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Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Teachings of Dalai Lama

The teachings of Dalai Lama can guide entrepreneurs in their ventures and help them draw some vital, effective, practical and profound lessons. This is an abridged list.

Responsible business aims at helping people expand their abilities. We usually live for the promise of a good future by selling history. Keeping the basic precepts listed below can aid on the path to reaching the promise of the future while dealing with the most certain uncertainties on the way.

Love what you do, and do it the whole way

This will bring out the best in a venture. To attain the best it is worth the risk to base your work on love and passion. Every venture has different things it will need at different points in its journey. Loving the crucial elements during a particular phase is most important. Even if you do not love them, pretending to love them for a bigger vision will make it easier. Passion and love have a way to get through.

Sacrifice is nobility at its best

Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get what you want. What this literally translates into is this; organic growth is better than shortcuts. Delayed gratification and sacrifice often lead to better and more meaningful results. In an entrepreneurs world, after the venture is afloat, if something is worth anything, it will be worth nothing less with time. Overtime, even the most volatile stocks and assets appreciate in value. Remember, that the best relationships are ones in which the core values behind a relationship exceeds individual needs for each other. Sacrifice is indeed nobility at its best.

When you lose, don’t lose the lesson

Adapt, evolve, pivot, scale. Learn the lessons. And don’t repeat the same mistake over and over again. One often repeats the same mistakes if ones emotional life is confined to the space between ones ears. Get over the ego trip and learn. When you realize you’ve made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it. Not getting what one wants is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck. Learn the lessons, get the experience, wise-up and move on.

Learn the rules so you know how to most effectively use them

This applies to all aspects of a venture. Build your capabilities from ground up and gain a level of competence and effectiveness before moving to something new. Hire the best from among those who gel with your vision for the venture.

Don’t let a little dispute injure a great relationship

The grand illusion of one’s self and immortality often does more harm than good. Nothing is worth more than keeping good friends, team members, advisors and customers. Time changes constantly. No point in holding on to the past. Learn to see over and beyond little squabbles and benefits. A loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation for your life. Love your loved ones. In disagreements with loved ones, deal only with the current situation. Don’t bring up the past. Nurture relationships and build bridges. Become an enabler.

Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values

One way for an entrepreneur to recognize her value systems is to explore uninhibited by failure and fallouts. Read tons. Seek guidance from folks whose accomplishments and values you admire. Follow inspirational people and events. Create a theme of leadership in your head and water it constantly with reading and leadership reinforcements.  Live a good, honorable life. So that when you look back to your life from the future, you’ll be able to enjoy it a second time. Build your life and venture around some core values and beliefs. Let your work and life stand for something bigger and more meaningful.

Follow the three Rs:

Respect yourself: the values and the ideals that drive you. These will reflect on the venture.

Respect others: The golden principle is “Do unto others as you would have them do to you”. Entrepreneurs need to keep this precept very close to their hearts.

Be responsible for all your actions in all aspects of your venture at all stages of the venture.

Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer

Entrepreneurship is fueled by an expression of your passion. The venture is a vehicle that helps entrepreneurs express. But expression in work and attitude is more important than expression in words. Create a small place in your life where you meet and question yourself often. Then as the next step, connect with the larger life by being silent atleast for five minutes a day. Meditate to bring down the neural activity and calm the frequency distribution of your brain. Spend some time alone every day. Silence is the most elegant form of expression. Give your nervous system, neurons and physiological system a break. As often as possible, go someplace you’ve never been before. Serendipity often comes knocking when least expected and in unfamiliar places.

Share your knowledge

Happy venturing!!

By Bhringu Pankaj Prashar
Forbes magazine, http://www.forbes.com/sites/bhrigupankajprashar/2012/07/05/lessons-entrepreneurs-can-learn-from-teachings-of-dalai-lama/

Sunday, July 29, 2012


By Paula Sevenfold

 *Warnings Of False Holy Spirit *


















Saturday, July 28, 2012

Whom Do We Call?

By Paul Joao

I will raise up for myself a faithful priest, who will do according to what is in my heart and mind. I will firmly establish his priestly house, and they will minister before my anointed one always.
1 Samuel 2:35

In a recent episode on the Paranormal State, where Ryan Buell and his team came into a client home and understood that there was a demonic activity their where he calls on Jesus for help to remove the demon from the home. Which creates a problematic problem for those who do not understand the rules of authority of Jesus and calling on His name would not understand the imcaptions of this view. At the same time the verse above, one Samuel 2:35 implies that people who are a faithful priest and an anointed person will stand firm with God and His people. On the same level, in the field of the paranormal people who need help in the house cleaning or remove demonic sometimes who are not train nor have the understanding of the matter will sometimes resort to themselves to do the task. Even at times paranormal celebrities will use a term, provoke or claim over implies a person that has authority of a high power just as if those who believe in Jesus Christ who has the authority over demons at the same time how a person do. That is not a Christian or does not believe in Christianity believe that they the authority of demons. Which raises questions how do a person tell the public the rules and the Biblical application of the use of provocation?  Which in this paper will demonstrate some of the Biblical verses that apply to this topic?  

In order to begin, Mark 1:23-26 is famous passage that demonstrates this view, how Jesus was able to remove a demon from a person or told a demon to leave the place. Much like in the paranormal field when investigators will bring a priest to remove the demon and if the priest is not well trained or does not believe in demons what does a person do? Over the years, people had to rely on demonologists for help when the answer is located in the Bible. That is faith to believe in and it comes when a person has receives Jesus as their savior but it does not end there. This not magic wand grants people some special authority. It comes from learning the Bible being devote in Bible studies, one area that would be great is doing a Bible study during an investigation, just to see what happens. In any case, a person should have faith to believe in, which is the next topic. 

