Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Issue 109 – “Ghost Inside My Child” Dissecting Stories [Part 3]

By Kirby Robinson

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So far, it’s been shown that the producers have, for a lack of a better word, lied to the viewers. There are too many false claims of reincarnation, being ignorant of the subject, and misleading the viewers.

We’ll take each of the 3 stories as a whole so we don’t further confuse the viewers/readers.

Story 1 “There is no plane crash. This just a liar’s pants on fire”

As we’ve shown at the end of part 2, Bruce and Andrea Leininger have a vested interest in selling their son’s story. It’s probably the story that they sold their son. Of course, the viewer isn’t shown the whole story. This is beginning to sound like Paranormal State and Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal to me.

The segment begins with the couple telling some of the back-story about their life prior to moving to Lafayette, Louisiana. What they didn’t tell the viewer:

Andrea was raised in a suburb of Dallas, Texas and she met Bruce there.

Bruce was from a working class family born in New Jersey, divorced with four [now] grown children. He moved down to Texas and married Andrea. After he got married, he had some “career transitions” and moved to San Francisco where their only child, James, was born. The couple later ended up in Lafayette, Louisiana.

The job that Bruce ends up with is far beneath his training and education.

If you visit the family’s website for the book, check out their author page:

The site is full of information that someone with a critical eye will be able to start removing any foundation that is legit from the Leiningers’ story.

~ The parents’ biographies. Notice how Andrea excelled in dancing, art and guess what—writing. When you watch the TV program and/or read the book, you’ll see that she is the driving force behind the story. It’s her visit alone to the son’s bedroom that introduces the story. She is the driving force in guiding the tale of the fighter pilot.

~ Andrea is the one that chose to ignore evidence that would question the validity of her son’s claims.

What one can take away from the bio is this:

1 Andrea was used to being in the spotlight due to her career as a dancer.

2 After James’s birth she was out of the spotlight and no longer the center of attention.

3 She became a housewife.

4 She needed something to bring attention to James in order to set herself and family apart from ordinary people.

 If you click on the blog link, you’ll notice the self-promotion blogs but you’ll see this:

Soul Survivor
An astrological investigation
by Walden Welch

Now the site doesn’t tell you that astrology can be debunked by science:

If you’re a Christian, God doesn’t need help from a moon sign.

Keep reading the blog you’ll notice this line:

Sharon Matzinger who is a healer and past life regression therapist. 

It might be a good idea to start building a list of all the bad science, fake science, and new age lies that will be used to sell this family’s fake story.

There is no such thing as past life regression therapist.

There are people who use this title but try to find any state that licenses such therapy or even certifies it. Google the top 10 schools for psychology and look up if any of them offer training in it. Or don’t bother, because it doesn’t exist. Check with the APA [American Psychological Association] and see if they endorse it. They don’t.

Let’s start to debunk the story they share:

~ They live in Lafayette, Louisiana.

~ Shortly after the age of two, James starts to have nightmares. When they begin, the mom rushes into the room to comfort him. This is where the narrative begins.

~ Andrea is a stay-at-home mom during this time. James has an interest in planes. The mom has an interest in writing and drawing. Could she have shaped the story to recapture the spotlight she once was in?

~ The phrase the mom repeats, claiming the son says: “AIRPLANE CRASH! ON FIRE LITTLE MAN CANNOT GET OUT.”

~ That phrase would be easy to teach a child to repeat. Note how we’re never offered any proof that James said this.

~When asked who shot him, he says Japanese.

~ Gives a name of a ship he was on.

~ The family claims that they found photos of the ship online.

But what really came first--the statements or the proof?

The viewer is never told that the child had paid visits to the Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas.

Andrea then calls her mom and asks what could be taking place in her family? The mom blurts out “Maybe he is experiencing a past life?” [Two out of the three stories feature moms who state this idea].

This brings in Carol Bowman, a false new age teacher who has written two books claiming that her and her kids have had bouts of past life recollections.

