Sunday, May 10, 2015

Symptoms of Spiritual Pollution, Part 4

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Symptoms of Spiritual Pollution, Part 1
Symptoms of Spiritual Pollution, Part 2

Symptoms of Spiritual Pollution, Part 3

In my continuation on the blog series Spiritual Warfare from the last time I discussed the critical aspect of Dependency. I first started off the blog series with Reverence for the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, which I laid this out so that you will understand and learn that one must fear God. The second part was that to truly understand God you need to submit to his ways and thus not your or other human’s ways. The third aspect is to be completely dependent upon God for everything in your life.

This section of the blog series we will focus on the 4th aspect which is TRUST in God. Trust is defined by Webster’s as follows: “firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.” Trust is defined as to have confidence, faith or hope in someone or something. Therefore to have complete victory over demonic forces then one must have absolute trust in God. For it is God alone who removes them off of you only when God is ready to do so.

Without complete trust in God you are nothing. God is everything and will always be. Thus it is you who is powerless to protect yourself in life. Think about this, if God chooses to not protect you, you are done for. If God chooses not to be faithful to you, then you have no hope or chance at all. For there is nothing you can do on your own mannerisms to manipulate God into paying attention to you, drawing near to you, or rescuing you from danger when you choose not to be in alignment with God. This when the assignment for the demonic forces come against you begin.

Sadly we are totally dependent on God for all things, but many people disagree and thus they suffer penalties from God. The simplest act of breathing air in our lungs requires us to be totally dependent upon God. If the oxygen supply was suddenly gone you would have as much emotional power over God as your pencil has over you. As the Holy Spirit cultivates the attitudes of reverence, submission, and dependency in us, we then arrive at the unsettling realization that our ONLY source of hope in life is God and his character aspects. If God is good, then we will be able to count on Him to be with us and to take care of us.

If God is evil, then we have no hope at all. However, God is not evil at all, but God did create and allow evil to exist. Neither you nor I have any control over who God is or what God does. We both have no control over our own existence. God is who God is, and we have no way of escaping His Presence.

Yes one can try to ignore the presence of God and shut God out in our own minds, but God is all knowing and all seeing. Lucky for us, God is good, so good he is “shockingly” good. Unfortunately, we as pathetic humans struggle to believe His goodness is real. For all of us constantly fear that God is somehow lying to us—that one of these days it will turn out that God really doesn’t love us or care about us as much as He says.

When terrible trials come into our lives, the goodness of God is the first thing we doubt. Here is what you as the reader should now be understanding. These trials are “tests” from God to see if “his” children are learning and growing towards or away from his Son who was sent to bridge the gap for us. “Why would a loving God allow this” or “Why would God allow these demons to do what they do” are those often asked questions that not only I hear but others in this ministry.

This is where the trust aspect, the fourth key comes in to play. The entire relationship with God is built on trust in his goodness as well as his mercy. That is all you are trusting in the goodness and mercy of God. If you try to trust in God’s predictability, or if a person tries to trust that God’s goodness will express itself in certain actions and interventions, then you are going to end up in a major crisis of faith. This crisis in faith will devour a person thus leaving them totally vulnerable and open for attack from the demonic.

Contrary to what a person is usually taught in the church, the goodness of God does not mean God will always take those demons off of you the moment you are in distress. Why? Because of the test God has placed the person in. The goodness does NOT mean God will pour out the blessings down upon your head, especially material blessings.

This certainly does NOT mean God will keep you in perfect health or share his power with you. What this means is that God wants to see which way you will respond in a spiritual crisis. Will you turn to him, thus repent of your ways and make him your personal savior through the Lord Jesus Christ?

God will never share his power with you. Though you might desire or want to have that. What God will do though is put you through all kinds of trials in order to cultivate these four essential mindsets within you that I have covered in the four aspects of Spiritual Warfare. Learning to revere God is like riding an elevator down a shaft that has no bottom. What is occurring is a deeper level of understanding that the person can acquire about who God and what God really is.

This also happens with the other key aspects: submission, dependency and trust. It is these very concepts which God is going to continue revealing as well as educating the person as to what is expected for all of eternity. To believe that God is good is only the beginning. That belief needs to be tested, tried, hammered, and pounded into your very being if it is going to bind you closer to God.

Unfortunately many people refuse to fully revere, submit, depend and trust upon God for all that they do and all that they have. These people are the ones who need the very wing of God to protect them, but for whatever reason these people think they are above all of doing the very thing that God calls them to do. That is rely upon God.

I will continue with the next aspect of INTIMACY WITH GOD in a blog next time.

Rev. Bradley Luoma, Exorcist