Faith what is it, Mathew 17:14-20 demonstrates this as Jesus apostles could not do the work of God because they did not believe. The reason is people who do this line of work or a calling from God. At times if they are not train, they end like Paul and the slave girl that is located in chapter 16: beginning at verses 16-21. When Paul did what was right and people who use this line of work for fame will not see the benefit because in, Acts 22-28 when Paul and Silas were in jail they sang and rejoicing  and suddenly earthquake shock the prison opening their cells and unbinding them from their chains. When the prison jailer was surprised and he seen, what power of faith comes when a person believes in the power of Jesus Christ? Much like in the Paranormal when the client feels like they are not in prison due to the demon that traps the person from getting help, that authority alone is when people are conceived that its they are dealing with the only one authority. However, not all people believe that and there is the last topic that deals with it. 

That is how to tell people which authority to use that is located in the book of the Bible, Matthew 12:25-27 where Jesus mentions how Satan cannot command Satan it does not work. In the field of the Paranormal, where people in a “not of” view of Christianity often tell demons to flee and they leave for a short time but often they come back making matters worse for the family. It might not show up for a awhile but cases where people have to come back to a location and deal with problem number of times, may consider trying calling on Jesus for help. On the other hand, the use of cleansing techniques like sage or others that will not do the same effect will make the cleansing or the use of the same method as calling on Jesus. In the end, if the person did not know Jesus what do they do then. A problem is in the paranormal field, when people will use it, calling on Jesus. As this reminds people what could happen if they only believe in.

What does all mean, when a person reads the book of John chapter five starting at verse five, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” We should look past dealing with darkness or the practices of it and look for Light or the Holy Power that comes from Jesus as we embraces the Biblical Truths that allows a person to become a holy person of God. That has the authority because they have the faith as Jesus to win a soul for the kingdom of God.

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Great Evangelical Disaster...Silence

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”  – Edmund Burke

“The only thing more dangerous than the spoken word is silence.”    – Anonymous

Some of you are familiar with the famous words of Burke – I counted a dozen different versions of them online! To be frank, I have always found them to be haunting.  Occasionally I wonder if there is some great evil in our midst which I am either unaware of or too fearful to speak out about.  Each generation of Christians is responsible before the Lord to detect and confront the evils of their own generation...I would recommend The Great Evangelical Disaster, by Dr. Francis Schaeffer, for an excellent, sobering discussion of this topic.  If I could, I would make it required reading for every Bible-believing pastor, but it is equally important for non-pastors. It is not often I recommend a book on here, but this is critical.

When you combine these two profound sayings (which I believe they are), then the common notion of how a culture unravels, well – unravels. It does not take everyone becoming personally very evil, as in the days of Noah (the lone exception), for evil to triumph and society to implode. The U.S. today still has tens of millions of morally decent and godly people, but still it is rapidly declining morally and spiritually.  Why?  Please note that “doing nothing” and “silence” are passive sins of omission. They don’t have the look and feel of sins of commission. Did we not learn anything from the churches during the Nazi regime? Of course they were not massacring the millions themselves, BUT MOST WERE SILENT regarding a holocaust they knew was happening.  Hence (and this is key) they accommodated the evil and allowed it to grow. If Christians had been doers of the word (James) then Hitler never would have come to power.  But like so many, the wallet was the ultimate criterion of determining who they voted for.  They, like we, lacked a Christian mind.  We don’t think with a Biblical worldview.  Hitler showed the danger of the spoken word, but German pastors revealed how silence is even more dangerous..

Since a great number of good people are doing nothing and remaining silent, then a great evil is triumphing in our culture.  In fact, it has turned into a global spiritual pandemic, but most pastors are not saying a word about it.  I am referring to the juggernaut known as spiritism or the belief in – and contact with – the dead.  If we don’t see this as a great evil then we simply don’t understand the Bible or reality.  Ghosts are either real or we are being demonically deceived on an unprecedented scale.  Once a person grasps the enormous scope of the deception, as well as the eternal and temporally significant ramifications of it, then it would be morally monstrous to be silent about it. Suppose you had the cure for a pandemic that was worse than the Black Plague, but most people ridiculed the notion of there even being a plague: what should you do?  Despite the criticism and being branded “negative” (horror of horrors today), silence simply would not be an option.  You would have a moral obligation before God to try to save as many lives as possible and educate people.  Today we are facing one of the worst spiritual pandemics in history.  That is precisely the passion that drove the writing of  Seeing Ghosts through God’s Eyes; to educate and equip folks to grasp the horror of great darkness that has befallen us.  I plead with you to winsomely discuss this with your pastor.  They are the key – please don’t let us repeat the failure of silence displayed by the German pastors and church during Hitler’s reign of terror.  In addition, there are opportunities that naturally arise for us to share with others regarding this pandemic. Please….do and say, do and say – or our grandchildren will be living in a howling wasteland due to OUR passivity.       


Thursday, July 26, 2012


By Demonologist/Reverend J. Andrade

Will someone please stop the INSANITY!! You ask for an opinion on a piece of evidence say like a photo, I give you my honest opinion on said photo, and it’s not the answer you want to hear, and then argue about it, then don’t come to me with it. It’s an orb..YAY!! You got either a photo of; dust, bug, moisture, shmuckus on your lens, or faulty equipment. I say tomato. You say tamatoe. It’s not evidence. If it has a swirly nucleus that makes a face of an Indian in it, stop what you are doing, discontinue your medication, and call your physician. Most orbs can be taken care of, when you or the client use Pledge furniture polish.

It’s called matrixing folks and it happens when you look at evidence like, orbs, smoke, darkness and mist as well, you’re in an area that’s freezing cold, temperature drops, someone’s smoking. Holy Mary Immaculate Mother of God look at all the apparitions!! Seriously, hold your breath next time, or wait till the proper time for smoke breaks, or just leave the area all together, back away slowly, go home, hang up your KII, and look for a new hobby like scrapbooking, basket weaving or cat collecting.

Now an orb you see with the naked eye, or has an intelligence, mist, smoke that can’t be explained. All the variables have been debunked, eradicated, and nullified. Then you can say paranormal. Use your commonsense, be aware of your environment and pay attention to where members are at all times. This will prevent 99.9% of false evidence and contamination.

