Thursday, October 25, 2012

How to Tell a Fake Medium from a True Empath

By Lisa Grace

A medium or an empath is someone who for some reason can sense or the hidden supernatural world. In time, with all the scientific break throughs we’ve had in detection everyone may be able to do this in the near future.

It seems differences in temperature (which we can see through heat vision goggles) Electro Magnetic field sensors, and goggles that allow you to see light waves that are invisible to our human eyes; we can begin to “see” what is there.

Now, how do you tell a fake from a real one?

It doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter who is a fake empath or a real one because the information they may get from supernatural creatures posing as dead love ones, is of no use to you. The only information they can give you is to lead you astray.

If God wants you to know something other than what is given in His word, the Holy Scriptures, you will know. If it is a contradiction to His word, you can be assured it was given to you through an entity posing as His emissary (a good angel or ghost of someone we loved.)

It doesn’t matter who is a fake empath or a real one, because we are not to consult them. (Refer back to my article on Communicating With the Dead.)

It doesn’t matter who is fake or real, because they can easily be led astray, too. The only difference is, the real ones know there is a supernatural world.

Everything we need to know about the supernatural world is:

  • We are at war with the entities stuck on this earth.
  • They will possess or attach to us or other objects in our homes if given the chance.
  • They want to destroy us through trickery, deception, or actions people do when they are possessed.
  • If you think you have them in your home, drive them out for good.

An empath can be helpful in detecting if they are there, or what objects have them attached. But for communication? NO.

Next article I’ll discuss in detail who can drive them out permanently and under what circumstances they can be permanently driven out. It’s not always possible.