Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Issue 102 – National Bean Week! False Teachers & False Doctrines Stink Things Up!

By Kirby Robinson

If you haven’t smelled it yet let me warn you that the doomsday prepper for profit Jim Bakker has declared that it’s National Bean Week! Apparently, his 60 million dollar debt to the IRS is on his mind.

But first…


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They Did a Bad Bad Thing!

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Some Appalling Teachings Going on Out There!

The Gospel according to the Beatles?

Yes, a mega church [the only purpose of a mega church is to line pastors’ pockets and get them on TV], has started a series of teachings entitled THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO THE BEATLES.

I guess I missed the news that the Beatles preached the Gospel of Christ.

There is no mention of their claims that they were more famous than Jesus Christ ever was. Of the “Fab Four” it should be noted that George Harrison was a Hindu, and when he died in 2001, he was cremated and his ashes were scattered in the Ganges River in India. The others followed spiritual paths, and they didn’t lay hands on the sick, raise the dead or cast out demons in Jesus Christ’s name.

Why are we seeing this kind of crap in the church? Are so many pastors in this nation afraid of the gospel? Do they fear talking about sin due to people finding a different church? Do they fear the Holy Spirit as so few have ever been touched by it? These days it seems that many pastors serve the dark master and not the master of light. An example of this is Joel Osteen.

Joel Osteen: “We are in debt to Judas.”

Yes, the pastor who is afraid to offend anyone is actually teaching that all Christians are in debt to Judas for what he did!

Now let’s play this out to the end. Judas once served the Master of Light [GOD] but he fell under the influence of Satan, sold our master out, and lied to Christ. What Osteen is teaching is that Christians are in debt to Lucifer himself. This is similar to the false teaching of Joseph Smith that Christ and Lucifer were brothers and fought for the right to be sent to earth to die. Christ won. By the way, if any Mormon wants to clean your home of demons send them packing. You can’t serve two masters at the same time.

So maybe we see why there are no good fruits coming from Joel Osteen.

The Benny Hinn Family Just Can’t Keep Their Pants On!

The story starts here about Sam Hinn, Benny’s little brother.

But here is the whole story

Jim Bakker

Jim says the USA will go into a deep freeze over the next few weeks and it might remain so for the near future. This according to such sources such as and AccuWeather. We wonder why he isn’t warning the government of his findings? I wonder why CNN, FOX, or MSNBC isn’t reporting on this story?

For those who don’t recall Jim’s past just Google his name and you’ll find the sex scandal that ruled the late ‘80s. He wasn’t the only one at fault as Jessica Hahn set him up, the media sold him out and Jerry Falwell wanted his satellite outlets for political purposes. In Jim’s defense, he did take responsibility for his actions.

Maybe he took a look at the crowded field of TV preachers and noticed that no one was selling survival goods, things like portable generators, 20-year-food supplies, water filters and chips and salsa, so he figured that pond wouldn’t be too crowded. Also, thanks to National Geographic Channel’s reality show, Doomsday Preppers, there is a built-in audience.

Sadly, to sell his doom and gloom scenario, he had to become a false prophet. Jim predicts there will be earthquakes but never pinpoints the location or what it’ll rank on the Richter scale. For example, will it hit America in 2013? Sure, that’ll happen, but where? He never says that a 5.0 earthquake will hit New Orleans, LA on July 4. That would be a genuine prediction and if it does happen then it’s a sign from God. And if he stated such a thing, he’s a prophet. The other thing Jim does is teach the false teaching that the church as a whole has to go through the Tribulation, which the majority of End Times researchers disagree with. This week on the Jim Bakker Show it’s National Bean Week and he’s pushing various types of beans, like black beans, pinto beans [“nutritious, filling and affordable”], and Rio Grande beans. Jim pushes the fact that you can even make burgers out of them. Beanburgers, anyone?

He should be warning his followers with this hilarious clip:

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Anonymous said...

Obviously Jim Bakker is nuts. Why bother blogging about it?

Gay Foster Parent said...

Because it's HIS blog and he can do whatever he wants to.