“But, look at this photo it’s a bride mourning over a tombstone” (bashing head on his desk) It’s an illusion from the trees and two tombstones that make that apparition. Yeah, I can go .outside look up into the sky, make bunnies and unicorns out of clouds too. Don’t get me wrong, there have been incidences of intriguing and mysterious evidence, which made my jaw drop. Unfortunately these are not the case. Not going to cuddle you and be so moved no matter how many arrows and circles that point into the vast emptiness of a void called the nothing. As in, there is NOTHING there!! Where and what am I even looking at people??!! You have a better chance, casting magic missiles into that darkness, and then just maybe bring something to light, but wait: must have banged my head too hard; this is not Dungeons & Dragons, nor am I a Dungeon Master. (Well, it has been years).

Listen, my point is this, asking an opinion is one thing, but expecting to lie to you, just to make you happy. I’m not that kind of friend and colleague. A true friend and colleague will want you to be educated, to succeed, to flourish, and gain the proper knowledge. I’m blunt, don’t sugarcoat, bite my tongue at times, stay quiet, keeping it to myself, and hate hurting people’s feelings, but when the obvious is in front of your face, I need to snap you back into reality not fantasy. So don’t point your crooked finger at me saying you’re an a$$, just stick that finger up your darkness after you take your head out of your void called, The Nothing.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Issue 81 Ghost Adventures & the Galka Case, Part 3

 By Kirby Robinson

Gary Galka begins talking about "after death communication" as though it's a proven fact. This isn't the case at all. What he states as being regular events are not regular at all. [Zak and his team fail to bring up the issue that it might be the family's collective conscious guilt for removing the child from life support.] All this is probably responsible for the events within the home. If it's a case of demonic activity, the demon would want to get their attention quickly.

Two notes:

- Cynthia, the mother, states that on holidays and when good things happen, the daughter shows up. However, the mother doesn't say anything about the spirit appearing during bad/troubled times.

- The parents state that once a ball of energy shows up in the house and they claim it was their daughter. Why manifest as a ball of energy and not Melissa? Also, note that neither parent uses the term soul or spirit.

The staged shots that show her watching the home are very interesting as this is how a demon lurks by standing outside the home watching it and all things around it. It's like it's guarding its prey.

Gary shares an EVP, collected by a device that he builds and sells. Zak mentions this to the audience. Is that done in hopes that grieving parents will run out and buy it?

"Hello Daddy, I love you!" is the alleged EVP. Yet no one has proven that the ghost box, no matter what form, even works. Personally, we tested one of the early Frank's Box models [back in 2008] that Chris Moon had. Chris claimed that only 25 people in the world could operate one. After a week of 24/7 testing, we got nothing from our repeated questions and answers. In one case a demon did speak to me through one, but since then, having encounters with the same demon, have gotten nothing through it. Further proof would be if experts outside of the paranormal field matched up the EVP voice to her voice. [Notice how hard Zak tries to sell her voice on the EVP].

Cynthia has an encounter with her daughter while in her car. The radio went out and when she got it to play again, Melissa's favorite song came on. Since the song was very popular to begin with, performed by one of the top country acts, how is this paranormal? It's called coincidence. [If the song came from the 1940s, performed by an unknown/little known act, then that might be something]. A troubling thing happens when she claims she reaches out to the demon and asks it to hold her hand. That is a direct invitation for the demon to come in.

We are shown a fake image of the child watching Zak and her mom at the memorial…always watching. Why? Because that's how a demon monitors situations. Also, note the phrase on the memorial contradicts Christian teaching. It says we only have today and not forever. This is false.

We are told during a scene with Zak and his team in a van, that Gary has never seen her since passing over. This would be one of the seductions by the demon towards Gary, as his ultimate goal is to see and hold his daughter. This will happen at some point. Alas, it won't be his daughter he holds, but a demon.

The show then takes us to the factory owned and operated by Gary. This appears to be a commercial for his business.

A scene more than likely a continuation of the earlier scene, shows Zak and his team being called by Gary about one more EVP. The demon is eager to show itself. The EVP consists of "Hello." Is that all the demon is capable of saying? Now back up to the first EVP. Does that sound like the same voice? Gary says she is fully aware of what is taking place, which would be true. The demon is about to give us a show and further seduce the family, slowly dragging all the Galkas' to hell.

Zak tells us that this is going to change the face of the paranormal change how we view death and the passing of our loved ones it is called a “hard sell’ the only thing it changes at least for the ones that know gods law that the demon is trying to convince others to buy into the lies of Gary and Zak.

Zak shows the viewers a major failure when it comes to spiritual warfare and a very useful tool to call into question all his claims of confronting the demonic. We see the church service in which Zak is blessed for full protection. This is a mistake, as everyone in that house should have had it done.  He did not show us the signs that this service was legitimate. [Much like Paranormal State's "I Am Six" case that featured Ryan Buell entering a State of Grace in a matter of minutes, the same is true here. Putting on the full Armor of God is not done in one service and requires several steps that EVERYONE on the team and in the family must do]. All that happens here is giving a false legitimacy to the investigation. The demon[s] have the family's full blessing for being in the house.

What follows next is a complete copy of the fakery of Paranormal State. We see the crew setting up equipment [that doesn't do what the viewer is told it does], and we then have power going off on some of the things that have been set up.

Suddenly the batteries on Zak's team's equipment begin to fail. Will it be labeled as battery failure? Nope, never on a paranormal reality show. Melissa is doing this, says Gary, who claims he has been asking Melissa to do this all day.

- This would be great proof if Gary had told the team he was doing this. Yet it's only said after the battery failed. [Note the lack of expression on everyone's faces – this was this a setup].

- If we go with the demonic explanation, this would be a wonderful tool to further allow the demons into Gary's life, and the lives of others affiliated with this episode.

The EVP of "he is my friend" isn't nearly as clear as the two earlier ones. [Those who weren't primed to hear "he is my friend" couldn't agree on what the voice said]. Note the sister is sitting there and is seen texting while everyone else is so excited.

There is a series of EVP's of what we are told is singing and whistling but no one wants to attribute it to Melissa. So who is singing and whistling?

