Monday, January 21, 2013

BREAKING NEWS! Ryan Buell’s Been Caught with his Pants Down…

… or was that a False Police Report in his Hand?

For all those thinking that we don’t have reporters everyplace, please think again. We catch Ryan Buell and his tool crew up to no good.

We have to share what might be Ryan’s new theme song:

Robert Crook, a lawyer and part-time moderator on the message boards, makes sure Ryan and crew only read and hear what they want to. Mr. Crook is always worshiping Ryan and he tries to spin a story to please his dark master. Yet this lawyer named Crook ultimately fails.

Here he spins a story with the help of Ryan:

But here is the truth:

It has come to our attention that Robert Crook, PRS staff and associate attorney at Bradley & Gmelich, has made posts to PRS social sites indicating the following:

“Recently, a number of people have been contacted by a man posing as a law enforcement officer, seeking any information concerning Ryan [Buell] and PRS.  This claim is bogus.  There is no law enforcement organization seeking information about anyone affiliated with PRS.”

He then further indicates that the individual(s) who have brought this activity to his attention wished to remain “anonymous”.

We cannot corroborate the claim that a man impersonating an officer is contacting individuals within the PRS community at random.  However, we can confirm that Ryan Buell, director of PRS, recently contacted Lakeland, FL police and filed a report, the contents of which the investigating officer found to be inaccurate.  In the course of investigating Mr. Buell’s claims, the officer was told about the refunds issue and decided to open an investigation into that matter.

To aid law enforcement in its efforts, we have prepared and provided to police a list of individuals who voluntarily gave us their names and contact information and expressed that they wished to make statements.  Only those people who have given their names should be contacted by police.

While the investigating officer has, at this time, indicated he feels the claims are primarily civil in nature, he has deferred the matter to the FBI (as the purchases occurred over the internet) for further review.

We have been directed by law enforcement to instruct those seeking a refund to file a report using the complaint center.  Your report should subsequently be routed to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

You also have the option to commence litigation against PRS to seek reimbursement of any monies you may be owed.  We are happy to help with attorney referrals, but we cannot give you legal advice.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at


Additional information has come to our attention which warrants a few corrections/clarifications to our post above.

It is our understanding that Mr. Buell’s complaint to the Lakeland City Police was not looked into further after the officer’s preliminary investigation.  The Polk County Sheriff has initiated a separate investigation in response to customer complaints.  Therefore, our previous statement that it was the officer taking Mr. Buell’s complaint that initiated the investigation as it relates to refunds was inaccurate.  They are actually two separate matters.

The sheriff is aware that tickets were purchased through Eventbrite and may have access to a roaster of individuals who have purchased tickets to PRS events.  Thus, there is some possibility that if you have purchased a ticket to a PRS event in the past, you may wind up being contacted.  Further, as more ticketholders file complaints with the FBI and/or their local police offices, there most likely will be more law enforcement officials investigating the matter and asking questions.  We have no control over how the police may conduct their investigation.  It is always wise to make sure you know who you are talking to.  Getting the officer's name, a work phone number where you can call the officer back, and the office where the officer works out of is prudent.

You are still encouraged to file a complaint through the FBI Cyber Crime Complaint site at website if you are owed money.  As an additional measure, you can follow up with your local police department. Be sure to bring your FBI complaint number with you and give it to your local sheriff when you file your local complaint.  The police are viewing the refund of the ticket price as a potential criminal matter, and only ancillary expenses (travel, lodging, time off from work, etc.) as civil.

We sincerely apologize for the errors contained in our statement above and hope this post helps clarify matters.  
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