Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Archbishop Ron Feyl Deals with More Than Just Demons, Exorcist has Critics

Almost everybody in the Paranormal Community ends up being a target at some point from internet bullies, being the dog eat dog world the Paranormal Community has become, but, nobody gets hit as hard as the clergy that offer services in exorcism, house blessing and just spiritual help to those who believe they are afflicted by dark forces. They are constantly dealing with a barrage of criticisms that have more to do with people criticizing a religion or beliefs that are not their own. I have on many occasion been told so and so of this or that religion who might be doing any sort of ritual that fights even slightest implicated evil is some how a fake. Many times, when I look into the situation, it is more of a complaint of “they don't do it this way like this religion” then any real fraud going on. I tend to take the stance of NOT BEING THE RELIGIOUS POLICE.

Now, don't get me wrong here, there are a good amount of fake exorcist and clergy out there in the field. Those who are fake, have ulterior motives. You can tell them fairly easy by their posts and what they put out there usually. Generally speaking, real priest do not spend a lot of time online. When you are doing good works that takes a good part of your life up and total concentration on such a constant basis, seeing the negativity on Facebook tends to be upsetting and discouraging, especially with seeing criticisms that are often fairly constant about their own work and even cruel insults that can be of a personal nature. However, that does not cover all individuals and everyone has a different tolerance.

This problem comes about mostly from the Roman Catholic stances or what people think are and often do not have any understanding of other Catholics besides Roman Catholicism. Often times, there are people pretending to have superior knowledge on such subjects as to intimidate those who might object to their criticisms of a clergy member or misstating facts many times deliberately. There are literally thousands of Christian religions and also probably that many pagan ones as well that have different beliefs in how to deal with evil forces or entities. Judging who is real or right is a matter of perception and choice and will mainly depend on an individuals background, culture and beliefs. Generally, clients stay within their own belief system when seeking help.

One such person that has been under repeated attacks is my dear friend, exorcist Archbishop Ron Feyl. People are saying that he is not ordained. Right on his own Facebook page, as easy as anyone can see is a history of photos that verify that he has been ordained for quite some time and in one photo, which is of a newspaper article, stands the Bishop who ordained him with a city official that was about an award of some kind years after his ordination while dressed in a priestly attire and of obvious younger years. In looking up the Bishop who ordained him, I independently found another person named as a Bishop ordained by him and the complete listed succession online. So how hard did these people look? Not very hard. They had it in their minds someone was a fake, so therefore, they are. I have yet to see one single fake anybody ever go through the lengths of photo-shopping pictures to make up a past. People that lie just generally do not have a past or personal information out there if they don't want people questioning what is there.

One such person that is questioning Feyl authenticity is a person who had past ties with Feyl's organization, “The Order of Exorcist”. However, this person took the membership and abused it by claiming he was an exorcist when he was not and merely only a member of the order which has paranormal investigators in it. Not only did this person named Brett Watson, fake his expertise and abuse his position with the order, but, he made his own order of exorcist being only a lay person with no real training in spiritual warfare. So he was booted out of the order and for good reason. Now Brett has an ax to grind. Well, it turns out that Brett teamed up with someone else, who tends to apparently take the Roman Catholic stance on everything and have little tolerance for other Catholics, yet, could conveniently overlook Brett’s own order of exorcist and seedy exorcist credentials?

Let's look at some of the other complaints here against Feyl. First off, there has been confusion of where he is from. I suppose if you never moved away from where you were born, you just would not realize a lot of people are born somewhere else then where they live their adult lives. Feyl is not Canadian for instance. There is an Ontario California. CA for California or CA for Canada confused some people. If you never talked to Feyl, you would never guess what state he is originally from. It's not California.

Someone said that their address for their church was in the middle of the road because that is where it comes up on Google Maps. I almost hit the floor on that one. When you have experience with truly investigating people, (I do for a job I do that is outside of any paranormal endeavor) then you realize that Google Maps is often wrong and can not legitimately know every address and rule them out because of such nonsense. If you look for directions to people's houses enough, you realize how off the Maps truly are as well.

