Thursday, March 27, 2014

Chip Coffey and Andrea Perron Want Your Money

By Chris Baricko

I have been noticing it seems like most of the paranormal celebrities want your money but that's it. Then if you leave a comment [on Facebook] they do not like they not only remove it they block you from posting anymore. Let's start with Chip Coffey. He was doing an event at the Mark Twain House in Connecticut. I was contacted about selling tickets for this event.  They offered you $5 for every ticket you sold and the more you sold the more they would do for you. I would not do anything to help the Mark Twain house. Myself and other local groups got told they are not allowing any more investigations. Then they post about having Chip Coffey for two days. So I asked why did things change? I said you're only about the money? Their reply was you're right it is about the money. [Seen in the 2nd email attachment below.]

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So I posted on Chip's wall about what happened and said they're not about the history it's all about the money. I also said how they show no loyalty towards the local groups. I was hoping he would support us. But NOPE instead he not only removed my comment but blocked me from leaving any more comments. This tells me Chip Coffey is also only about the money. I mean they are asking local groups to help sell tickets and offering them things in exchange. Let me tell you Chip Coffey you're not all you may think you are. You have proved nothing. And if you were as good as you say why do you not sell out on your own? Why do you need local groups helping you to sell tickets? I know your ego is bigger than your fan base. So if someone doesn't help you sell tickets or post a comment you do not like you remove it and block them.

Now I can see removing or blocking someone if they made a threat or racist comment. Or even start swearing up a storm. But just because you don't like what a person posts? If you can't take the good with the bad then close your page and stop posting and bragging about yourself.

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Now on to Andrea Perron. I notice she is doing many paranormal conventions. Can anyone tell me why? I mean really she wrote two books: House of Darkness House of Light: The True Story Volume One and House of Darkness House of Light: The True Story Volume Two. Just about all facts have been proven false. She has no proof at all to back up any of her claims. In fact, the current homeowner has proven most of the facts wrong about why it might be haunted. As we all heard the current homeowner has been pestered by people trespassing onto her property, breaking a fence and knocking on her door at all hours. Now how did people find the address? Andrea Perron said it on a YouTube video after she moved. Real nice. So after she moves she gives out the address to sell her book not thinking for one second about the current owner. Now she acts all nice to Lorraine Warren. But her family said Ed and Lorraine Warren made things worse and they threw them out of the house. Shame on her. She talked about the current owner and talked about the Warrens. So now she feels she is a star. Are the paranormal conventions hurting that bad that they need people like that?

So what we have are two people who both have no proof to back up anything they've said. But we do have proof as to what they really think of those involved in the case and how they treat people. Read the link below. I backed up what I said…but can they?


Chris B said...

I have the Email were the Mark Twain House admits they do it for the money. The one above got cut off above it

Anonymous said...

You may want check on Ryan Buell, and his Canadian Tour. I've read many complaints on his Facebook page about no venue being given, with less than a week before the first appearance in Canada(Apr 3, 2014). I've read that he in known for rescheduling does not actually cancel so he refuses to give refunds in the past for events and his PRS classes.

Sweet lil'Angel said...

Yeah, he's skipped to Canada to rip them off and run from USA peeps