Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Issue 39 – Shaking the Fake Para-Celebrities Hornet's Nest

When you expose deceptions, distortions and outright lies made by fake para-celebs and their backscratchers, you might be messing with a hornet's nest as they'll try to sting you. But their stings are so weak they fail to be a deterrent. In fact, like most pests, they're easily pushed aside as we keep right on digging. Due to their frantic acts of deception, we experienced two feeble sting attempts this week. Both failed and have only served to show the motives behind their efforts.

The Devil was Never in Virginia A/K/A Psychics of Little Talent Make Lousy Mental Health Experts

Now that we've exposed the lies behind one of the cases seen in the pilot of a show that was going to be known as Demon Exorcist, those featured have become more desperate. They are apparently working on a book and a documentary about the subject so that they can also profit from the deceptions of the case. We've been told that they hope that Hollywood will call. Looks like they want their own para-reality TV show! Or, due to their "compelling" claims -- a feature film! They've been dogged at every turn by the work of both EYE ON THE PARANORMAL and SCIFAKE. Their desperation reached a new low this week when the team founder/leader, Jackie Tomlin, decided that being a so-called psychic wasn't enough. Nope, Ms. Tomlin is playing the role of a mental health expert. [Now if she really was a psychic she should have known that the effort would fail badly]. She posted this comment on her Facebook page:

"have recieved many emails of people that are "Concerned" about his "sick obsession". Authorities say it is one of a don't worry about him proving anything. Look up a sociapath...he fits the bill. In a nutshell, they are keeping an "eye on the paranormal" lol."

We're not sure what a "sociapath" is …perhaps you mean sociopath? Well, Jackie, let's do that!

We all should open up our DSM [Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders] handbook produced by the American Psychiatric Association. The following link shows the characteristics of a sociopath.

Glibness and Superficial Charm - Not charming and tend to bore people very fast.
Manipulative and Conning - Failed again. I tend to take people at their word. More often I'm the one conned.
Grandiose Sense of Self - 0 for 3. I tend to believe: "Born a nobody, live the life of a nobody and will die a nobody"
Pathological Lying - 0 for 4. As one who exposes the lies of fake para-celebs and so-called psychic mediums …
Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt - 0 for 5. One of the great benefits of studying the path of the Buddha is to always look at what you do and harm no one with your actions .
Shallow Emotions - 0 for 6. Tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve.
Incapacity for Love - 0 for 7. Am taught to love all even those who might hate you.
Need for Stimulation - 0 for 8. Not a thrill-seeking type of person.
Callousness/Lack of Empathy - 0 for 9. Totally opposite. I have empathy for everyone I might encounter.

That should be enough to determine that I'm not a sociopath. Also, one can't accurately diagnose a person online; obviously a person they haven't met. We're left to wonder if Jackie's insufficient mental health professional skills are lacking, and they clearly are, what skills are left that we should also bring into question?

So, the devil wasn't in Virginia. But maybe he was in Massachusetts?!

Waking Up to the Devil A/K/A Waking Up to Another Fake Demon Case Aimed at Making $$$

My hat goes off to the folks over at SCIFAKE for doing a great job on this article:

I posted in the comments section of the "Waking Up to the Devil: A Haunting In Massachusetts" article that sometime in the past, when I was active over on MySpace, Kathy Krongard contacted me concerning her case. I passed, feeling that it wasn't a demonic case—which she had claimed. Shortly after commenting, this was posted on her Facebook page.

"This is for everyone on FB, These people are stalkers and I am suggesting your report them for the maniacs they are. One goes by the screen name "Aanica"  y, and she lives in SC or thats a lie too. Her so called boyfriend  ,and "Kirby Robinson" follows them. THE END"

"A man from California claims I called HIM to help me with my haunting. That is an outright lie, I never heard of him before. This man is KIRBY ROBINSON..Pls report him too.."

Kathy sent me this email:

"You call yourself a professional and then lie about my calling you? I am in the process of exposing you, and your little stalker friends."

Thank you for mentioning this, Kathy. So, let's bring up some facts:

1. I have had no contact with Kathy since 2008 on MySpace.

2. I didn't write the article on Scifake, I simply posted a few comments concerning it.

3. Does it bring into question a person's credibility when they toss around the term stalker? It seems the current fad in the paranormal world is if a faker is being exposed they claim you are stalking them.

4. I never said Kathy called me, I said she contacted me.

5. We are still waiting to be exposed.

We also find it interesting that the same week the book and case is exposed for being less than honest, said book is no longer on sale at Amazon or Lulu [a self-publishing firm or what in the past has been called a vanity publisher].

This was posted on Kathy's Facebook page:

"For those trying to order my book? It will be available on Amazon and LuLu in a week, as there was a change in publishing. Send me an email if you want one expedited as I have a few here at home. Sales were amazing!!!!!"

Amazing is not the term I'd use for a book that was ranked at 2,280,000.

We tried to locate a copy of the book but couldn't. Fear not, once the Eye on the Paranormal settles on something we don't give up the hunt.

Next week an update on our "Waking up to the Devil" investigation and a return to exposing fake demonologists.

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