First of all, Archbishop Feyl is not a Roman Catholic. Different Catholic religions have different tenets. They do not all follow Roman Catholic ways. However, even so, it is important to know some of the misnomers out there.

ONE: Ordination of a priest to the Roman Catholics is considered by God and therefore, once a priest, always a priest. The same goes for a Bishop, who then can ordain other priest. This is because it is thought that God does not make mistakes.

TWO: A Bishop does not need a physical building or church to become a Bishop or stay a Bishop. His jurisdiction is to be in charge of group people, which, an order of exorcist is. There is nothing in the New Advent (Roman Catholic encyclopedia very much used by Roman Catholics) site once so ever about Bishops being with a church or even assigned a church or building.

THREE: Exorcist are not always Bishops and even lay people can be ordained as exorcist under the right conditions or character and are not even always Roman Catholic.

FOUR: Roman Catholics acknowledge that even a lay person has the power to cast out demons with prayer if held steadfast in prayer under certain circumstances.

FIVE: Roman Catholics by their very nature have a hierarchy that must be taken into consideration when asking for a exorcism and are known for NOT doing exorcisms most times and do not usually like to deal with people who are of another faith at all. To get one is a lengthy proposition if they do one at all.

I could go on here, but, it would be redundant. Taking out our clergy that are needed in the paranormal field just because they are not Roman Catholic is ludicrous. I challenge people to show me a Roman Catholic priest or especially a Bishop who is going to work with the paranormal community to help people. You will be lucky to find one.

I did not find discrepancies in Archbishop Ron Feyl, only misstatement of facts by those accusing. It is important to realize that just because a website says something that; 1. Doesn't mean you can assume someone published the web page with incorrect information as anyone could have done so, and 2.  Doesn’t mean that you can always rely on that information as being solid and correct. The dates alone that some have reported as if lies told by the Archbishop of his ordinations are in fact wrong and therefore, not truly showing fraud at all. Just because you make a meme (picture with words made on the internet) doesn't mean it's the truth. It is easy to make up stuff and throw it out there against someone with no proof to back it up.

I'd like to add here that the Archbishop has been very forthcoming with the inquiry I have had with him, however, being I have respect for him, I will not publish his answers and will respect his privacy in this matter. I am not in the habit of going after priest unless there is clear reason to do so.

The fake priest and exorcist I go after are sex offenders or they are scamming and doing something much more then practicing a religion that others do not approve of. Like Brett who is involved with an online school for demonology and exorcists that certifies them when he had no real expertise or schooling or training to do so himself, let alone people paying him to train them and paying quite a lot for a sham.

There are other clergy members out there that are under the same type of attacks from people who probably don't really have the public's best interest at heart anyway. I was taught to have respect for men and women of cloth and to tell you the truth, I have respect for all religions and do not judge others as it should be. I completely resent people attempting to sideline me into this type of religious debate and then to act so self-righteous as to act like we allowed someone to get away, when the person who probably should not be getting away is the person cruelly and ignorantly making accusations all over the paranormal field behind so many people's backs. So maybe Ken Deel can answer for own own actions and explain to people how he only stands behind Roman Catholic ideals and have been behind much of what Brett has been saying and him as well not only of attacks against Archbishop Feyl, but, other non-Roman Catholic exorcist while ignoring Brett's own shortcomings (who is NOT a Roman Catholic or even a Catholic). There is no room for bigots in spiritual warfare.

Sorry Ken Deel, I AM NOT THE RELIGIOUS POLICE... apparently that's your job. Nothing is worse then people making a stink and not wanting their own name involved in it.

I will always be protective of our clergy and for good reason, I know what is out there.

By Evan Jensen, Producer of Beyond the Edge of Reality Radio Network.


Archbishop Ron Feyl’s “Order of Exorcist”



Brett SinAustralia said...