Here is her bio:

Carol Bowman began her research into children's past lives when each of her two children had a spontaneous past-life memory. In her quest to understand what had happened to them, she discovered that very little practical information had been written on the subject. So she wrote her first book, Children's Past Lives, which was published by Bantam Books in 1997, as a practical guide for those encountering past-life memories in children. Her second book, Return from Heaven, on reincarnation within the same family, was published by HarperCollins in 2001. Her books have been translated into more than sixteen foreign languages.
Carol has made extensive appearances on TV and radio, been featured in newspapers and magazines, and cited in numerous books on reincarnation. Her national TV appearances include The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, Unsolved Mysteries, ABC Primetime, and several documentaries on A&E and Discovery Channel.
Carol has an M.S. in counseling from Villanova University and has been practicing past-life oriented counseling with adults and children for the past sixteen years.

She has books to offer, TV appearances to tout, and claims to do past life counseling, saying she gives advice on such matters. Where does she get her training to do this?

Not only do her kids recall a past life but also they do it at the same time! Amazing!

Next Week - Part 4 “Drowning in Deceptions”

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Wayne Brasler said...

The two episodes I have seen disturbed me because, yet again, parents irresponsibly are putting their children before the glare of mass media and entertainment rather than, as they should, protecting their private lives and granting them as memorable childhood as possible free of going before cameras and opening their souls to the world. Beyond that, these cases are not new and yet the children involved are shown as children when they are no longer children. I see a lot of actors being employed, almost everything seems scripted, nothing seems spontaneous and an air of apprehension and fear dominates, when there is noting to be apprehensive about or fear. It seems mostly a matter of exploiting these children to get a place in the spotlight. As a child of 4 I remembered a previous life as an unsuccessful lady singer in Los Angeles. I am a male. I recently met people who knew me then and they said I sang before I talked and sang only hits by lady singers. At 13 I formed a fan club for a famous lady singer and, 60 years later, am still associated with her and she has said she sensed early there was something about me linked to girl singers. I did tell my parents about all this as a kid, they listened, but they continually refocused me on family and friends and daily life and did not encourage to devote energy or anxiety about this private life (she died in July, 1938, I was born in October, 1940). I still remember much about that life, where I lived, the man I lived with (not nice), my illness (cancer) and where I worked (a restaurant in L.A. which was round and served barbecue beef on a bun with cole slaw). But I went on to my own exciting,high profile life thanks to my sane and sensible parents who loved me as I was.

The Old Geneaologist said...

Roman Catholic claptrap.

Unknown said...

Other fake: I was watching a show on syfy "Paranormal Witness", the episode was the coven, The guy Matt looks familiar to me, I started thinking where I saw him, I explored on internet and watched again an episode of the ghost inside my child and gotcha!!! Matthew Brown, was the same person, I could not believe that the same man that lived in a house full of death now was sharing his family's story. His son was a soldier and in this show he was a soldier too, who was sending to the war.... I laugh when he said I lived with this kind of memories too, and I didnt have help... I know is hard, and thats the reason I wanted to help my son to know whats going on with him.

Unknown said...

If the little girl who thinks she died in the day care center knew Dana & Chrispher and Ms Wanda then she is for real. If that little had went to that day care she would 100 % know these 3 people. So if someone can find this info out and she can confirm who these people were to the day cares daily routin then that little girl will haver sold 100%. As you couldn't go to that day care and these 3 wouldn't have a strong presecnce there. SO FIND OUT FIRST PLEASE ....

Anonymous said...

So here you are trying to make money off kids and families you don't even know, coming to false conclusions, projecting your need for fame onto others, and "exposing" irrelevant information in order to support your assertion that it's all lies. So what aren't you exposing about your life to all of us, and does the fact that we don't know where you grew up, who your siblings are, what jobs you've held or how often you trim your toenails mean your whole blog is a lie? I really was looking for credible debunking and have read three of your four articles on this show hoping for SOMETHING of value. Sadly, you're just a "Christian" trying to convince the rest of the world of your own half-baked ideas and religious prejudices.

Anonymous said...

One show had a girl who recalled dying in the 1982 plane crash in Kenner la. Since I was a witness to that disaster, I heard several errors. Error one, there was not a thunderstorm at the time. When the plane took off, a dark sky was threatening but it had NOT started raining then. And, it would have been odd that she would not have recalled her best friend that lived at the corner house and his parents still live in that house. When they came to Kenner they did not meet with key people still around and available. Very odd.