Sunday, March 6, 2016

Why Does Exorcism Fail?

This blog is designed to help you the reader understand why Exorcism also known as Deliverance sometimes fails.  The aspects of failure stem from different aspects, however 95% of the time it is the direct result of the person who was afflicted.  This blog is designed to help you understand what is required afterwards when ‘all is over’ and what becomes of the person.

Sadly, many times people think that after driving out the demons/devils that they can continue on in life with what they used to do prior to the casting out of the evil from within.  However, this is far from the truth or belief.  The way the person now has to live and operate is the crucial key for staying free.  Many cannot do this proper walk that is required and as a result they become ‘infected’ again, but this time the results are 7 times worse than what they were in the prior state.

What people need to grasp is how God now expects a person to live.  They are seeking counsel of the Lord Jesus Christ intervening before the Holy Father to set a professed child of God free from the demonic torment that this person is in.  When a person does not live to the expectations of God then they are basically making a mockery of what God has just done on their behalf.

Many times I have had people tell me point blank I simply cannot do this anymore.  I simply cannot live like this.  There are too many rules and they cannot bear this anymore.  My answer to them back is – REALLY?  Please explain to me why this is so difficult?

Many times this is a direct result of them being ‘tempted’ over and over again because they have not removed improper areas within their lives.  So let’s examine this so you can understand further, it’s not God who is failing the person, but rather the person is failing God.

If a person has been set free from an addiction of alcohol casting out the forces that control this addiction after proper forgiveness and repentance has been completed, then the person must adhere to certain aspects.  Certainly the person is operating once again in the flesh and it’s hard for the clergy member to get them to see.

Many times the person will not give up the ‘drinking buddies’ or social settings which directly put themselves into the mix of flesh once again.  They walk into these zones thinking that they are all free and that surely I’m not drinking but I can just be around these people.  They use the excuse that God commands us to love one another but they fail to understand that it also means from across the street, not directly across the table at a local ‘watering hole’.

By doing so God has seen the heart of the person so the demonic slide back into play because the person is basically mocking God by saying I’ve got this, I can handle this, see God I’m not drinking, etc., etc., etc.  This is a very slippery slope that one is entertaining and God will not be mocked.

The person who was set free must walk away from these ‘centers’ of influence within their lives.  They must openly understand you repented to God for your prior flesh aspects and now you are taking them back from God.  Therefore, God says fine take it (referring to your fleshly desires) back now but it shall be with penalties worse than what you once were before.

By the acts being committed after the exorcism is over, this person pushing the envelope so to speak is a slippery slope.  The desires become more and more intense, with the person becoming further separated from God and HIS love for protection.

So here are 8 points that need to be examined to maintain freedom and they are as follows:

1. Recognize—We must recognize the problem for what it is!  We can recognize the problem and the enemy in our life that is not God.

2. Responsibility—Take responsibility for what you recognize! Instead of blaming others or trying to pass the buck, humbly admit your transgressions.  We learn that quickly and clearly this is the way to confess if we would find God’s mercy.

3. Repent—In Jesus Christ’s Name.  For he took the curse of sin for us we can repent to God for participating with the enemy and with the sin that we now recognize as wrong and destructive.

4. Renounce—We must fall completely out of agreement with the sin and develop a “perfect hatred” for it. (see Psalm 139:21) Go forth and sin no more!

5. Remove—After we repent we can command all lying sprits, that readily accuse us of being condemned and under the curse, to depart.  We cease to participate with their lies.  We claim freedom in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1).  We begin to “reign in life” (Romans 5:17) rather than continue to “let sin have dominion over us!” (Romans 6:9, 14).

6. Resist—Draw ’nigh’ to God and resist the evil entity or entities from returning.  Absolutely refuse to get involved with any sin.

7. Rejoice—Give God Almighty thanks for your freedom.  Thank Him for every victory on your behalf.

8. Restore—We must help free others held captive to the evil one and sin.

These are the 8 ‘R’s’ to maintaining freedom after exorcism is completed.  The truest way to stay demon free is to start to do what Christ Jesus commanded ALL believers to do, which is to do the will of the Father.  Until we have arrived at this very advanced state within our mind and our heart we’re to understand the Father told us what we must do.

Then there came a voice out of the cloud, saying, "This is My Son, My Chosen One or My Beloved; listen to and yield to and obey Him!” Luke 9:35. So you must come to Christ Jesus, silently listen, hear him speak to you, and then obey what he commands you to do.

“But the anointing which you have received of him abides in you, and you do not need any man to teach you: but as the same anointing teaches you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it has taught you, you shall abide in him.” 1 John 2:27.

Therefore, to be truly free one must become a servant, one does not read about other servants, quoting their words. To be a servant, you must hear what your master orders you to do, and then you must obey; everything else is presumptive service. Think about it; would you want to employ someone who cannot hear your orders, and who only does what he assumes you want done?

Even worse is many servants doing whatever they presume you want done — no one following directions — everyone following their own ideas. To follow Christ Jesus is to hear and obey His spoken-to-you commands. Only when you hear Him tell you what to do, when to do it, and what words to speak, can you serve God.

Rev. Bradley Luoma