- One of the things I've often encountered when dealing with demons in a home environment, especially since all the deceptive stories and claims concerning EVP's, is that the demon will do this as a way to seduce people. "How can a spirit that is singing or whistling possess any kind of threat?"

- It's also possible that they might have picked up on the presence of angels in the home. It doesn't matter if Gary and family are saved or not, angels will battle demons anyplace they encounter them. Notice that once the voice returns, does it say love mom or dad? No it says ‘"they are gone." Those not primed to hear this claim the voice is saying "Dear God."

- We should also note that the voice doesn't say love mom or mention names of other family members. It's all about relating to Gary.

They never test the spirit and ask it about who is Jesus Christ? What about heaven or hell? They never give it the simplest test of writing down a number on a piece of paper and asking for a correct answer.

In addition, the mother doesn't seem all that thrilled. Is she doing this because she has to? Or is she doing this because she wants to?

Next week we'll finish the Galka Case and take a look at Gary's appearance on David Schrader's show where the deceptions continued to escalate. Part 4 of the Galka case.

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Conspiracy Atheist

By Reap Paden

In my opinion atheists tend to be a bit more stuck-up. They seem to think they have a better grasp on reality. They often will belittle others, even those who think like them for what seems to be no other reason than "just because they can". An atheist will correct your grammar or argue over correct word use for 3 days. Atheists also tend to think they are above all the things silly religious believers are known for, this isn't always the case. There are many more conspiracy theorists than a person would expect from a group who is so loyal to reality. I'm not saying the number is large all I'm saying is it seems to me the number is larger than it should be. 9/11 truthers who think the one thing good ol' George pulled off without f**king it up was the attack on the world trade centers. I mean come on the guy was incredibly inept there is no way he could have pulled it off without making it obvious. Life is far too unfaithful to us, especially our best well laid out plans. I suppose this could be a one time deal. The one time something went flawlessly for George, but I seriously doubt it. Add in the way people can't keep their damn mouth shut about anything and the odds get worse. How about Bigfoot? How can anyone really expect that Bigfoot is an actual creature lurking in the backwoods, hiding from mankind all these years? Bigfoot has been eluding mankind's devices and eyes with incredible stealth abilities? I doubt it.  First off Bigfoot would have to be more than one creature or it would have to posses superhuman abilities. If it was only one creature it would have died of old age by now or fell victim to an accident, hunger, or disease. It's not as if Bigfoot has medical coverage and gets it's flu shot every season at Walgreen's. Who goes this many years without a cold or any type of medical care, let alone and accident. I don't care how agile you are everybody trips once and a while, and everybody has accidents.

So Bigfoot would have to be impervious to any of those things and also be able to elude our technology. Keep in mind Bigfoot also does not have a subscription to the local newspaper of scientific journals. That would mean he would have to be able to know exactly what type of technology he was avoiding. Is Bigfoot aware of thermal imaging or motion detection? I doubt it. So unless you want to say a creature with abilities far beyond any human has is wondering around in the forest for generations for some reason unknown to us then  the other explanation would be...There is a 'tribe'. If Bigfoot was not like superman then nature would have taken it's toll and the star of that footage shot years ago would be dead, unless he has kids to carry on. There have not been any claims of Bigfoot children sightings that I'm aware of but I could be wrong. The problem with the tribe theory is- How the hell do you hide an entire tribe of Bigfoot? You can't. There is no way a whole tribe of self sustaining Bigfoot are living in the wilderness undetected. Like I said they would not even be aware of our methods for finding them so they wouldn't know what to hide from. Should they hide their heat signatures? Should they stop moving? And for the tribe to continue they would have children and this is the clincher. There is no way a teenage Bigfoot isn't gonna run off and try to catch a Justin Bieber concert and blow the whole thing wide open. If anyone has another idea as to how there could be the existence of Bigfoot then I'd be happy to consider it.

It seems to me after talking to many different atheists that most of us have our own little 'fantasy belief' of some type. We may think that aliens are watching us, waiting for the right time to drag us into the mother ship and stick things in us to see what kind of sounds we make. I'm no expert in alien technology but in order to travel the space between us and any other intelligent life you would need to have some incredible technology. Not only would you need to have the technology but you would have to have mastered it. When we went to the moon we didn't send a ship that was equipped with a battalion of researchers and scientists. We sent a small capsule with a few guys and crossed our fingers. So when you think aliens are sending huge ships big enough to do research in then you are talking some serious abilities to pretty much do anything you like wherever you like except in a black hole maybe.

I do not like needles at all, in fact anything that enters my body and isn't food or drink has to go through a rigorous process that involves background checks and history checks and quality control checks and several other levels of testing before it can even be considered. Call me an optimist but I like to think as technology progresses medical doctors will not need to stick things into, up, or inside people very often except when they are replacing that worn out heart with a brand new one made from stem cells. So why would aliens who can travel the vastness of space in huge ships have a need to take humans and poke them with stuff. why would they need to insert beacons that tell them where you are? Don't they have facial recognition software and GPS? It just doesn't make sense.

So I admit atheists are not perfect, but no one is, so what? Even the conspiracy atheists aren't letting aliens try and dictate our abortion laws or make us teach Bigfootism  in our schools . Besides we all need an escape from reality, it's just too...real.

Monday, July 23, 2012

How Bottom Feeders Are Feasting Off of Ryan Buell

By Reporter X

It is late in the day, I should haul my tired old body off to bed, as the start of a new day is dawning, but there are things I must address.

I am happy to return to where my internet journey began. What took place at that other site will be a matter for a future blog, but we are happy to back here. We take great pleasure in noting that those who attacked me and my staff with claims that we lied and had our facts wrong are now gone. A house built on lies will surely fall and they all went away.

What to focus on now? We do have further reports about the validity of the Jennifer Arnold case. We have a growing file on G.O.N.E.R.S. (Ghosts of New England Research Society), concerning faking evidence. We have a pile of cases from both men and woman who have had contact with many of the well-known demonologists and they claim to have suffered unwanted sexual contact from these alleged demonologists. We also have numerous questions from people inside and outside of the paranormal community concerning what is going on with Mr. Ryan D. Buell.