Evan ur site states that discussion of the facts only. Maybe u need to check facts before u write this garbage lol. Seriously u call Kenneth a police officer but in reality u and ur cronies are self appointed police officers of the paranormal. This articles shows even further how hypocritical you are and anyone can feel free to contact me and get the true facts not the flagrant lies portrayed here.
Brett SIN Australia

Anonymous said...

Well you can be an exorcist for a price on this Ron guys site. It seems this is a catholic view point as other ministers and faith doctines do practice exorcisms. I mean you have exorcists all the way back to the Sumerian days. We have Jewish, Islamic Exorcists and even the protestant church practice Exorcisms. The catholic church does a ritual rite which the Catholics own by their doctrine but the truth is that the term or title EXORCIST has been taken out of context and due to Hollywood and the Catholic church they are now judging everyone that don't follow their doctrine and faith. Jesus is the reason folks not a priest no a minister but Jesus Christ who said in Mark 16 he didn't say only a priest he says those who believeth and are baptized. Also the deliverance is very similar to exorcism except it binds demons ..... This is my comment...we all.must quit judging and work with the Lord Jesus. If your religion wants to fight they are on the wrong side.

Brett SinAustralia said...

Exactly given current events in the world unity is even more important.

Anonymous said...

Exorcist Bob Larson is by far a true man of the cloth. He is by far a very spiritual man and Jesus gave him the Authority over these Demons. Exorcist Bob Larson is an exorcist but not Catholic. He is a true minister and clergyman. He does it right exactly what Jesus instructed and by casting out Demons we can see they are on the rise. I mean this Ron guy on his site seems a little odd to allow anyone to be an exorcist and he does it for a nice price. His page has many exorcists as priests who all paid to be a priest exorcist. Now that's very Odd. And one thing I noticed on his page who is his ArchBishop because he is an Arch Bishop of his self. Rons site states you can pay $100-200. This is no different then the other scams out there he is a snake oil salesman. He does allow exorcisms of the ritual rite and the Diocese does not support him....mmmmm even Bishop Long had issues with this guy stated it on his Facebook a few months back when this Ron guy stated he had Demon investigators now.....I mean look at it for yourself....folks.... He changes his site all the time bidding info so hurry up and witness. I have an email from this guy Ron who states I can be an exorcist and perform exorcisms... I will post later on here

Russ Irby said...

As a deliverance minister who spent 10 years as a senior pastor with the Assembly of God, I can tell you that I would be very skeptical of anyone bringing someone into this field as long as they could find $65.00. We are all aware that anyone can get minister credential so the Bishop, reverend, etc, means nothing more than a title. When you call yourself Catholic but make it your own brand, then it is shifty. An Exorcist is not someone who casts our demons, but someone who uses the ritual of exorcism that was created by the Catholic Church, not Ron Feyl's catholic church but the real one. As I do not know the man personally, I will not say fake or real, but the infomercial type credentialing in a dangerous field does not help. I took your challenge and did some small investigating and this is what I found. Once again, this is not attacking, just publishing information from Mr. Feyl's own sites.
For one, it seemed he received a PHD in Psychology in six years (possible but not likely) from St. Michaels Catholic Seminary in South Bay. I could not find the school no matter how hard I searched.

Claims:Consecrated as Catholic Bishop-June 1979.
Presiding Archbishop of The Sacred Order of Saint Michael the Archangel and the Order of Saint Hilda-1980 to present.
Chief Exorcist for many Catholic jurisdictions-1980 to present. How can he be a Chief Exorcist for 33 years but only performed his first exorcism last August? Plus on his Linked In page he claims he performed three major separate exorcism in three days and four in one month. His only work as a "psychologist" was in a Sleep Disorder Institute and for his own group therapy group, both of which were short lived.
Yet in both had the title of Chief Psychologist.
All four Bishops involved with the program are from Anglo-Catholic churches or from his own or their own organization. This one really stinks.
Consecrated Catholic Bishop, 26th of June 1979 by Abp.+Gregory Voris, Bp.+David R. Vashon, and Bp.+Richard Michael Bridges. Claims to have been in Order of Exorcists for 33 years but only performed his first exorcism about a year ago.
Has a How to be an Exorcist link that,when you click on the link, it takes you to his page that wants you to join his group for 65.00.
There is one MD on his staff who received his MD in the Ukraine and had never practiced medicine. He works basically in marketing for pharmaceutical companies.

