Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Issue 71 – Paranormal Boobs of the 2-Legged Variety

By Kirby Robinson

We have so much news busting all over, we can't fit it all into this edition. Don't worry we won't let any deceptions slip through the crack…

Jen Arnold Update

Maybe the FBI needs the help of the Eye on the Paranormal crew. Our ragtag band of paranormal fighters would be happy to teach the FBI how to get the job done. We have yet to hear if anything is taking place at all. There are rumors flying about but we refuse to post them until we're shown solid proof. We'll keep you updated. [There was a posting of a receipt on Jen Arnold's Facebook page for virus removal].

Fake "" Site Has Been Shut Down!

The haters, fakers and the paranormal bullies took a big blow to their chins and ego this past week as their much-loved website was removed. I wish to thank everyone who helped. GOD [who makes everything possible], my band of ragtag fighters at the real Eye on the Paranormal, and my legal team who are now preparing legal filings to go after the owners of the site for damages.

Kiddie Porn is Alive & Well in the Paranormal "Industry"

About a year ago, Ron Tebo and me, along with others, were trying to protect kids from predators on the A&E Psychic Kids Facebook page. [You know that fake show with fake psychics looking to make money off the backs of kids]. We warned everyone about people in the psychic and paranormal world with ties to kiddie porn and possible pedophiles. We were mocked, but…who has egg on their face now? [I give credit to Shannon Sylvia for breaking the story].

PARANORMAL PEEPS. Via Shannon Sylvia MA ghost hunting warning: Tom Laughlin, director of Chicopee Paranormal Investigators was arrested for possession and distribution of child pornography. This has been confirmed.
Here is the news story

This should be a warning to teams to do much better background checks. The public really needs to take a close look at a team prior to letting them into your home and around your kids. is Back!

We welcome Ron and his team we understand that Reporter X is now with him. Here's his first report:

Paranormal  Boobs Caught Showing Their Caveman Ways…Rate Women of the Paranormal Based on Bra Size

To be honest, I listen to very little paranormal talk radio anymore. If I mentioned who I listen to, they'd get tons of hate mail.[There are show hosts who would love to have me on but that growing herd of fake para-celebs tell them they won't do a show I'm featured on. Or the network owners inform them that their show would get the boot if they invite me on]. But with the amount of work I do it leaves me little time to relax.

That's the reason I was shocked when I received several emails with people complaining about what took place on the Dead Air Paranormal Radio Show on April 26. Listeners were invited to call in and hang out in a chat room to nominate woman of the paranormal in what was an internet beauty show.

April 26 Tonight on Dead Air Paranormal Radio Show Will Scoville takes the wheel for Shelley Wade for a night of discussing the "HOTTEST" Female Investigators in the field. Join Will at 9pm EST/8pm CST as he counts down the "TOP 5" and maybe more HOTTEST FEMALE PARANORMAL INVESTIGATORS! Links to Pics for voting and your Viewing pleasure will be posted in the chat. Click on the link below for the show page.

It seems most of the links to the ladies photos have been removed as the army of the ladies of the paranormal really started to complain.

I'm not here to judge anyone as it's their show. [I was even on the Sunday evening edition a while back]. But I have issues with what was done from the side of the women's safety and the integrity of the field.

We have sickos in the world. Turn on any newscast and more often or not, you'll hear reports of women missing: Old, young, rich, poor, white, black, brown. They are somebody's love, somebody's mom, somebody's daughter. There's a war on women going on, whether it's a sense of male entitlement or the ever-growing porn addiction that's sweeping the internet.

What kind of background checks do most paranormal groups do? What form of background checks are done concerning ghost hunts for profit that are held at night? At remote locations? When we make female paranormal investigators sex objects, what kind of ideas do we plant in people's heads?

It increases the stereotypes when it comes to the media. Look at the group Paranormal Hot Squad. Is that how we think paranormal investigators are supposed to look? What does it say to females who'd like a shot at a paranormal reality show? We have overweight men on the shows. We have bald[ing] men on the shows. But you don't see any overweight female investigators on a show. [Sadly, I have it on good authority from people actually on the set that a few women featured on paranormal reality shows had to sleep their way onto the team and show]. So is this behavior we should expect as a way women should make it? I doubt if you'd want your daughter to make that choice.

Lastly, it was referenced by one of the show's hosts to one of the  woman mentioned in the list that it was great for her to have good looks as it helped her move up through the ranks in the paranormal industry.

NEWSFLASH! The paranormal is not an industry! It's been made an industry by those who seek to make money from it. The paranormal is a field of study of the unknown - plain and simple. Now if you want to talk about a paranormal entertainment industry that would be fine. Conventions and overnight ghost hunts/lockdowns are for entertainment purposes. They shouldn't be done for serious research nor in any form does it help anyone outside of the fake para-celebs that seem to run everything now. As the term Paranormal Industry gets tossed about, more people see how they make money and at the same time scam the public. So they adapt their traits and do it the same way – so they can make money.

Men are men, women are women, we are the same no matter if ones looks stop traffic or cause people to run down the street in fright. We all have the same value and need to be respected.

Just Because You Call Yourself A: Preacher/Teacher/Demonologist/Exorcist—Doesn’t Make You One!

For some time I've watched the paranormal field claim that they are now the leading experts when it comes to demons. Why? Because in many ways the Christian church has left behind the Great Commission to preach the word, heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out demons. In exchange, it has embraced the new age movement of a false gospel of prosperity, political involvement, and fear that if they stand in God's word they'll lose ratings and be called old fashioned.

There are too many fake demon hunters, doctors, chasers, stalkers, etc. running loose. Even some pastors and priests embrace teaching and techniques that have no basis in scripture. Anything goes as some of those "paranormal industry types" are teaching that you can be an atheist and cast out demons.

Within the realm of demonology, there is always a chance that an ego can run wild and get addicted to the sense of power and privilege. Cults of personality begin to pop up. How can you tell if it's a cult? Look for certain signs:

Zealous and unquestioning commitment to its leader, alive or dead.
Treating his/her belief system, ideology, and practices as the absolute Truth and law.
Questioning, doubt, and dissent are not tolerated.
The leadership prescribes, often in great detail, how members should think, act, and feel.
The group takes on an “us vs. them” mentality, where you’re “either with us or against us.”
The group claims an exalted, special status for itself and its leader and may believe that they’re on a special mission to save humanity.

Does this remind you of someone/group within the paranormal? 

NEXT WEEK – We take a very long look at this subject and tackle the matter of paranormal bullies.

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