Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Scammers Network of Deception and Their Atheist Amphitheater of Untruths

In all the years I have been in the paranormal, there have been a number of problems. For those that have been in the field for a while, it was always thought that sooner or later the people who would be the most serious and dedicated were those who cared about the research and helping people and the ones who didn't care would eventually fall by the wayside leaving the field in a better place at some point with the good outnumbering the bad. But, I am disappointed and saddened to see as many are, that has not happened, even with the people like Kirby Robinson, the founder of The Eye on the Paranormal and his efforts of exposing the abuse and fraud in the paranormal arena. For all the years I have been around, I have continually gotten amazed at the cons, scams and outright bilking of the public by these con people. What really amazes me is how people just accept what they are doing as if it is not so bad or that I do not have a right to even speak of their seedy actions. There are a number of behaviors that I witness across the board with these fakes and they seem to carry a certain amount of predicted moves that often reveals who they are and what they may end up doing way before they do.

I've known a lot of professional people in the field that have at times ranged from PhD's to NASA personnel. Some of them have been on TV and the public would be shocked at the REST of their stories and their continuances that are not out there and how even though their story is somewhat changed for TV, how much more is there that they never showed or could show due to the nature of filming and television. You just can't get a handle on what it is like to deal with a demonic type of entity from a show after all, because, it entails smells, sounds, feelings and attacks in a personal way that can not be shown adequately on TV and people would have no clue just by watching a show. But, so many of those fakers out there take the TV shows as a cue to build their lying repertoire of their life without getting all the details correct. The fakers fake their PhD's, their lives and their stories, but, never good enough to those that have been around. They have no problem weaving a story that is ever changing and building upon it on a continual basis. It's the changes and how they happen that you can spot and the obvious attitude that seems to continuously point at other people in a condemning way. Like getting PhD's one year and then the next, seemingly putting out that they are “studying” for their PhD leaving the answer to them not having one in the first place and obvious lie. We pay attention and key into people and have been doing so for years now.

Now, I have said before that these people are showy and over the top on trying to say they are “ALL THAT” type of way. I find it funny usually, as they cover every avenue they like people to know to the point of it looking like a 20 year college student without realizing how they are coming off. Or they exaggerate their expertise by stating they have been this or that for almost the amount of years they have been alive. These types of people have an agenda. It's self serving and almost always has to do with money at some point. They tend to be scammers. These types of people tend to hang together, protect each other and absolutely HATE any type of policing done in the field. It is always amazing to me that when suddenly someone speaks against us, they are always connected to this type of networking between the same people we expose and they are always regurgitating the same arguments over and over like they have valid arguments, like trying to say I'm a kidnapper, like from the INBOX message I received from Jerry Williams, a fairly well known scammer to those that have been in the field for a while for his questionable demonology and exorcist classes he teaches for a hefty fee.

Jerry Williams quote in my Inbox:

Lol... People don't have to pay for school and they certainly are not forces. Its their decision. I offer a class that people have taken and thank me for the education. I guess you don't ever notice when I give free classes to those who have come to me for help, lets see you support Ron Feyl who charges for a membership for an exorcist investigator or exorcist but I guess that's ok you only pick and choose your bullying. Then lets see.... You claim your a Christian but way far from it apperantly have way too much time on your hands. Lets see you need repentance for child kidnapping that is on your record. That's even twice charged. I think you need to spend more time self involved instead of reaping off any coat tail of anyone who will listen to you babble. I mean your hate is a bad sign of negative energy and I hope and pray you will find God in your life. I forgive you for you know not what you do ...may God be with you. Get your own life straight a btw our students love. The school and enjoy the classes. So call me what you must even Jesus was ridiculed for his love and teachings....God bless

This type of thing is said over and over by one person who actually started stalking me after I failed to realize that I had some unknown obligation to ask him to be a guest on my show and failed to do so. (aka Rick Rowe and NOT KIDDING, it's on his website) and who has a criminal record. A friend of ours did a background check on the nasty network and found a whole lot. But, she included Darlene and myself (we work together) in that search, as well as herself and did not find any criminal background on us. Suffice to say, their misdeeds are quite extensive and range from embezzlement to assault and writing bad checks. All of these people in this network have some sort of scam that involves trying to gain money in some way. Many of these people are in fact atheist. Here's a better idea of who is involved with whom and what we have found on them on my Pinterest wall.

Now Jerry Williams school has been under question for quite some time and the last time I exposed him, he hid from online for a long while. Brett Watson is associated with him and co-owner of this school. Now, while he points the finger at me, he ignores his own cohort attacking me in the same manner.

I am actually an ordained minister from a real church. I don't put it out there, because, it basically is of no consequence to what it is I'm doing and is for spiritual reasons I have it that I sought out many years ago and unrelated to the paranormal, even if it is helpful to the field at times. I am not a kidnapper and never been in prison and while helping a child in an abusive situation, was charged taking the child out of danger to which the charge was dropped. I initially thought that was what came up, however, it does not and what they have on me is fictitious. I have never served any time in prison. I have some college and had psychology courses as well. I am at this point a chef and even though told I am terminal work a real job. I also have an investigative background in what I have had a job at and from time to time, do that. I am legally blind and have trouble with punctuation and at times the mistyping that I can not always catch. I am not stupid though and am underestimated many times based solely on my writing mishaps, which I find funny and not truly of any worthy argument against me.

Learning to be a minister is not just a fly by night, I think I'll do it right now proposition when talking about the dark spiritual forces that most lay people would not be prepared to deal with and certainly someone ordained through online for $25 would not truly be able to do so. It takes more then any online course. You have to be drawn to that life and for a lifetime. It is not something that one chooses, it is something that chooses you while kicking and screaming per say until you succumb and give in. It is not something people should think is thrilling or fun. You have to have a great faith and realize, that the very thing in which you are fighting may negatively impact you in ways that you would not even believe. It has me. I warn people for a good reason. You'll know if that path is meant for you, as you will be drawn to it, despite not affording $250 for a demonology course that is taught by someone that likely never even experienced one demon before. It certainly wouldn't be from people that have friends fighting with them that are atheist that do the sort of thing they do with ripping people apart in a way to completely humiliate and destroy them.

To the person that once said on my show that I could not be exposing people and be a demonologist... wrong! Fighting evil is on all fronts, not just on the spiritual, as the spiritual affects the living in a great way. When you fight that battle, it comes from many angles at you and those that do this know, people become part of that battle that evil manipulates.

We are standing in the biggest church there is that is across all faiths and across the world... it is online, on TV and everywhere... it's the Paranormal. Make no mistake here, it covers spiritual and religious beliefs in a way that not many other subjects do. I heard a conversation today of two elderly ladies saying how the young people do not go into church any more and that they needed to reach them... and how their membership had dwindled. Truth be told, the young people have grasped the spiritual and gone out of the churches and further with it as a way of actively investigating life after death and the mysteries to life. None of them want bogus people scamming them for their own dollar and not a one wants to hear fictitious accounts that didn't happen or hear from a person who made up his own Indian background to a fake Medicine man spill a bunch of bull while he gets paid at a convention or lecture. People want the truth... not some spit out self centered mishap at trying to garner narcissistic attention.

This field wants the science and to marry that with the truth at its very core.... that's what people want. The truth is out there! The WAR IS ON!

By Evan Jensen

Producer of Beyond the Edge of Reality Radio Network