I am not personally attacking I pulled the information from his own linked in pages and facebook.

On the subject of Ken Deel. I am one of those Pentecostal Holy Rollers and Ken Deel as well as other Catholic persons have always been supportive and helpful in my ministry.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that so many people in the paranormal community want to fight and argue all the time rather than concentrating on the subject that binds them - the paranormal? Why are there so many liars and thieves in the community? Why do so many people in this community want to control and condemn others? There is so much hostility and deception that I really don't think the term paranormal community applies. I see no community.

Anonymous said...

This is a PAY FOR PLAY outfit and anyone that has any ties to a credentialed Church or Educational Authority realizes - it's just a club folks with a fancy title - I agree why get your panties in a squnch over someone who doesn't know their bible from their barbeque pit. Anyone can memorize lines - I pray this man never meets a real demonic. At best he's another Bob Larson - all hot air, at worst he's endangering people giving them the idea that they are 'officially trained' and putting them in mortal and immortal danger - God have mercy on your soul for placing yourself in a role of "episcopos" you will answer to the throne of God ...nuff siad

Anonymous said...

"Exorcist": this is a ONLY a Term for the apostalate anointing directly of the line of Peter, from the Holy See of Rome. Lots of other faiths have ways to drive away demons - This boy claims to be Catholic, which you can look at his page and if you are familiar with your Catholic neighbor and you are Jewish - you can get the clue. He's wearing a costume people. He doesn't qualify as "Catholic" as he's married to a "nun" (Order of Saint Hilda's Reverend Mother Susan) and whatever training he received must have been purchased the same way as he sells it - like hot cakes and sausauge at your local eatery. Cheerios folks - why bother? And don't give me that crap that "he must be doing something right to get this much negative feedback" - the truth here is that people are having to clean up after he 'trains' these people, as his supposed "trainees" leave train wrecks behind"..wake up and smell the bull here!

Farah Rose Deel said...

Farah here folks, The battle has been won, That much is true - This guy isn't worth anyone's time. This is a distraction from satan himself. The devil is either roaring on your doorstep or he's playing footsie with you in your own house. A REAL Roman Catholic Exorcist told me the reason why we have so many problems is that people are more apt to play with satan, now that a 100 years ago. So people wanna call me and my Ken "Catholic Police" or the "religion Police" because we actually Sought his help as an "ARCHBISHOP" (which is isn't. He did not return our phone calls, he did answer or repeated emails, we could not verify his "apostolic succession or appointment" by any bishop or church. ANYone that know myself and my husband knows that we ARE ecumenical, respecting the rights, the needs and the faith values of anyone that turns to us for assistance. We embrace and work with others in deliverance and liberation holding hands and working with everyone to get complete healing. Please stop bashing this poor man, He is NOT Catholic, He is to be pitied and prayed for. In his masquerade and charade of misleading people he will have no quarter when it comes to the people he's misled and endangered. Yes, we must pray for his poor misguided and deceitful heart. And each of us as a Christian Brother or Sister, must forgive him and instruct him should he come to any of us for help. For he knows this little 'club' is wrong and will only cause pain and hardship for the brethren, so let's offer him to the foot of the cross, besides Jesus has tougher callouses than any of us -
- - - Oh Lord Jesus only son of God have mercy on ME a sinner, and forgive your child "Exorcist" Ron Feyl his wife Reverend Mother Susan Feyl for endangering those most precious to you, help those lost sheep find the way to people of genuine faith and prayerful love that will give them the path to your door way, in Jesus name I pray, amen

evan jensen said...

