Thursday, April 9, 2015

River Monsters and Darkness

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

Dr. Jeremy Wade is a biologist and extreme fisherman. For thirty years he has searched for fresh water monsters--often trying to unravel deaths associated with some mysterious aquatic entity. It is one of my favorite TV shows!! This man  certainly knows how to fish, and I am sure some of you are avid fisherman, as I am fascinated with peculiar aquatic life.

But the reason I mention this show is because it inadvertently gives fairly regular pictures into indigenous religions.What some would call "traditional religions".There are two simple facts I wish to accent.

First, like many other TV shows, River Monsters [on Animal Planet] gives eloquent testimony to how widespread traditional religions are.Jeremy Wade takes his viewers on a weekly trip across the globe, to some of the most inhospitable places on the planet.The craziest has got to be the Congo River!!

Among other beliefs, Traditional religions are teeming with spirits--non-human jungle spirits, as well as human spirits....a dark and frightening world of spirits that need to be appeased in order to stay alive. The rivers are often feared instead of enjoyed. Here is my main point--there are BILLIONS of humans now alive who embrace some form of traditional religion which is rife with spirits. Did you catch that quantity? There is no way to gauge how many, but spirit/ancestor worship is in virtually every culture/continent in some form or fashion.

Numerous River Monsters episodes give insight into how ubiquitous this belief is.

What our culture is experiencing is simply the default belief system when the biblical God is rejected. Hence, fascination with the paranormal is exploding.

Second, this TV show is also revealing the demonic nature of traditional religions. Next time I hope to elaborate on the specifics of traditional religions, but for now, even a fishing show (albeit extreme) reveals the working of the demonic.

I could cite several examples but let me mention just one. Electric eels are extremely dangerous.....500+ volts. They can kill horses in the river. However, Jeremy Wade heard of a tribe which caught them by hand! Naturally, he was incredulous....until he was introduced to the shaman who said he had the power to protect those in his tribe. Sure enough, one young guy fetched a large electric eel from the river and was holding it in his hands, while the eel was vibrating in an attempt to kill him. He just smiled while it trembled. I know demonic power when I see it, and that was demonic power...being glorified on prime time TV.

Wherever you look, signs and wonders of the worst kind are being manifested. God help us to be discerning even while enjoying His lovely and often wild nature.

God is the Creator of heaven and earth, and all it contains.

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