Thursday, August 1, 2013

Skinwalker, Shapeshifter and Biblical Worldview

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

A book I read yesterday --"Hunt for the Skinwalker"--  reminded me of the importance of Christians learning how to think with a biblical worldview...because the worldview it (the book) was espousing was entirely different.

Let me give you a severely compressed summary of the book. (Written by Colm Kelleher, Ph.D and George Knapp) A large ranch in Utah has gained a reputation for being a paranormal Grand Central Station. The Ute and Navajo Indians believe it to be the home of an evil entity called the Skinwalker, and they are deathly afraid of it. Shamans from both tribes practiced black magick and cursed one another and others--like the Mormons surrounding them. Along with other unmentioned events, this is ample reason for demonic activity to flourish.

Enter the "Gormon" family who moved on the property in 1994, totally unaware...Cattle mutilation, shadow figures,  UFO sightings galore, strange lights even more galore, sightings of impossibly huge wolves who were immune to gunshots and disappeared at will. .Inside the ranch house objects were disappearing all the time, and outside cattle and farm implements were suspended high in trees in the front yard. Within less than two years the oppressed and broken family were forced to move.Sounds pretty demonic to me, but...

They sold the property to NIDS--National Institute of Discovery Science-which was funded to scientifically explore all the bizarre episodes . Long story short, it was determined that the ranch was a doorway which opened up to limitless universes. It was stated (and this is crucial) that the prevailing view of quantum physics was the belief in infinite universes. The beings from these other universes sometimes entered through the doorway and caused all the paranormal activity. As I understand it, two facts were given as "proof" of infinite universes--an infinite universe and dark matter. Neither of these seem to me to have any bearing on the plausibility of this "revolutionary breakthrough" in science. In fact, the notion is on a collision course with the bible's worldview. Let me give a skeletal outline of what a biblical worldview is comprised of. In my book I go into considerable detail about various aspects of worldview thinking.When something in science is clearly at odds with biblical teaching, then we must bow before the authority of God's Word. Also, I have stated over and over that science is unable to identify spirit entities--that is a theological issue.

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." (Genesis 1:1) The opening verse of the Torah/bible (and chapters 1-3) provide the foundation for thinking with a biblical worldview...which I will mention six components.

1. What is Ultimate reality? According to our text, the infinite/personal God of the bible has always existed, and created the one universe ex nihilo--out of nothing. As Creator, all else is creation...this is the most basic distinction. And as Creator, He also sustains and providentially guides all things. (Col. 1:16-17; Rom. 8:28) He created the visible and invisible. Since He created all reality, He OWNS it/us.The spirit realm is populated by two kinds of entities--angels and demons.GOD is ultimate reality!
Today, allegedly backed by physicists, energy is believed to be ultimate reality...creator and creation distinction has been obliterated. Infinite number of universes is not consistent with the creation account. There is one universe which has been bent by the Fall, but will be renewed.(Rom.8)

2. What is our purpose in life?  If our purpose is not God-centered then it is idolatrous. Loving, glorifying, and enjoying God is our purpose.
Once we jettison the God of the bible, there is no rational basis for purpose/meaning in life. That is why direct encounter with the spirit world has such appeal--this experience allegedly brings meaning to life. But it is doomed to fail.

3. What is the nature of history? Gen. 1:1 states that there was a real beginning. The infinite/personal God created the space time continuum, as well as the visible and invisible. In 3:15 the cross is announced for the first time...history is His-story, and He is sovereign over every thing that happens in the flow of history (Eph.1:11) History is moving to a climax...the Second Coming.
Eastern view of reality and history are seen as cyclical--with reincarnation, and the goal of is the outworking of some super-evolutionary jump in cosmic consciousness...allegedly happening NOW!

4. What is the basis of morality? In the Old and New Testaments ethics is grounded in the unchanging character of God. "Be holy because I am holy" says the Lord. Again, with just Gen.1:1 God can tell us what to do because we are His by virtue of His creating us.
With the new energy-centered worldview, there is no adequate basis for ethics. With infinite universes, all is lawless.

5. What are the essential traits of being human? Genesis 1-3 answers this clearly--we are creatures of great nobility, having been made in God's image But we are all sinners as well. (Rom. 3:23), since we fell with Adam, our Federal head. God is infinite/personal and we are finite/personal...making communication with us not only possible but expected. Only God has intrinsic value. Humans have extrinsic value--God values us, therefore we have value.
In an energy/consciousness centered view of reality, then humans are a cosmic accidents--personal warts on the face of an impersonal universe/s. We have no more dignity than the blade of grass.

6. What happens to us after we die? We see in Gen. 1-3 that humans are a body/soul composite. Physical death, which rips the soul from the body, is a consequence of sin. In 3:15 the gospel is announced for first time. God owns us, body and soul-at death our soul returns to Him immediately for judgement. He is the sovereign, holy Judge before whom we must give an account.

Some say that our "free-will" mandates that we must have the ability to stay behind after death if we wish. Our free-will is not absolute...after death we MUST stand before our Maker/Judge. Others say folks get trapped, but this notion is utterly foreign to a biblical worldview where God's sovereignty overrules all else.

This is but a very brief over-view of a biblical worldview...the spectacles through which we should view the world--including the paranormal . Instead of inter-dimensional beings from other universes causing chaos and high strangeness, it is much simpler (ockhams razor) and biblical to attribute it to demonic activity. A biblical worldview enables us to see ghosts through God's eyes. The "Gormons" were clearly under demonic oppression. Skinwalker...Shapeshifter...this remote ranch in Utah was polluted by black magick--unleashing the forces of darkness, which only Jesus can expel.