this is a response to what M.R brett wattson staed his reply was this."Brett SinAustralia said...
Evan ur site states that discussion of the facts only. Maybe u need to check facts before u write this garbage lol. Seriously u call Kenneth a police officer but in reality u and ur cronies are self appointed police officers of the paranormal. This articles shows even further how hypocritical you are and anyone can feel free to contact me and get the true facts not the flagrant lies portrayed here.
Brett SIN Australia
My reply is here and an answer to brett wattson there are no lies to tell, no false truths, nothing to hide from. not like you have been doing Brett. you sell demonology classes through Jerry williams school of demonolegy, were caught faking and exorcism and also booted from this man(Archbishops sites and pages because he caught you m a faked pretense of yourself through misrepresentation of being and exorcist. get over it little man and face the facts.
Oh one more thing your classes you sell are how much brett, please tell folks what that link is, so they can see your the pot calling the kettle black darned fool.

Anonymous said...

Farrah, your post is hypocritical at best and while trying to sound like the religious and spiritual person, actually comes off as condemning and does exactly make the points that are made in the blog of condemning those who are not Roman Catholic. To the others here, you really are not refuting what is said here and lend the argument back to the article in your very words. As for the $65, it is membership fee to be part of an order and holds no rights to clergy for becoming clergy once so ever. So that statement again, just as the article states is a misnomer. There are about 60 members to that order and not all are clergy and therefore, not exorcist. As for the term "exorcist investigator" it is merely a more specific term then paranormal investigator, as they are then looking for signs of the demonic. As far as the religious police, Deel has certainly been and appears to be stuck on Roman Catholic tenets and bases all his knowledge on this. This would oust Bishop Long and many others known in the paranormal field, as he well knows. And Brett, you have a history of lying. It is easy to state there are lies here and not be able to refute one single one where people would see. Bob Larsen was exposed quite some time ago, to use him as an example is laughable. The diocese does not support Bob Larsen EITHER. LOL As for Ken being supportive, sure he is, but, does he acknowledge any ability to exorcise demons and think you must be Roman Catholic with appropriate apolistic succession to do so according to his idea of what that is, that is. All the arguments here are religious in nature and have to do with those attacking Archbishop Feyl and yet, no argument refutes what the article is saying once so ever. Assumptions being made on his intentions or what the money is for or even how the order works are being made without true statements to that, as I know what is on his pages very well after investigating him myself for quite some time and where some of the information comes from that is stated in this article. It is so easy to act as though you have something when you ignore what it is that is said by the very person you are criticizing. It's not the answer you want, just misstate facts again to make that argument again and again. Russ Irby, you should truly talk at length with Ken and get to know what he really thinks before trying to fry someone on his behalf in a meager attempt to protect someone who is by this very comment thread, shows the truth to what is in that blog and needs no protection, but, he needs to be shown just what it is he does. Ask him straight out, can another religion perform the rights of exorcism without the Roman Catholic apolistic succession. Ask him.

Anonymous said...

Whaaaat? Archbishop Ron Feyl Is married to Reverend Mother Susan?? That's a new one to me. That is very fisheee you gotta admit!

evan jensen said...

this is the comment i have to say archbishops tell all of the entire package here folks want to side with ken deel or farra go right ahead, but the truth is out there i do not make this any clearer.. its all we have to say period.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't this be just too easy to prove? Why doesn't this preacher come to this site and speak for himself? It seems reasonable to believe that he has read this post and the comments. Why not just post his credentials, like where he went to theology college, explain the who, what, when, and where of his ordination? Post a copy of any degrees or certificates or diplomas he has received? That kind of stuff are not things most people would keep private. Most people post their diplomas and certificates on their office walls. Why not explain exactly what his religion is? It seems to me that no preacher should have a problem sharing the details of their education, their ordination, their place of business, etc. Preachers are suppose to be truthful, honest, and transparent. I take no sides here as far as the underlying issues. It just seems to me that if his credentials are being questioned, then why not answer the questions?

Anonymous said...


