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Explanation of Demons Not Ghosts, Part 4

By Rev. Dr. Bradley Luoma

Continued from: Explanation of Demons, Not Ghosts, Part 1
Explanation of Demons Not Ghosts, Part 2
Explanation of Demons Not Ghosts Part 3

If you were following us regarding Demons not Ghosts excerpts, we laid the foundation of ‘Ghosts’ not existing in parts 1 & 2 based on Biblical principles. In part 3 we further advanced the formulary regarding how the Demonic come to us because of Sin and our own actions.

Part 4 - Demons have existed since before the world was created, as once, they were holy and divine in the eyes of God.  However, one decided that he (Lucifer) would not bow down and allow humans to be loved more than the angelic realm.  Due to his actions, and along with a third of the holy realm, fell with Lucifer to earth to be departed from God. When Lucifer then went after Adam & Eve, Lucifer sent forth the snake (Leviathan) to tempt Eve and influence Adam.  As a result God cursed Lucifer and those under him.  God’s wrath is expressed in Genesis 3:14 - So the LORD God said to the serpent, "Because you have done this, Cursed are you above all livestock and all wild animals! You will crawl on your belly and you will eat dust all the days of your life.”

Famed Roman Catholic exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth (started the International Association of Exorcists out of the Vatican), who is pictured has stated on more than one occasion that he believes all ‘Ghosts’ to actually be Demons that are attempting to gain the confidence of the afflicted—with the intent of eventually possessing that person.  It is reported that during his tenure, Father Amorth has performed over 100,000 Exorcisms, which has led him to his belief.  As a fellow Exorcist Minister I would also concur with Father Amorth, these are Demons posing in a manner befitting to deceive mankind.

In part 3 we laid out how the invitation process brings forth the infestation and obsession stages, followed by the oppression stage finally concluding with the state of possession.  The next paragraph below in this writings will discuss briefly how Demonic forces betray mankind, as they are not whom people think they are. Remember, the ultimate goal of the Demonic is possession of the soul of the individual who got ‘Involved’ in a multitude of acts (occult activity or generational curses).

So let's examine some these points of contention:

1. A theory as to why some of the same ‘Ghosts’ or ‘Spirit figures’ are seen in multiple differing places at the same time raises a point.  An internet search depicts such a ‘Ghost’ - Abraham Lincoln.  Now clearly there was only one Abraham Lincoln.  So who are these ‘other’ spirits manifesting in other areas?  Imposter ‘Ghosts’?  If each of these separate haunted locations is being visited by Demons pretending to be Abraham Lincoln, it will certainly explain the multiple appearances of the former president.  However, Job 7:10 also nullifies human spirits from lingering around.

2.  Another theory that Paranormal investigators believe that many of these ‘Ghosts’ or  ‘Spirits’ choose to stay and linger around because they are in an environment that they love.  However, many also believe that they stay in environments of horrible trauma, or where vicious acts have occurred, and where people have even experienced heartbreak and loss.

This not true according to the Holy Bible found in Hebrews 9:27 nullifies this.  If ‘Ghosts’ then are Demons, this situation becomes clearer.  Once death occurs, the human soul does not linger around.  All these ‘Ghosts’ are simply Demons pretending to be once living—and these beings would clearly thrive in an environment that’s seen a lot of terrible things.  Remember, Demons know all about us before we existed.

3.  So what about the Phillip experiment found in the paranormal world?  The Philip Experiment was conducted during the 1970's, in which a group of Canadian parapsychologists decided to invent a fake ‘Ghost’.  This group chose a non-haunted location, made up the name/age/background for their fake ‘Ghost’, and proceeded to perform a typical paranormal investigation.  Imagine to their surprise when, after a few days of work, they started to get activity in the non-haunted place.  This included communications from an entity that corroborated the Philip ‘Ghost’ back story by pretending to be Philip.   So was a ghost manufactured from nothing, and formed from nothing too?  Of course not!  It was a Demon coming forward and lying to the investigators in an attempt to interact more with the group of people. Hmm…This is what is occurring when one goes ‘Ghost’ hunting, they are actually hunting and pursuing Demons.

4. What about haunted people?  Well, unfortunately this is due to several factors, but activity such as ‘Ghost’ hunting causes hauntings upon people.  Many of us have seen movies and heard stories, in which some people seem to be afflicted their entire lives by ‘Ghosts’ (wherever they go), while others never encounter such a thing.  Why?  Famed exorcist priest Father Gabriele Amorth states this could have everything to do with the fact that these people are "obsessing" or "paying attention" to those of the other world or other side. This is one of the steps of Demonic possession, along with ‘invitation’ and ‘infestation’.  It goes to reason these same people would spend more time dwelling on the subject of ‘Ghosts’, than those who had never seen one.  This all supports the progression of invitation, infestation, obsession, and possession - which is how Demons operate.

5. Why do ‘Ghosts’ then wear clothes?  This is usually followed closely by, "Why do ‘Ghosts’ appear at one certain age”?   Often not the last age they attained?  For most ‘Ghost’ hunters, there are simply no logical answers to these questions other than they (Demons) can appear however they want to.  However, these ‘Ghosts’ are Demons purposely attempting to appear to us in a way in which we will be more likely to accept them.  Remember, Demons know all about us and what makes us ‘tick’.  The answer becomes clear: it’s all a charade in an attempt to get us to interact with them!

Humans have an innate curiosity to learn as well as a fear of the unknown.  These two characteristics that humans own are what Demons thrive upon to enact a plan of destruction upon people.  According to a recent study approximately 22% of Americans believe they have encountered a ‘Ghost’.  However, that number is probably even greater than actually estimated, due to a person who is older, passes that sighting off as their imagination playing tricks on them.

The Demons as former angelic spiritual beings have the ability to transcend time and space in the blink of an eye.  The Demons will use any image that they can to get one to buy into their plans of destruction.  They will always project themselves as something innocent and not harmful, when that could be further from the truth.

Many times children are the targets, because children are much easier to influence and the love children possess has not truly been tainted by experiences in the world.  Therefore Demons will usually come to them as little children a boy or a girl, getting them to trust them.

In our final part we will list how the Demons masquerade themselves upon mankind.

Rev. Dr. Bradley Luoma

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