I have run into Mr. Buell many times over the past few years, both while his show was in production and afterwards. (Towards the end of the fourth season, he even made an effort to have me do a guest appearance, which I turned down). I have always found him to be pleasant and kind. In fact, he reminded me of writer/director Quentin Tarantino, whom I had a few drinks with after he won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival for Pulp Fiction. Quentin was trying to please everyone and himself at the same time (which cannot be done and if he had not realized that he would not have the success he is now having).

I am not going to address the issues related to the problems of Paranormal State, as others have done that. (Read Mr. Robinson's two books on that subject). What I will do is ask some questions that seem to be on peoples' minds. I think the public deserves answers to them.

People have asked:

1 Do you think he is telling the truth? Is he really sick?

There have been cases of people faking cancer within the paranormal community; the most notable is that of Donna Lacroix. Google her name along with faking cancer. You might recall that she was a smalltime player with Ghost Hunters, and she went on the Ghost Divas and claimed that Ghost Hunters faked things. Later, when she tried to get on other parareality shows, she encountered nothing but those proverbial doors slammed in her face. She then tried to backtrack and went to war with many paracelebrities.

I personally would say I do not think Ryan is faking his illness.

2 What is his illness?


3 What type of cancer?

We can only guess, as this was posted on the PRS website:

I was wondering if we could do something special for him on Sunday, July 8th. The purple ribbon is the color of pancreatic cancer awareness. So I made this graphic in two variations which I ask if you guys could use in any way, shape or form. Or get creative, wear something purple and take a photo and send it to to him. What's that? You say you have a pet and a bucket of purple paint? What a perfect combination!*

No official word has ever been given about his cancer so we must guess that this is the public admission (or leak) that has been kicked about on many websites and Facebook pages.

Pancreatic cancer is very serious. Here is a link that gives you all the details concerning that type of cancer and its treatment:

4 Is Sergey upset about this being leaked to the public?

Yes, we have seen some heated posts from Sergey on this matter. If you go to his Facebook page, you will notice a photo of Mr. Buell looking very thin and frail with the word cancer looming above it and a slogan about soldiering on.

Now match this up with his request to honor pancreatic cancer and ask how is that a leak?

5 If Ryan Buell knew he was sick then why did he announce having a spiritual retreat in August?

This retreat has been very heavily promoted, and has struck me as odd. Having attended a number of these events as a participant, as well as teacher, the activities listed are not events associated with spiritual retreats. Spiritual retreats generally focus on prayer and meditation. But here, we see:

~ Open bar

~ Game room

~ Night-Time Scary Story Boat Ride

~ Horror films

And, it's only a 72-hour weekend retreat.

Here is an example of what will occur at a weekend Christian retreat: http://www.ehope.org/christian-retreat-weekends

The only reference to a spiritual retreat is some kind of guided meditation. (I know of no one in PRS who has the training to conduct a meditation of any kind). If a person does not know the subject well, people can open themselves to demonic influences.

6 Has anyone from PRS commented on Ryan's illness?

That has also been troubling us. If we only look at the major players in the organization, it was total silence until the night of July 19. (More on that later).

Chip Coffey - His Facebook page features self-promotional posts and no comment on Ryan's illness until an appearance on Dave Schrader's radio show opened up for him.

Sergey - Nothing outside of the cancer poster, and the odd post from the other day.

Eilfie Music - Only the cancer poster.

Chad Calek - Nothing but a few personal posts and photos of him and Ryan.

On the other hand, over at the Eye on the Paranormal, which broke the story, they asked for prayers of healing.

We heard Ryan and Chad were both upset that people were talking about his illness. But now the posts are gone.

One of my assistants caught them before their removal. We will share them minus any commentary.

First, you will see Ryan's Tweets (read from the bottom up).

Everyone is acting bizarre around me. Please, either treat me normal or leave me be. It's too much. Goodbye for now.

I'm going to go dark for a bit. Its too weird. b/c I wish you could experience the weirdness on my end. The looks, the "funeral" e-mails..

And please stop acting as if I'm already dead. Please stop. My family sees this stuff. Our lives are already altered. Please stop.

I wish I didn't have it. But everyone needs to chill out. Because you are making me weak. Berating my friend cause he didn't tweet? WTF?

He doesn't need to comment to the world. I didn't want ANYONE to know. He kept it a secret for a months. I wish no one knew.

Dear fans, I saw tweets berating @AGHChad b/c he didn't comment on my illness... is it your f***ing business? He's my friend.

Chad's posts (Read from bottom up).

Ry's good. He'll always be good. To those who respected my silence and Ry's decisions to discuss this in a fashion he sees fit... thank you.

This is all I have to say on this. Please respect that and do not ask me questions about Ry's health. The universal answer will be this...

fullest.. which means I'm NOT going to allow my friend to become his disease. Life is here now. That is the only thing that matters.

normal s*** about how's he going to be president one day, how PRS will rule the world, etc. LOL!!! I'm going to smile and live life to the

more moments or fear or tears to cancer. Ry is not dying of anything. He's living with something. And as long as he's upright & talkin' his

more moments or fear or tears to cancer. Ry is not dying of anything. He's living with something. And as long as he's upright & talkin' his

I just lost my mother and low to cancer two years ago, and it's like a bad nightmare coming alive again now. So I'm not going to give any...

So what do I think of the news? I think it's unfair, horrible and I'm pissed the f*** off at God about every second of this shit.

of my life with Ry. I've lived moments that I've dreamt about & have seen a side of life most never will... and Ry was with me every step.

Please understand this. I don't know "Ryan from TV". I know Ryan. I've fought, laughed, cried and lived some of the worst and best moments

For those of you who have watched Ry on TV and feel a connection with him to the degree that this news stuns & hurts you at the same time...

privacy... and my emotions as well. But I've recently learned that everyone now knows that my good friend does in fact have Cancer.

speak on his condition, his thoughts, his hopes and how he go about living with his unfortunate diagnosis. I was simply protecting his

I also did not feel as though it was something that should be public unless Ryan chose for it to be public, as he is the one who should

world... and there are things in life that you hold close because you need them to simply keep it together. I owe nobody my thoughts but Ry.