"Dr. Sue Feyl", & "Dr. Ron Feyl"
(WTF? What's up with the "Doctor" titles?)
I Found this address associated with a "Sue Feyl" :: Rosewood Ct, Ontario, CA 91762 , Yes, it is the Same address as listed for "Ron Feyl" tooOOo, so apparently they do live together and with the same last name. And this is from what I gathered in 2 minutes of online searches. I think I am better to trust in Mr. Public Records, and Mr. Freedom of Information act, Where we can all decide for ourselves.

Anonymous said...

First of all, people who use anonymous do not want people to know who they are and yet boldly criticize people where they don't want others to know who is criticizing? How does that make sense and what credibility do you think you have in any of your statements. Actually, at one time Catholics did allow their priest to marry. Now, it would depend on a person particular form of Catholicism they follow. If you are speaking of Roman Catholic, it would be fishy. However, Archbishop Feyl is NOT A ROMAN CATHOLIC. He follows an older form of Catholicism before the church made changes. Bishop Long falls into this category as well. As for his credentials, you can't even post your own name and you expect a priest and exorcist who is being attacked publicly to put his personal information here so you can scrutinize it? Seriously? What are you NUTS? People DO NOT EVER PUT THEIR PERSONAL INFORMATION OUT THERE SUCH AS THIS. As for trying to say they are anything other then they are, you people are stretching and trying to fry them when you have no real information. If they are so bad, show me witnesses that have been burned. Show me people who have not gotten helped or been shunned away besides ONE claim from the Deels, which by the way, is NOT the proper name of Ken and he does not even use the correct spelling for it. Feyl is not condemning anyone, not even his attackers here. THAT, shows more of a real person then those pointing fingers at someone attempting to judge him on the behalf of God. Don't think for a moment that the audience here does not see how you people attack on anything you think you can find. It's sad really, and with all you are saying, you back up every word of Evan's blog. Thank you for demonstrating a truth for all to see.

evan jensen said...

A MESSAGE FROM BRETT WATTSON"Evan ur site states that discussion of the facts only. Maybe u need to check facts before u write this garbage lol. Seriously u call Kenneth a police officer but in reality u and ur cronies are self appointed police officers of the paranormal. This articles shows even further how hypocritical you are and anyone can feel free to contact me and get the true facts not the flagrant lies portrayed here.

evan jensen said...

Note: Mr. Deal wrote a book called, The Catholic Demonologist Handbook. On page 69 he states: “Little know fact, if you flat-line and die, you need to be re-baptized, partly because of the simple exorcism built into it.”
This is a heresy. The Catechism states:
1272 Incorporated into Christ by Baptism, the person baptized is configured to Christ. Baptism seals the Christian with the indelible spiritual mark (character) of his belonging to Christ. No sin can erase this mark, even if sin prevents Baptism from bearing the fruits of salvation. Given once for all, Baptism cannot be repeated.
The veracity of Mr. Deel is in serious question, not only from his libels but from teaching things contrary to the Dogma of the Sacrament of Baptism.

evan jensen said...

Acts 2:38

And Peter said to them, “Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.
Matthew 7:1-6 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

3 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4 How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

6 “Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.

evan jensen said...

Mark 12:30-31Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’[a] 31 The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[b] There is no commandment greater than these


evan jensen said...

Hebrews 12:2
Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us also lay aside every encumbrance and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, 2fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. 3For consider Him who has endured such hostility by sinners against Himself, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.

Russ Irby said...

