Friday, February 15, 2013

What Are Shadow Figures?

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

What are shadow figures? Most folks would answer that by saying that they are trapped human spirits. However, the more unmoored from a biblical worldview we become, the more “unreal” and fantastical the speculation has become regarding their identity. I have come to a different conclusion. It is true that, in addition to logic and science, I approach this issue from a biblical worldview, but as I argue in "Seeing Ghosts through God's Eyes" we all have a worldview and it informs and shapes our conclusions we come to just as "intrusively". We all wear worldview spectacles that affect the way we see data; I simply make mine explicit. (an important but distinct issue, is determining which worldview is true—corresponds to reality). The biblical worldview is coherent (internally consistent), and corresponds to what we know instinctively about ourselves and the world we live in. In an age of irrationality, which is unprecedented in the history of mankind, the bible trumpets the reality of true truth—which is objective and absolute—the Oracles of the Living God (bible) as we saw last week...

When I saw my first shadow figure—solid, black humanoid shaped--12 years ago, I knew instinctively what it was: a demon. Since then, I have experienced a lot of supernatural activity, and shadow figures seem to be the most common form it chooses to take—which is significant in itself. Let me give the reasons for why I believe ALL shadow figures are demonic in nature, and not a shadowy presence of a loved one.

First, our understanding of the nature of God is central to our worldviews--most of which are held unconsciously. The infinite/personal God of the Bible is holy. The refulgence of His glory is blinding…brighter than the noon-day sun. Jesus said He is the Light of the world as opposed to Satan who is the Prince of darkness, This is not a black versus white issue, it is a light versus darkness issue. I could pile up references that speak of good in terms of light and evil in terms of darkness (see John 3). Darkness signifies distance from God and affinity with evil. Now shadow figures are invariably dark. From head to toe there is no light emanating--just walking darkness. The sheer darkness would seem to suggest that they are “pure evil”…which is precisely what they are.

Second, logic and science imply that a self--existent and eternal God, as well as infinite and personal, had to create paranormal phenomena. An impersonal physical realm cannnot give rise to a supernatural end personal entity--that would be like water rising above its source. Having said that, do we really believe that God would create our essence (souls) to appear in such a fashion that they frighten loved ones when they see them? Some argue that in this case you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. As an author I know people do judge books by their cover and our first impressions of shadow figures are almost always fearful. I ask again—do we really think God would allow our essence to become so freaky looking that it scares the daylights out of loved one’s?

Third, if there is one word that summarizes the general behavior of shadow figures it is "furtive"--they slyly dart from shadow to shadow, trying to avoid detection, or are seen in one’s peripheral vision. (I know there are exceptions—they stand at the foot of one’s bed—but these exceptions prove the rule) Furtive behavior is normally associated with spiritual and moral decay. Consider the first furtive act in the history of mankind. After committing cosmic treason against a holy God, we are told that Adam and Eve slunk around in the garden ashamed of their nakedness--which was indicative of a spiritual and moral nakedness.. Hence, not only the appearance but the behavior of shadow figures belies their demonic nature. As pure evil,. they slink around, always aware of the GAZE of the holy God, against whom they have rebelled..

Yes, there are manifestations of shadow figures that stand at the foot of the bed, or rape the occupant in the bed, but most SHADOWS are caught out of the corner of the eye…are they not? I am not interested in sneering argument or endless conjecture—the presence of shadow figures are prominent in the demonic infestations that the Lord brings to me to cleanse. Often, it is the observed departure of a shadow figure demon, that signals their surrender and exit.

Fourth, while on earth an essential trait of our souls is invisibility. No surgeon has ever seen a soul, but they exist. How is it then that after we die, some souls gain the trait of potential visibility? Do you really believe that the shadow figure you saw the other night is the soul or essence of a human being? If so, who gave them this new ability to manifest as frightening looking shadows?. How did the essentially invisible, take on visivility?

Lastly, one of the widely held paranormal maxims is: as in life, so in death. If a man was a jerk while alive, then he will be a jerk as a ghost. If ghosts exist then that makes sense. I would press it further: upon death, there must be 100 percent continuity of moral character and personality. So shadow figures, or ghosts in general, must represent a true cross section of American citizens. Aunt Sally was an extrovert, never met a stranger, and she was very vocal about her love for Jesus. Where are the Aunt Sally’s in the shadow figure population? Or the whole alleged ghost population for that matter? I've heard a couple of EVP’s that say “God” or "Jesus", but where is the EVP expressing warm worship of Him? Where is the shadow figure that declares the gospel or asserts Jesus is their shield and defender? The “as in life, so in death” principle is shattered by these godless entities.

Jesus stated that what we say is expressive of the habits/nature of our hearts—whatever fills our hearts will come out of our mouths. Hence, the universal lack of praising the glory of the Person and work of Christ amongst shadow figures, gives us a glimpse into the Christ-hating habits of their hearts. If shadow figures are really demons, then this is precisely what one would expect. Ocham’s razor would indicate that the simplest explanation of the identity of shadow figures is that they are demonic.

A couple of further thoughts—these entities should NOT be referred to as “shadow people” because they are not people!! They are pure evil… unclean spirits, bent on the destruction of people. Amy Allan of the TV show The Dead Files is deathly afraid of these shadow creatures because, according to her, they almost killed her when she was four years old—they persuaded her to bite into an electrical cord. But she has stated that she has no clue as to who they are or where they come from. As with all paranormal entities, the true identity of shadow figures is not a paranormal or scientific issue—it is a theological issue. How sad that folks would get excited about observing that which intends to destroy them. For God’s glory, let us expel them in the name of Jesus.