I feel as though everything thing on planet earth should be on display for the public to see. There are things that you give away to the...

To those that feel the same, understand that while I enjoy the public light and do a lot of work in the public eye, that does not mean that

I've also been criticized by a few people on Facebook for being around me recently, discussing Ryan and not bringing Ry's sickness up.

I've received a few pissed off pm's today, both eluding that I'm "heartless" for not publicly commenting on @ryan_buell's medical diagnosis.

This produced a long response from Ryan or someone working for Ryan (as we have noticed for some time, someone is posting as Ryan but their writing styles do not match).

Dear friends, PLEASE READ. Ryan has decided to take a very overdue personal time off from the online world to focus on treatment, a book deadline and some good old time off. You know he is always working. But don't worry, this page will be filled with updates on Ryan's well-being. But he will be offline for a while. A small staff is taking over, and this may be a blessing in disguise because now we can take the time to show you more of Ryan. We can confirm that Ryan and... PRS are officially relocating to Raleigh, North Carolina. We spent some time looking at a few cities and decided that was the best fit. Raleigh will be the new PRS headquarters. So look out Raleigh! A branch will still remain at Penn State. The PRS Bureau, (www.paranormalbureau.com) will also have its headquarters in Raleigh and with an office in Los Angeles. Ryan will be working and when he isn't working he will be starting a new form of treatment in August. And when he isn't getting treatment, Ryan will be working. And eventually we take a baseball bat and hit him over the head to make him sleep. Although Ryan won't be on this page personally, please don't think this page will be empty or just filled with ads. Actually it will be busier. We are going to film videos of Ryan and more. We have all kinds of ideas and we welcome your input. At times he will answer your questions and then we will post other videos documenting his life and of course news of what he is up to. Ryan also wanted to have us post this message: "to all of you who participated in the Purple Ribbon Campaign for my birthday, I was so deeply honored and touched, that I would be dishonoring you if I said anything more, because I am still, days later, speechless. I know this isn't enough because I wish I could call all of you to thank you. But I saw every one and I saved every one. My staff helped me. And I am turning it in to a scrap book. So if you participated, you will be in a book that will sit by my bed and every day I will look at it for courage. And then to those who called in to the radio show, you made my night. You are my inspiration to fight and to better myself. With love, RYAN." So sit tight guys, Ryan will be offline, but Ryan news and inside videos and pictures will be coming daily.

Read all about the I Am Six case in this book: http://www.amazon.com/Never-Mock-God-Investigation-ebook/dp/B009ZL7TGI/
NEXT WEEK – Things go from odd to very odd. Learn how others profit off of Ryan Buell's illness.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Are You WEAK Enough?

By Bridgette O'Hare
I can bench press 200 pounds.  I once punched out a guy with one shot.  I am a champion arm wrestler.  And my mind...my mind is sooo strong...I remember everything I see and hear
....as if!!! 

I’m sure you have already figured out...I am NONE of those things.  What I am...is a note taker.   I’d forget things if I weren’t.  The catch is...I often will stick my notes in places and then forget them.  Trust me; the irony isn’t lost on me.  Anyway, just this morning I was thumbing through the pages of my Bible when I found some notes stuck between them.  In the name of complete disclosure there are easily 30+ bulletins from church with as many notes as will fit scribbled on them stuck between the pages of my Bible.  So finding notes isn’t that difficult...but this page of notes was different.  It wasn’t a bulletin.  It was a small 4x6 sheet torn from a notebook.  There weren’t forty or more sentences penned to this piece of paper.  No, there were literally five sentences written below a Bible passage that I had to look up again. What really struck me though was the following sentence.

The heart of prayer is weakness; strong people don’t tend to pray.

Ouch...now that’s a bit of a slap in the face.  I have always thought of myself as a strong person. Not physically, like the things listed earlier, so much as mentally and emotionally.  In my life, I’ve been through a lot and mentally/emotionally I’d say I’m pretty strong.   But strength isn’t what God expects of us.  Because when we are strong...we try to do things ourselves.  We don’t rely on God for strength.   I’m fairly certain that’s what I must have been thinking when I wrote those words down.  Strong people don’t tend to pray.  

There have been many times in my life that turmoil raged and I tried to handle it myself.  Over and over I have learned that until I fall to my knees, broken before God, knowing that I can’t do it all myself...I won’t be able to do it at all.  I am weak.  My strength alone is not enough...ever.  God wants us to see that.  I Corinthians 1:27 tells us “...God has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty.”  That includes us...thinking we are mighty.  Thinking we can do it alone.  Then along comes God’s strength and puts our puny “might” to shame. 

Personally, I have recently been dealing with some health issues.  Something I have been fortunate enough in my life to never have to deal with.  And I tried to handle it myself.  I went to the doctor.  I tried homeopathic remedies (which I prefer)...neither worked.  Until one day, only a few days ago, I lost it!!!  I was alone at home and I fell to my knees by my bed crying.  I didn’t have to say a word aloud...God heard my heart crying out to him.  Now, here I am, merely five days later and a remedy I had been trying previously suddenly is working.  I gave it to God.  I wasn’t strong enough on my own.  Why didn’t I read II Corinthians 12:9-10 earlier? 

“And He said to me (“me” being Paul), ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.’  Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.  Therefore I take pleasure in my infirmities, in reproaches, in needs, in persecutions, in distresses, for Christ’s sake.  For when I am weak, then I am strong.”

Paul was actually thankful for his persecution.  Even though he had prayed God would remove his “thorn in the flesh” but God did not.  He simple told Paul “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.”  

I thank God for my weakness.  Without it, I would still be suffering in my own “strength.”  It isn’t just about physical strength and weakness though.  We suffer in hundreds of ways every day, ways that could be unbearable without God. 