Darlene, I have known Kenneth Deel for quite a while, and he is well aware that I am a deliverance minister and work with people that have demonic problems. He has never spoken in any way that is judgmental of my ministry being Pentecostal rather than Catholic. In fact has often said he is glad there are persons like me out there. I do not perform the rites of exorcism as these were created by the Catholic Church for use by their priests. This is why I am a deliverance minister and not an exorcist. I simply use the authority given all true Christians to cast out demons by Jesus. In case you are wondering, I do not charge for any part of the Spiritual part of my ministry. I do charge $15.00 per session for personal training in my gym which pays for the ministry. I in no way judged by my statement but only put forth information that Ron Feyl placed on his own Facebook, Linked In, and website pages. If what I published was a frying of Feyl, it was by his own published statements. None of my information was gathered from Ken Deel or anyone else in the field.

evan jensen said...

rus irby your comments are very invalid here. so you to have a reason to charge so what is your point exactly here?
in response to your post."Russ Irby said...
Darlene, I have known Kenneth Deel for quite a while, and he is well aware that I am a deliverance minister and work with people that have demonic problems. He has never spoken in any way that is judgmental of my ministry being Pentecostal rather than Catholic. In fact has often said he is glad there are persons like me out there. I do not perform the rites of exorcism as these were created by the Catholic Church for use by their priests. This is why I am a deliverance minister and not an exorcist. I simply use the authority given all true Christians to cast out demons by Jesus. In case you are wondering, I do not charge for any part of the Spiritual part of my ministry. I do charge $15.00 per session for personal training in my gym which pays for the ministry. I in no way judged by my statement but only put forth information that Ron Feyl placed on his own Facebook, Linked In, and website pages. If what I published was a frying of Feyl, it was by his own published statements. None of my information was gathered from Ken Deel or anyone else in the field.

Jennifer L. Auld said...

Once again, a excellent blog my friend! So many should read and follow the advice given. My father was a Pentecostal Minister for over 50 years before his recent death. Many cruel and unwarranted Attacks were always present just due to a difference of religious belief. That's all it was about. As a Demonologist I have dealt with so much the last 23 years myself. No matter how many times I provide valid proof and even Kirby was given proper tools to validate my truth in being Ordained properly not online (which was only to further my knowledge) when I first started blogging here over a year ago. This was a calling it was not a choice. People don't get that. People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing. God bless you and always keep his hedge of protection upon you.

Anonymous said...

I dont want to throw mud on anyone.. But I CAN tell you this. I haven't been in contact with Ken and Farah Deel for very long, but when I mentioned to Ken that I wanted to convert to Catholicism and just made ONE post about some problems I was having... He was RIGHT there for me..Even though it was online.. He was Johnny on the spot to be as helpful as possible and has offered to help me in my quest to become a Catholic and has not asked me for RED CENT ONE. It sickens me to see his name dragged through the mud just because he's trying to keep people from ending up in a bad spot. I'll put it like this.. Anyone who is claiming things from God that are false.. better get right and quick. Im not trying to make a judgment call on anyone.. Im just saying ANYBODY. God don't play.... and I wouldn't want to be in anyones shoes who does play in his name.

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome blog and much agreed! There are too many kind and loving Christian clergy in the paranormal community being bashed. It has become such a problem many investigators are having trouble finding them because all the good ones left the community due to being slandered by people like Ken Deel. In fact, he is a narcissist: if you do not agree with him then you must be a fraud. He also writes books to "train" Christian in demonology, yet turns around and bashes those very same people for being called "demonologists;" very stupid if you ask me. Deel even goes as far as sending out messages to people telling them, "this person's" and so on: he even has people that do it for him. So yes, Ken Deel believes it is his duty to be the religious police in the paranormal. He needs to see a psychologist for his narcissistic personality disorder.

Anonymous said...

Do your own research on Catholicism and see what and how he is able to operate. Or even better try to locate any information on a church, business or location for Mr. Feyl. Also, just search images on google every one of the photos that will appear are either staged or selfies that anyone can take at any church. Has a great business going drawing on the fears of individuals through the Christian religion.

Anonymous said...

Ron Feyl has some clear behavioral defects that require him to recuse himself as any clergy, let alone a "Bishop." When I went to seminary, we had to unde4go annual tests from a psychologists and psychiatrist EVERY year to assure we were on course, so to speak. Even those who have left Feyl will tell you that he has some serious issues.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Ken Deel needs some serious psychological help also. Ken goes full retard. Never go full retard.