Saturday, March 28, 2015

Is It Dangerous Taking A Interest In Demons And Demonology?

In my humble opinion if this is not a calling from Jesus Christ then yes, it's very dangerous getting to nosy. It can lead to obsession as that is already a major problem that started developing since 2004 when these ghost shows started. Many people out there have no business trying to get involved. I have proof of my education and references starting in 1992 before the reality tv shows. I had to hide this back in the day. My father was mocked being a Preacher and dealing with these things that sadly came with the job for lack of better words. It was just doing funerals, weddings, baptisms and church services. I pray before and after I go over EVP's or video. This is very serious stuff people. Google slender man. You will be shocked and it's only becoming more popular. Let's be obsessed with Angels of The Lord who can take out a army of demons with the snap of a finger. Have you not heard about the wrath of these Angels? There is a reason why demons FEAR they're smite. When a location has demons due to legal rights they never leave until they are banished. That means anyone coming into that building, home or property are in danger. Doing EVP's in your home are welcoming any demonic being to come on in and stay a while. They take that legal right and run with it. Watching these reality ghost hunting shows too much getting way too involved in them paying money to go see these wanna be celebs (not all bust most are) is inviting all that mess in your life. I still do things inadvertently that allow this. I'm human, I sin and I will always make these mistakes but thank God for giving his only Son to die on the cross of Calvary so that we may have ever lasting life. Know this, say this out loud. These evil things shutter at the name of Jesus Christ. My heart is with him and he is in mine. He is my savior and Lord. Nothing will ever change that. I was not forced to believe anything. I was allowed to use my own head to decide this.

One of my favorite shows is Sid Roths "It's Supernatural" on the Christian channel. He is a Jewish man who believes Christ is the son of God. He has some amazing guests who share stories of the experience they have had with the demonic and the supernatural realm that started with harmless ghost hunting or researching and spending a lot of time wanting to know more. It's a slippery slope my friends. In 1992 is when I officially started full force into this and I still very much dislike this ministry. You don't have many friends and you are deemed a liar or nut case. I work for God and I trust whatever he has for me to do. I no longer really care what man thinks or what others say.

Sid Roth He had a guest named Mel Bond who like me had the gift of the Spirit, discernment. God allowed him to see demons and this dark world in order to help people. I always wondered why God allowed me to be privy to the most dark disturbing things that puts your worst nightmare in the category of mild dreams. Half the time I stay quiet as I witness these vile things. This man Mel Bond has a amazing ministry and books that speak about the gift of the spirits and I suggest this as a great read. You can also find YouTube videos as well.

Many who dabble in researching this come across people with strange and outrageous claims. And as a serious investigator for lack of better words, we all know that many people will lie only get their faces on television and attention.

We must realize now that there are those that just want attention. And making claims that the devil is hiding inside of them is often a true way to get the community to notice them.

Though now a days a direct school of thought is that such hoax's might lead to serious incidents and still these bogus claims might just be the devil actually at work behind the scenes.

For those that make the real claims that someone in their life is possessed by a devil or ghosts or diabolical dark forces or often the person of suspicion. Their terrible claims range from extraordinary claims of people walking on ceilings, strange voices coming from peoples stomachs, and what seems to be snippets taken straight out of current movies like Paranormal Activity and the demonic classic of all times The Exorcist. And of course whether we the people alive today believe it or not, there are in this world many individuals that seek out demonic forces. And their intent for such and serious reasons can vary.

Some call up demons to use their aid in gaining success. Others call them to make a man or woman fall in love with them or to leave their spouses and become armored with them alone. Yet still some call on these dark forces to wreck havoc in the lives of others for their own evil reasons. Making any kind of a deal with a demon has serious ramifications when it's all said and done. They hate humans. When I say hate I do mean HATE! Why would they want to help us? Think about this? Look at the Slender Man epidemic. More attempted murders have taken place in the name of pleasing the master demon Slender Man. If something doesn't exist, if given enough attention will take on a life of its own. It will be created from all the hysteria. We need Christ more than ever. Cling to the Father and is Holy name, through only him are we safe from this wicked world that satan is taking over through channels most never even of thought of.

Written By Jennifer Lori Auld