Saturday, February 7, 2015

Bondage To Rejection And Other Torments

Before I get started on this I would like to reiterate and I know I've said that we have nothing to fear many, many times in my previous blogs as Christ is very clear that if we are strong in Christ and our faith is rocksolid when it comes to anti-fear of anything demonic we have nothing to worry about. As I've said many times before, we have angels assigned to us by God the father, you do not want to piss off an angel of The Lord. Demons tremble in the presence of the Lord's Angel.

There is so much power in The Lord and The Holy Spirit. The Bible says there is life and death in the power of the tongue as what we speak we speak it into existence. Think about that for a moment.....The wrath of a Angel acting under God's authority is absolutely hands down no match for a demon or devil. As I've said many times this is just my humble opinion and I'm blogging about what I feel the Holy Spirit has led me to. I do pray before I decide what I blog about. I also write about what people have asked me to. I believe the statement when Angels acting under Gods authority may possibly mean they have the same amount of power as God for lack of betters words just until they complete their task however, as I've said before regarding angels they are extremely powerful and very much feared by Satan and his kingdom. It stipulates in the Bible when Christ resurrected and presented himself before a certain amount of people he told them "do not fret for I leave you with the power of the Holy Spirit to cast out demons in thy name". This is powerful stuff. No power is of our own, all power is God’s and comes from Him. With his authority in Jesus name believers can cast out demons, get answers to prayers, speak in tongues, and much more. We have his favor in life. God doesn't always answer prayers right when we ask. But he will answer in his own time. He's a very busy God. He loves each and everyone of us so very much. His son died so that we are forgiven of our sins and have ever lasting life in heaven with The Father.

Demonic Homes

Whenever you find yourself hearing stories of somebody casting out the same demons from the same person over and over again, then there's a good chance there is what some describe as a "demonic home" which the demon keeps returning to. A website called has a plethora of information on these types of things. A lot of my research has been done there and I definitely suggest that website for people to great website to check out.  There's many different subjects that they go over that is of course, a biblical point of view. demons as rats which feed off of garbage in our barn. We can keep on casting the rats out, but unless we clean up the garbage by which they are feeding, then they will keep coming that over and over again. They will never stop torturing this person.

This is why many encourage every deliverance minister to take the time to study and learn the roots of the popular spiritual bondages. I also believe that is referring to the stronghold. Make it your business to understand what brings on these different types of bondages to lust and pornography, anger problems, and so forth. Yes, there are demons involved in most of these situations, but there are also fleshly roots that we need to understand so that when we cast out the demons, they do not return. It is vital for deliverance ministers to take the time to learn and understand the bondages that are plaguing many people today so they can effectively allow people genuine lasting freedom and peace.

Next, let's take a young man by the name Joe. Joe has been rejected as a child by his peers, and today has a terrible bondage to rejection, thus making it difficult to create meaningful relationships as he feels all alone, and even when others aren't rejecting him, he perceives even a simple "no" as a form of rejection. Joe has difficulty receiving correction because he perceives it as an attack on him personally. As a result of feeling rejected, Joe naturally fell into a bondage to rebellion, which set him up for further rejection. Those are just a few of the things that Joe struggles with. Certain people called into this ministry could go about casting out the demon of rejection, OR minister to the root of the problem. With Joe's situation, the flow of bondage looks something like this:

A deep wound that was created when others rejected him CREATED a fleshly bondage where Joe felt worthless and worthy to be rejected WHICH BUILT a stronghold of self-hate, self-rejection, and so forth WHICH WAS a demonic home THAT CONTAINED a nest of demons (rejection, rebellion, self-hate, etc.). This was found at

A similar flow of bondage may look something like this:

A deep wound that was created when others rejected him CREATED a fleshly need to be accepted and a stronghold of rejection (or a way of perceiving yourself as rejected) WHICH WAS a demonic home THAT CONTAINED the demons of rebellion, rejection, and so forth.

One way Satan gains control of the mind is when we place our trust in what many Christians mistakenly call the Holy Spirit. What I mean is  "God told me to do this. . ." However, what God told them to do is completely contrary to God’s word. Jesus said in John 8:47 "He who is of God hears the words of God." God never, ever, ever leads us contrary to the Word of God. So when we receive anything we think is the Holy Spirit, the first question we must ask is "Does God’s word agree with what I believe is the Holy Spirit speaking to me?" Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 11:14 "And no wonder for Satan transforms himself into an angel of light."

Written by Jennifer Lori Auld