Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Angel Books Optioned by Motion Picture Pro Studios

By Lisa Grace

"Angel in the Shadows, Book 1" and "Angel in the Storm, Book 2" have been optioned by Motion Picture Pro Studios.

The final contracts from Motion Picture Pros Studio just arrived. I'm taking them up to the bank to be notarized after I pick my daughter up from school.

The project is being fast-tracked, and now I'm putting together a plot point treatment (have no idea what they call it, I forgot). Since it's part of a series, they want to make sure characters that might be important in sequels are at least touched upon in this film.

The producer will be releasing a press release that announces the distribution deal on his current film (with a distributor everyone here has heard of) and then will mention mine is optioned and fast-tracked into pre-production with a screenwriter being hired immediately.

I know you guys have put up with me posting about the movie contract since September when I was first contacted, but now it's a done deal.   Books 1 & 2 are being combined into one film, and they have first right of refusal on the third.

I'm going to have Elaine P. English (entertainment lawyer) take bids on the paperbacks for the series.

Dreams do come true, and you can pinch me now.

NOTE: Everyone here at the Eye on the Paranormal sends a heartfelt CONGRATS to Lisa Grace for landing such a marvelous deal. We're sure this isn't the end of her journey, as even better and brighter things will be coming her way! We'll be first in line to buy the tickets on Day 1 of its release!


Unknown said...

Congrats Lisa.

Aanica said...

Absolutely wonderful I am truly happy for you.

Congratulations and bravo~

Anonymous said...

hmm sure looks like a "thank you" would be nice when someone says nice things to you, at least an acknowledgement of some kind. I see two people you left hanging already so I will keep my well wishes for someone who appreciates them.