Saturday, May 9, 2015

Why is the Occult So Popular?

Hello my para-beauties! 

I've noticed on YouTube and many other places the Occult has become quite popular and not in a positive way. Satanism to quite a few people is not healthy.

More and more tv shows and movies are motivate by this subject and it peaks the curiosity of viewers and then once they hit the internet it's a lot of material that can be misleading or worse offer tools and free literature on Satanism or very disturbing topics

A TV show about a serial killer who obsessively targets other serial killers aired for many seasons. A highly popular film series about a teenage wizard netted $7.7 billion in total box office receipts. Cable television stations continuously poured out 1 para tv show after another and countless" real documentaries. A horror film about a killer who takes sadistic pleasure in meticulously torturing his victims spawned six sequels and countless imitations.

Dark-themed entertainment, in the form of movies, books, television shows, and video games, is here to stay..

Satanism is a hard core religion. It's based on the belief that it's ok to be selfish and they practically live by that attitude. They pretty much say the world will be ruled by those who fight to win.

Satanism challenges the biblical teaching every which way you can imagine. It manipulates the mind against it. Also regarding man's relationship to others. We are to esteem others better than ourselves, and we are to be team players. 1 Corinthians tells us to be a part of the body of Christ, whereas, satanism esteems the "self" over others.

A lot of satanists believe that the strong will rule with Satan. Once they have paid their dues for lack of better words, they often make a pact with satan. Some even make a date when they will take their own lives by suicide. They believe that if they submit themselves to satan in death, they will return in another life as a stronger being and rule with him forever. According to recent statistics, fourteen young people a day take their own lives. A major concern for those who uphold a Judeo-Christian world view is that this generation is becoming detached and is losing all sense of morality. Many have lost their mooring. It is so important for the the church, and we as individuals, to share the message that Jesus Christ is the only possible solution to our emotional and spiritual needs.

Satan has used a number of tools over the centuries to capture the naive. The Ouija Board has proven to be very productive in this method. According to the Dictionary of Mysticism the Ouija Board is "an instrument for communication with the spirits of the dead." The Ouija Board is an open door to the other side and anything demonic.. Disembodied spirits speak to the living through the medium of the Ouija Board. This information is believed to be truth from the other side and is not recognized for what it is: Lucifer's delusion to gain our allegiance.

 How does the occult relate to religion? The occult comes in two related forms. The occult arts such as divination, fortune-telling, spiritism, magic, and so forth. There is also an occult/mystical worldview. The occult tends to be more magical. It is a more mechanical expression of the occult. Yet even the occult arts have religious aspects; they attempt to provide meaning, contacts with the “sacred,” and, at times, a basis for community. This information is very disturbing but all to well true. We need to be in prayer every single day against this. Don't show hate or be judgmental, just show love and be sure t do our very best to avoid anything that satan would just love for us to falter in. Christ died for our sins, as I have said before the battle has already been done my friends.

Written by Jennifer Auld