Saturday, June 16, 2012

Spiritual Beings

By Paul Joao

If you have understanding, hear this; listen to what I say - Job 34:16

Over the years people within the Paranormal and Religion highly debate that demons and spirits are different energy beings as such a spirit is a person that once lived on earth and its trapped in a paradox level just like ours in the living. However, demons are a different topic most of the religion would say that it is a negative energy, which prays on people’s fear. Just like the verse above mentions in Job, is a great verse to being a paper, such as looking back during my years of understanding this topic, that people may be misinformed when people have not seen Spiritual beings in the first place. In my option alone, are Demons and Spirits are the same? If so, what are they in terms of how people view the material within the paranormal and the religion?

In this paper, the topic will be view into several parts as at attempts to be better understand in a general study. One of the first things that people should know is in the paranormal and religion has made great attempts to capture spiritual beings. As such, people have often recorded spirit like forms in many times though evp, photo and video. These basic three media deceives had more luck with spirits than demons. Often people  have understand the content and regard demons as a myth and many people in the paranormal mostly scientific  communities often referred spiritual beings as a energy forms that comes and goes with our world. They often disregard what people in the religious communities’ belief, at times cause a debate, and at time booth communities come together once their options were respect.  Which will bring this to the deeper understanding interims of spiritual beings?

One aspect that a person should understand is what spirits are; logistic answer is dead people who live on another plane of exists. The problem is people that believe in an afterlife and what to know more. In the Bible from the Christian background, a person who has chosen a life with Jesus would live in heaven, and the unsaved would stay in hell. That is mostly likely the answer however, in a religion point of view due to a term that is call exclusive theology. There is nothing wrong with it, and it is an open and closed subject for any matter. Therefore, why people transfixed on the subject is, is it because of conduct in national television with shows like Paranormal investigators who sometimes claim a spiritual being in the clients or a historic building. That sparks people interest to making a group that what to claim a presence as well.  Even in terms of documentations of these spiritual beings is sometimes making these Spiritual beings realist and sometimes movies that show a spiritual being that look like a person that lived, and makes people think it can be a realist thing. What is it then, in short if a child that appeared to a person what does the living person do. As something simple as these, people would categories many points of view such as, it is a demon, someone imagine, it is a deceased person, and more. It is a great topic to study from a research point, because watching how people say what the spiritual being is. For many people who have research the spiritual being tends not believing, in demons, not to say that they will not respect it.

The second aspect is demons, from a Christian point of view is a fallen angel placed on earth to do Satan work on deceiving the world.  Than it would make a strong case but from viewing many others such as the scientific belief that  it’s just to scare people and at times many people would agree that it would be proper to call it, “negative spirit being” the idea is that it does not sound like a religious term. Due to the religious, view those demons people in the communities often do not realize that they are talking about the same content.  In fact, most people think they can speak to the demons in the first place, which people have learned from time to time that demons do not respond to them as they thought it would be.  This causes people to respect the seriousness of how to deal with authority, which leads to people who have the knowledge and wisdom and a gift of discernment, mostly have a strong Biblical understanding. Who are these people?, Pastors or a Biblical speaking person that deals with the preternatural background such as the occults or a working knowledge what to look for with a creditably approved by those who been in the field . When a case when a demon is claimed to be at the home a person that is mentioned above is called and comes to the person’s home and help them, to double check to make sure that it’s a demon that is there or not. It would be that person authority to decide at times if there is a demon or a spiritual being what to do with it.

Of course, the natural thing is calling on Jesus to help them as simple as it sounds from a Christian aspect, the thing to look for is closing a vortex that allows beings into enter our world, however in the other religions like New age / occult would perform a ritual to remove the being from the property. Even when the scifientic person would disregard as it nonsense and it is in the person mind, for a medical doctor to evacuate the person.   As people debate on what to do with these spiritual beings on what are a demon and a spirit? One thing is clear, as people options becomes more highly debated the final word is found in the bible in the first book Timothy chapter four beginning  in verse one, though sixteen as it should a rule that people should take with them when discussing topics of this nature.  Therefore, if we asked what are spirits and demons and if they are in the same category from a Christian Background, a person would remember this verse. As it says, “Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world” 1 John 4:1.