Hebrews 11:32-34   “And what more shall I say?  For the time would fail me to tell of Gideon and Barak and Sampson and Jepthah, also of David and Samuel and the prophets: who through faith subdues kingdoms, worked righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions, quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, became valiant on battle, turned to flight the armies of the aliens”

So ask yourself...are you weak enough to let go and let God?  For in weakness...we become strong.  It isn’t until we recognize our own weakness that accompanies this flesh that we are able to find our strength in Christ.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Are you ready for “The Seven Last Years”?

By Stephen Piersall, Deliverance Ministry, Central NYS

“The Seven Last Years” written by Carol Balizet is a book I read many years ago, and one that I just could not put down. I even read this riding a bus. I just couldn’t read it fast enough. In 1971 the USAF was so kind to send this snow bound boy from Central NY where I was used to cold winds and tons of snow sent me from the pan into the fire so to speak to the humid hot temperatures in Tampa, Florida. This book was written and placed in Tampa. All the streets, buildings, etc. mentioned were very familiar with me. It’s like you read this book but placed in your hometown. I was glued to this book.

“When you see all these things, you know that (the son of man) is near, right at the door.” Matthew 24:33, NIV “All these things” that Jesus speaks of; natural disasters, false prophets, disease, strife, suffering, the emergence of the Antichrist, have been witnessed by the characters in this book. Nonbelievers up until now, they have been left behind to live through the seven years of the Great Tribulation. The two families who struggle for survival and attempt to find normalcy in dramatic abnormal times. Did you know that these nonbelievers in the future will still be able to find faith and salvation while through these seven years awaiting for the reign of Jesus?

Look at the world today. Are you really ready for Jesus to come back and rule again? Are you a Christian, but still dabble with porn, incest, lies, greed, ghost hunting, Wicca, etc. that rules your world we live in? Many would agree with me that we are living in the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. When we die, Christian or not, we ALL will stand before God and have our life reviewed before our eyes. God then sends us to Heaven or Hell. There are no in-betweens, such as man made ideas of purgatory, earthbound spirits, or to a spiritual world where we can be influencing our family and friends on earth.

The New Age movement is Satan’s way to rule each and every one of us. If Satan can take our focus away from living a Godly life He considers this a victory. If you're involved with ghost hunting, seeing psychics, following astrology, you are following the path of life Satan wants. To do all the things Satan wants us to do makes life easy for us. Have you ever thought about how hard it really is to live a Christian life? Making time to pray and not just when someone says “I’ll pray for you” and then you don’t. When we say that, we need to stop right then and there and pray. Prayer is talking to God. We talk all day long at work, home, with family, friends, coworkers, etc. but we can’t find the time during our busy schedule to talk to God. How about when you walk the dog, driving in your car, running laps at the gym, or even during commercials while watching TV?

I am currently using an online app to “Read the Bible in chronological order”. I’m proud to say I’m half way through it and I’m amazed how it bounces me all around different books and chapters of the Bible. Hearing God’s word is essential to our everyday Christian lives. I really have no excuses to not being able to read the Bible every day as I do. It takes less than 10 minutes to read the material for each day. But how many Christians don’t read their Bibles every day? We have time to read the paper, magazines, internet, TV, phone calls, etc. but can’t find 10 minutes to learn what God teaches us. How many of us watch a good ball game and just wish they could keep playing longer, put the game into extra innings or overtime. But, when we are at Church and the preacher is going on and on and on wishing for this to end real soon. Can’t He see church service has now gone past the one hour mark?

What about those ghosts (evil spirits) investigations? Do we not heed the warning in the Bible? Deuteronomy 18:9-12 KJV, 9: When thou art come into the land which the Lord they God giveth thee, thou shalt not learn to do after the abominations of those nations. 10: There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch. 11: Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. 12: For all that do these things are an abomination unto the Lord; and because of these abominations the Lord thy God doth drive them out from before thee.

What about the Last Seven Years in your life? Will you still be here if it happened today or would you be bowing before God reviewing your life? There are many sins in our life on a daily basis, and we should always as a minimum ask forgiveness when we first awake and before we go to bed at night. Reading the Bible and praying is the easy part of being a Christian. It’s the walk we do on a day to day basis that really reflects the character of our Christian life—Don’t just talk the talk—Walk the Walk!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Please Help Me!

By Rev. Mark Hunnemann

Those three agony-filled words - please help me - are explicitly stated or implied in every request about demonic oppression. “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many.” (Mark 10:45) Every email I have received from a person suffering demonic oppression is a heart-wrenching plea for help. If you read the gospels it is clear that Jesus’ spent much of His time responding to folks who were imploring, “Please help me.” The text in Mark indicates that serving others in need was why He came - in addition to His work of ransoming sinners. Question: do we have a Jesus-like attitude toward those in “paranormal pain” who contact us? To answer that question, we need to also review what it is people are seeking help for/from.

Why are people asking for help? The first stage is infestation of pure evil.  It is NOT a ghost; it is a demon(s).  Jesus never helped anyone who had ghost problems, nor did any ghosts ever appeal to Him for help, as did demoniacs. We must never forget what it is that our clients are dealing with on a daily basis.  This past week I received a text on my cell from a person struggling with possession.  The first 10 syllables were demonic gibberish, but it ended with…WE ARE HERE.  I felt like texting back…"And Jesus is coming!" but I didn’t.  The people you approach to help are living 24/7 with incomprehensible, undiluted, seething wickedness.  They are living with hell…and hell-ish creatures. Don’t lose sight of that.

Not content to just take up residence in a house, they begin the oppression.  The goal is always the same: to break us down physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  By the time we have been contacted, these unspeakably evil beings have done unspeakably evil things to our clients. Instead of giving a litany of things done to them, let me ask this - will you believe them when they cry for help?  Jesus was not gullible, but there is no instance in the gospels where Jesus seeks proof of an ailment before He cured it.  Of course in many instances the problem was evident, but the principle stands.  He responded with compassion to those who said, “Please help me.” He did not investigate…Jesus healed.

