Wednesday, July 6, 2011


We were under the impression that we completed our investigation into Animal Planet's pilot reality TV show, Demon Exorcist. But it seems like those involved in the production of the show, along with the featured "stars" attempt to keep it the public eye. They're desperately trying to extend their 15 minutes of fame in the hope of selling at least a documentary. Maybe a book? Maybe a film deal? Due to all the deceptive statements and our ability to expose them, the likelihood of any such deal/s will soon be dead in the water.

Now we now can expose the biggest deception yet of the show and its supporters. Guess they've learned nothing from what Cindy Anthony did on the witness stand -- if you lie, you hope there is no proof to expose that lie.

A few weeks ago when it seemed that interest in Demon Exorcist was deservedly dying, the supporters of it hoped to stir the pot of controversy when they sent me this email:

Ok Kirby, since you won't give it up, here's a hint.. Look up Father Jack Ashcraft Then go back and read your articles about Dwayne not knowing what he's doing or having any power to do what he did.. Kinda funny huh? I'm respecting you by sending it in email and not calling you or Ron Tebo out in public because this totally shows that you and him did not do your homework. EVERYONE else did and has told me to let you guys continue to bash and look stupid. Yes, you and Ron have MANY enemies and have lost a lot of credibility because of the BS you guys write about. I can only hope that the next article you write about comes from you and not Ron Tebo and his OPINIONS in which he claims are facts, who obviously know's NOTHING.. Don't go down with him Kirby. You ARE a good writer, use your talent to do GOOD things instead of throwing shit against the wall to see what sticks.

All due respects,

They will regret sending this email or bringing up Father Jack Ashcraft. They hoped to spread the lie that he was technical adviser to the program. Yes, he is listed as such. But it's another lie on the show's part. Fr. Ashcraft sent me a personal email and through his words the show and its supporters lose the last remaining bits of credibility. Here is his unedited email.

Mr. Robinson,
I hope this message finds you well. I was sent a link to your blog by one of your readers I suppose and wanted to help fill in some gaps for you regarding my part in consulting on "Demon Exorcist". The totality of my input was limited to two or three phone calls made to myself asking questions of theological import to preternatural issues. One call was a request for the name of a priest in the area they were currently filming in, which I provided. Other than this I had no other input or involvement in the project. I only just saw the program last night to be honest. While I can't go so far as to claim everything was faked (since I have no firsthand knowledge of the investigations), I will say that at least one of the clients' stories struck me as suspect. The myth of Satanic Ritualistic Abuse has been exposed many times over by very good investigative journalists (such as Bob and Gretchen Passatino), Christian and secular alike. Thus I viewed the claim of one client as fabrication, in my opinion. Again, I cannot say for certain since I have no firsthand knowledge of the client nor the investigation.

You also mention that I have aligned myself with many people you find suspect. I quite honestly do not align myself with anyone whatsoever, for many of the same reasons you highlight on your blog. I do answer questions and provide investigators with the names and contact information of priests in their areas who may be of assistance in a pastoral counseling and/or exorcism situation. I will help anyone who asks for help and provide legitimate knowledge and references to anyone who asks. Whether they availa themselves of the assistance is of course their choice. If this is aligning myself, then under this definition I will certainly plead guilty. I have been approached by a vast array of individuals (some well known, some not) in the paranormal community with a number of claims and have found no reason to believe any of them to have been legitimately demonic so far. I have been asked to perform exorcisms on radio and television, all of which I have refused to do. This area of ministry is not one which I believe belongs in front of the camera. My approach to the subject is wholly Christian and one which has not made me the darling of the paranormal world. I require full psychological and medical examinations of all claims brought to me before I will even speak to the issues involved in a case. Of course one must aslo investigate the living conditions of a client which may require testing for molds, etc. which can cause hallucinations, family dynamics, etc. I have so far not found a single case brought to me by the paranormal community to have any merit with reference to demonic activity. I have spoken at only one paranormal convention, and that just to deliver an address calling on the community to embrace the methods I briefly outlined above. I've been asked if I would like to be recommended for speaking engagements and have always said that it is not important to me whether I speak at an event or not. Please keep in mind that, though part of my sacerdotal ministry is exorcism, it is only a very small part of the totality of my ministry. Teaching the faith, administering the sacraments and being there to support people in difficulties forms the greater portion of my activity.

My opinion of the greater paranormal community is that it is seriously lacking in legitimate investigative methodologies, and that rather than seeking valid investigative principles, priests, ministers, etc., it is collectively star struck and chasing after the next fad or next paranormal star. I also would agree with you that perhaps the programs are staging events to maintain a viewership that might otherwise be bored with the seemingly mundane reality of preternatural research.

As for my column in the magazine; I write the only articles that I am aware of in the magazine that handle a wide variety of topics from a decidedly orthodox Christian point of view. I have written on such topics as Transhumanism, psychological Issues that could be mistaken for demonic activity, and recently interviewed a very knowledgeable scientist regarding Creation as a viable counter to atheistic evolutionary theory. My articles are not paranormal pulp I can assure you, and the greater part of the magazine isn't either. If you would like pdf copies of any of my articles I am happy to provide them to you.

I applaud your efforts to expose fraud and should you have any questions please feel free to contact me. May God bless you.

Pax Tecum,
Fr. Ashcraft +

Enough said.

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