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Satanic Book for Children & Satanic Paraphernalia Found at & Amazon

Satanic Books Tailored For Children And The Dangers

Hello everyone. I pray you're having a great week. Most of all, I hope everyone is healthy.

I have to bring this to your attention. When is it considered acceptable to teach children how to summon demons? There is a book about demons and what their jobs are. Or what their power is. It’s not a game. It’s truly a satanic tool for kids. As a demonologist with many years of experience, I believe that demon summoning instructions can be very dangerous. It’s not healthy for young kids to get involved in that stuff. Nothing good can come from it. Not one thing. There's no age limit. No adult needed. This is not okay. Children will be so confused. And the more you go against them having it the more they want it! I remember being a kid and the more my parents pushed something the more I wanted to do it.

The many accounts of evil spirits in Scripture affirm the reality of powerful spiritual forces of wickedness. These evil spirits are very depraved and VERY familiar with all our human weaknesses and desires. They know them very well. Some are more vile than others. Spirits speak to all of us to inject ungodly beliefs into us. These are thoughts that steer us away from our identity in Jesus Christ. For some people these supernatural voices are far more destructive and can cause harm to the individual hearing them. For some individuals, hearing these thoughts can be just utter torment trying to convince them to commit suicide or to kill another person. Demonic oppression and depression mimic each other in many ways. At times, many are written off as highly depressed, now that evil can stay for life with no fear of being exposed!

Random comments from on this subject:

Cindy says:

‘People think this is all fun and games. Because they think demons are just make believe. Whether you think there is a spiritual world or not this kind of thing is unhealthy and dangerous. If you don't believe demons are real and think it is just silly then don't let your kids spend time on it. I have known a few people who really had some mental and emotional issues after playing with a ouija board. This is not good for a young childs brain.’

Donna said:

I am disappointed that Walmart and Amazon would carry this book however docile they think it is. I don't think bringing a demon into a child's life at any age is something we need to encourage. They will find it out all too soon with things that come across their every day life. So I don't think we need to 'introduce' them to them! Look at what is going on with the Harry Potter Book. They introduced how to make a curse in their first paragraph in the first book. Now we have it wall to wall on television.

Article from

‘Did you know that the devil is as close as your phone or computer? Want to know why? Well, the shocking truth is that Walmart sells Satanic paraphernalia online. For instance, sells the Satanic Bible for $31.16 and a Baphomet necklace for $12.99. To clarify, Baphomet is a god or demon that Satanists supposedly worship. Importantly, Baphomet idols and necklaces are among the Satanic paraphernalia that Walmart sells, as Churchmilitant reports.

Additionally, Walmart sells Satanic paraphernalia that includes Baphomet statues, church of Satan goblets, and clothing with Satanic symbols. However, some of Walmart’s Satanic paraphernalia is downright silly. For instance, they sell Satanic cheerleader costumes.’

Remember how children have imaginary friends? They want a place set at the table for their new ‘friend’. Some of that has been a bit more to it. Is the law of attraction working in this particular manner? Possibly. You give something enough attention and you can’t control it will become very dangerous because you just don’t know what is really lurking. There’s nothing Jesus Christ can’t handle. Satan's time is near folks. Just look at the condition of the world we live in. The bad guys are looked at as the ‘good ones’.

Jesus left us with the power of The Holy Spirit to cast down devils and demons in his name. We do not have to tolerate any harassment from Satan or his kingdom. There are many spiritual warfare prayers. Contact me if you would like any. Your privacy is always protected. It’s never as bad as it seems. Remember nothing ever lasts forever, whatever it is you're going through right now.

Please use your stimulus checks for bills and getting on track. Many I see just going shopping like it was just extra cash and no big deal. That’s not fair. Don’t take advantage of this. Pay your power bill, car payment etc...

Until next time may your pleasures be many and your worries be few.

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Written By Jennifer Auld

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