Friday, September 14, 2012

The Dead Files--When It Is Too Good To Be True...

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

Unlike many other TV shows about investigating the supernatural, I have some respect for Amy Allan and Steve DeSchavi on The Dead Files (clever double entendre). He is a former NYPD homicide detective, so he brings investigative competence to these cases. Steve does not ghost-hunt…he investigates. An acquaintance works closely with someone who knows Amy and vouches for her integrity (he is a Christian but was born with same abilities as her). Amy was born with the ability to see the supernatural realm. Yep, that is pretty incredible, huh? I believe she is being honest in the reporting of her perceptions. They are quite an impressive duo. (Matt, the cleaner, is her husband). I am sure some will disagree with me, but this show is the best in its genre—and for that reason, sadly, it is also the worst. Let me explain. But before I do, let me say this: these TV programs have become so common-place that it is easy to become jaded and overlook what a profound effect they are having on our culture, even if we ourselves possibly dismiss them as hagwash. It is our biblical mandate to be aware of how the spirit of the age is effecting our generation and confront it in love. (see Kirby’s excellent books).

There is the well-known saying, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is”…  unfortunately, it pertains to this show. If you have seen it, then you know Steve and Amy work independently, and come together at the end to reveal and advise the clients. What troubles me is that Amy is amazingly accurate every time…layers of history and specific people/events are corroborated by Steve’s detailed documentation. Their different styles are like mirror opposites.  The producers utilize the technique that flashes back-and-forth between the two; the evidence Steve uncovers is then perfectly mirrored in what Amy sees on her walk-through. For example, the camera shows him uncovering evidence of a father killing himself and his son by running a pipe from the exhaust into the car, in their garage, during the 1960’s. That is immediately followed by a flash of Amy seeing, feeling, and hearing virtually verbatim what Steve had just documented. The result: a very effective deception in making ghosts the only plausible explanation of the facts.

It is stunning to watch, and seemingly irrefutable evidence of the accuracy of her perception of human spirits.. Steve said he had struggled believing in an afterlife due to all the evil he had seen as a homicide detective, but that Amy had given him hope in the afterlife. However, this afterlife is simply contingent upon dying. No judgment or need for religion. Instead of justification by faith alone, it has become justification by death alone—all you have to do is die and you have eternal life. This insidious lie is accelerating millions of dear folks eternal damnation.  Many  are blown away by their incredible collaboration, and find themselves becoming “believers”.  The Morton Report had an interesting interview with the two. Of the 71 comments, only one was negative and the rest were strongly supportive, if not in awe. In other words, this show is extremely persuasive….frightenlngly so. I am astonished at the brilliance of the filthy spirits who choreograph this intricate deception.

 The issue is this:  she is not accurately identifying what she perceives. She herself states on every show that ghosts present themselves the way they want to be perceived. If she believes dead people can do that, then why does she not make the angel of light connection? If Satan, the Prince of Darkness, can become the opposite of what he actually is, then appearing as a deceased human would be a snap. Like everyone else on supernatural TV, she has her own form of demonaphobia. To be accurate, it may not be due to actual fear of demons, but for some reason she rarely fingers demons as the culprits. This shows a terrible blind spot or naiveté’ on her part regarding the abilities of the demonic to deceive even her. But since the bible is not her guide, then her autonomous reason is all she has to fall back on—which leaves her unequipped to identify supernatural evil. Only believers can have the true gift of discernment, which distinguishes between holy and unholy spirits.

For honest seekers of truth, the strength of the show should be seen as it’s Achilles heel…she is always incredibly spot-on regarding a mountain of details. I’ve even heard Amy say that, if a medium is always accurate on all the details, then you have to wonder where they are getting their information. Well said but look in the mirror, Amy! In another interview she admitted that she was scared before each reveal, but is then blown away by the extraordinary correlation between her perceptions and Steve’s evidence….seemingly intimating that this show has been unusually accurate for even her. The problem is that both she and the audience are absolutely sold on the demonic deception due to the amazing validation of a boat load of historical detail….too amazing. Put simply, Amy is too good…too accurate—I have watched every episode and she has NEVER made a mistake. (Satan is counting on folks not making the observation and connection).But God has ORDERED us to become aware of how Satan/demons scheme. The sketches of what she sees are always met with a corresponding snapshot Steve dug up, or the clients recognize the sketch as the apparition they have been seeing. Lest I be misunderstood, Steve is equally under demonic influence—making sure he sees the right article or person and so on. If what he discovers in his investigation does not line up with what the demons are presenting to Amy, then the unholy spirits know Satan will hammer them for botching his deception scheme. On the one hand, they are people with integrity, but on the other hand, there has to be a comprehensive network of demons working in concert to make this show work. It is the only satisfactory answer or explanation of the facts.

We need to keep two things in mind regarding demons: their psychic superiority, and expert knowledge of the past. Regarding the past, the demonic have been here for eons and they have encyclopedic knowledge of the past. If Satan didn’t incorporate historical detail, he would be foolish for squandering a golden opportunity to use their skills. In other words, this kind of deception is precisely what one would expect—given what we know about the demonic. Those who believe in ghosts often don’t even think about these issues….many are too obsessed with finding the historical connection in their own cases to reflect and think outside of their matrix-reality box.

 If demons are real, then who is going to have mastery over the psychic airwaves? The answer to that question has far reaching consequences. They are spiritual beings, so psychic communication is their mother tongue, and they have been practicing it for a long time. It does not matter how talented Amy is, she cannot hold a candle to the feeblest demon when it comes to psychic communication. They are the masters here…she is but an infant. In the supernatural realm they can communicate messages to her which ostensibly come from deceased humans. She is putty in their hands…especially since she seems to barely recognize their existence and nature. Satan knows these shows are key to his strategy, so he slyly guided the whole process of producing this show. The Evil One has a vested interest in ensuring that The Dead Files is simply amazing…and it is. BUT the sovereign Lord is on His throne!