yet but we are working on  that through science, not magic. People who claim to have psychic powers have been proven incorrect over and over throughout history. Do you know why people like Chip Coffey won't take any controlled test to prove he has special abilities? Because he knows he won't pass those tests. Do you really think that every single person who says they don't believe in psychics is saying that only because they are jealous?  When people like Chip and others claim  envy is what created the people who dislike or criticize them I laugh out loud. You really must have some ego to know anyone who disagrees with you  is by default incorrect. It must take some serious self love to consider yourself above anyone and everyone who doesn't condone your every act.

Did you know that certain vibrations can cause the fluid in your eye to vibrate too? This can cause you to see forms around you, they are not ghosts. Did you know that sometimes your brain will cause you to hallucinate just once. You may never have it happen to you  again. It can happen when you are in perfect health without any obvious cause. Could that one experience also be the one time you 'saw something' you couldn't explain?

If you are involved in the paranormal do yourself and everyone else a favor, read some books about the brain and what we know it is capable of doing. The progress we have made in understanding the brain and how it processes and sometimes incorrectly processes information have made it all but impossible to prove beyond a doubt that anyone has, will, can, or will ever be able to see ghosts.

Can we say this is an absolute? No we can not, but we also can not put whatever we wish was true in the place of missing information and call it good. You can't do it with god when science says it doesn't know and you cant do it with ghosts when that noise seemed too strange too be caused by wild animals. Imagination is a grand thing when applied in moderation, just use your brain.