Sunday, April 15, 2012


By Kirby Robinson

It came to my attention last night that an eBook was published on Amazon and posted [at least parts of it] on a website. This book concerns subjects that in the past I have been very vocal about. But I didn't write the book.

Let me make some points on the matter:

1 I did talk to someone about the subject of the book.

2 I was sent a PDF file, but what I was shown was not the one published.

3 I never gave permission for the extensive excerpts taken from my published work nor for reprinting of blogs from eye on the Paranormal and Shedding Some Light.

4 The person the book is about is a done subject to me--at least when it comes to this blog.

5 I am done with this matter as I'm now focusing on the subjects of cults and lies of the new age and how both are impacting the paranormal field. And I'll focus on cults within the Christian community.

So whoever published that book--you should be willing to take the heat for it.


What Are Shadow Figures?

By Rev. Mark Hunnemann

What are shadow figures? I am going to make this short and to the point, because there is no need to go into details which, to me, are superfluous to the question raised...WHAT are they? My thesis is that all shadow figures are demons.

In the bible, there is a warfare between Light and darkness. This is not a black/white issue, but a dark vs light issue....big difference.Throughout the bible God is seen as perfect light...indeed He is Light--as Jesus proclaimed. His followers are to reflect the Lord's light.In oppossition to the God of Light (moral purity) is the Prince of darkness...Satan and his minions.Darkness is the image of moral impurity and evil, and flees from the light (John 3) Demons are walking darkness, so a shadow figure would be a perfect expression of perfect evil.

Second, God HAD to create the human soul, because an impersonal, physical universe could not give birth to an invisible soul; that would be like water rising above its source...impossible. So...why would God create our souls to appear in such a way that they would frighten everyone, because it appears as a shadow? Does it make any sense that.God would create souls to look like that? I don't think so.

Third, if there is one word that captures the essence of all forms of shadow figures is that they are "furtive".They dart around elusively, from shadow to shadow. The first act of furtive behavior as that of Adam and Eve immediately after they sinned. They slunk around the garden trying to hide from God's holy gaze.If we see our children walking around with a furtive look, we know they have been up to no good! Furtiveness is a universal behavior of creatures who feel morally naked before a holy God, or before fellow humans. Hence, the furtive behavior of shadow figures should give us pause.There is something "wrong" with them, because they have done wrong. They ARE wrong. Pure evil (demons) walks furtively through God's shadow figures.

Fourth, a salient component of the human soul is invisibility. No surgeon has ever seen one; they don't weigh anything despite what some might think.It is assumed that the soul does not change when it leaves the body; it remains invisible.That being the case, then how do we explain their sudden ability to become visible? All these shadow figures are obviously now visible. How did that occur? Who changed a key trait of "soulness" (invisibility), so that the soul becomes visible in homes all across the world? Please don't say God, because it was Him would made the soul invisible in the first place. They are better explained as demons; it avoids this conundrum altogether.

Lastly, there is a maxim that is pretty well accepted as consensus in the paranormal community: as in life, so in death. That is, if a person was a jerk in life, then he will be a jerk ghost. Common sense dicates that there must be a continuity of basic character and personality from life to death. A kind but man should be a kind and extroverted ghost...a godly living woman who sings Jesus's praises all day long, will ostensibly be a ghost who is godly and sings Jesus's praises continually.The problem is that all shadow figures seem to be essentially the same. Is there one EVP that captures a shadow figure praising the person and work of Jesus? I don't think so. Like you, I have heard countless hours of EVP's, and once or twice Jesus was mentioned, but there is no element of rhaphsodic praise of His beauty.

If shadow figures are dead souls, then why is there not a corresponding variety amongst them? But this is precisely what we would expect if they were demons...all of which are pure evil. Ochams razor would indicate that the simplest answer is that shadow figures are demons...all of them.