In some instances it is inappropriate to ask WWJD, because He is God, and we are not (despite what many are saying).  However, surely we should follow His example when it comes to how we respond to the pleas for help that come our way.  Christian…follower of Jesus Christ…are you rubbing salt in their wounds by requesting to verify the hell they are experiencing?  Chances are you are not the first person they have sought help from, but you may be the last.  Why are you in this field anyway?  If it is only to gather evidence of one kind or another, then you need to repent, you aren't truly helping anyone.  I have done several dozen cleansings, and have NEVER performed an investigation prior to it. As I have said before, collectively we are doing something that has never been done in the history of mankind -- investigating.  What HAS been done repeatedly down through the ages is to respond with compassion in seeking to rid these dear folks of demonic oppression.  “PLEASE HELP ME!”  How will you respond?  Will you investigate, or will you believe them and do a cleansing/blessing?  Let us hold the sword of the Spirit, instead of a K-2 meter.  Stand back and let the Lion of the Tribe of Judah roar! Amen.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Bible and Magic

By Lisa Grace

The Holy Scriptures address magic and witchcraft as an abomination, being against God. Those that practice it are going against God’s wishes.

Why is practicing magic against God’s wishes? Because it ultimately hurts us. First, we can be mislead into thinking we are in control, making ourselves and our desires our own god. Second, communicating with the dead is impossible (they sleep) so those who think they are talking to the dead are talking to demons or some other type of supernatural creature.

Magic, tarot cards, ouija boards, crystals, etc. can all be controlled by demons to get humans to do things that are not in their best interest. Who ultimately is controlling your life when you use these tools? Not you, but creatures who do not have your best interests at heart.

Prayer and reading your Holy Scriptures are the only communication you need—a direct line to God. Why go anywhere else for answers?

One practice I find disturbing in Christian science fantasy is the use of magic by “good” characters. I find this practice an oxymoron. Since God says magic and its practice is an abomination, showing it as anything but evil, is against His word.

I think those of us who write fiction about the supernatural world from a Christian world-view have a responsibility to uphold (in any universe or world we create) to reflect the basic values of God that displeasing actions (such as using magic) have dire consequences.

I think both C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien handle this well in their fictional worlds.

When you need answers in life the best place they can be found is through reading your Holy Scriptures and then on your knees asking the King of the Universe yourself, in person.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Issue 80 Ghost Adventures Advocate Demonic Infestation - Galka Case, Part 2

 By Kirby Robinson

Eye on the Paranormal PM Edition Coming in September

Yes, it's true we know the paranormal entertainment industry hates to hear this because we will now be reporting not 7 days a week but 14 times a week! The PM edition will be even edgier, and it will be carrying on our tradition of hard-hitting investigations into the world of all things paranormal.

So if you want to blog for the last 100% free voice of the paranormal, contact us [freeallspirits@live.com] and we'll get you set up.

Chip Coffey Caught Butt Flapping This Week!

It seems that Chip Coffey can't pass up any chance to remind the world that he's psychic…or maybe he's trying to convince himself that he is? Anyway, the following was posted on his Facebook page]

Just got this affirmation from one of my pals on Twitter:
"In May, in Charlotte, NC, you told Fox anchor Tara Blake she had 'pregnancy' vibes. She just announced today she's 15 weeks pregnant!"
Congratulations to the mommy-to-be!

This doesn't make you psychic. It just means you made a smart guess. She would had been with child when you made this statement if you said "you're pregnant I'm 100% sure of it, you're having a son/daughter/twins," etc., maybe the world would be impressed -- but you didn't.

Here are some less than stellar examples of his psychic predictions:

- In his blog Chip predicted that there would be more controversy concerning his book. However, there has been none.

- He invited his readers to tune into a radio interview just a few hours prior to the event. In reality, it was being taped for later broadcast.

We're still waiting for some solid proof of your psychic ability to come our way.

Ghost Adventures Advocate Demonic Infestation - Galka Case, Part 2

We left the episode at the point that a staged accident scene and the image of a much younger child [appearing younger than the girl's actual age. We've been told that this was intentionally done to make the case more sympathetic to the audience]. Also, the facts and details concerning the wreck, which were concealed from the public, will be covered later.

Demons will use anything at their disposal to get an opening into the lives of people. It's the goal of the demonic to destroy and claim as many souls to the pits of hell. In a case like this, it's exactly what they are seeking.

Is the family Christian? We saw no proof of this, as there were no noticeable religious objects in the home. From what could be observed, there weren't any Bibles, crosses, etc. We weren't told if the child was saved [given herself to the Lord and baptized]. If the family happened to be new agers, or had no religious attachment, they were easy pickings. This allowed the  demon move in and fool the Galka family as well as the Ghost Adventures team.

Wanting to know if their daughter, Melissa, was safe, and in good spirits, allowed the demon in. It made itself look as if it was the child. Demons are smart they can learn anything there is to know about a person. They can speak like the person and at times can even manifest an appearance of the person. [However, there will often be something slightly off about the appearance. That's why the "GHOST" appeared to a person that was not a family member].

The Galkas claimed that when she started to manifest the doorbell started to ring, the TV would turn on and off, and change channels, lights flickered--all things a demon can effortlessly do.

Zak then tells the viewers: "This is going to change how you think about death." NO, IT WON'T. If you’re a Christian you have been given victory over death [Christ stated this]. When a Christian dies, at the end of your last breath, you go right to heaven. You're now living in the Heavenly City with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. [New agers try to use the term holy ghost as a means to justify the essence of ghost, but the Holy Spirit is not a ghost]. If the child was a Christian, the family should have no doubts if she was okay. [People ask if you can communicate with people in the heavens. The Bible is silent on this but let me say this … Hearing from someone who truly has been saved that all the teachings of the Bible are true would be a great tool to convince others that the gospel is everything it claims to be].

It's scary that people like Zak claim to be experts on the matter of life and death. I shudder to think of what he'll have to face for asking people to leave the Christian path and follow a rocky new age path to hell…

Come back next week for the Galka Case, part 3.

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