Saturday, March 30, 2013

Let Me Introduce You to My Jesus

By Kirby Robinson
copyright 2008-2013

Over the past few years there has been an effort to alter the story of Jesus Christ, His life, and how he died. These fictitious alterations have more often been wrong than right, and have confused and bewildered people, thus causing inner conflict and doubt.

I’m going to write about my Jesus, the Jesus that I have grown to love, admire, respect, but never completely comprehend. My Jesus is the only Son of God. Sent here to earth to end the need for the Law of Perfection that the world suffered under until the day He was nailed to the cross. Born of Mary, a virgin, and Joseph, his earthly father, He was not a child of some rabbi or spiritual leader, or of a Roman centurion. Jesus, the child, turned into a man who under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the Lord himself, was taught all the knowledge to understand and comprehend His role in the struggle of good over evil, of light over darkness, of love over anger, and of peace over unrest. 

If He did travel to India and Tibet to study under great masters, that’s fine, but it’s not important. If He didn’t, that’s good as well. If He got caught up in politics and wanted to see Israel free of Roman power, so what? He was a man, He had the power to think, and speak His own thoughts. But none of that really matters. Was he married to Mary Magdalene? Had children, even? Again, that’s not an issue that I hang any great importance upon. For what is the greatest expression of being a man loving a woman and giving life to a child? So if he experienced this, great. If not, then He sacrificed a normal family life so that he could serve all of mankind. Did He come up with totally original and new ideas about the world? Some bold, brave, and new kind of thinking? No. Does that make him less a teacher if His message is simply one of love and compassion? Caring for your fellow man? That there can be victory over illness, suffering, and bondage in this very life and in death? That there is the reward of being one with the Father and being reunited with your loved ones? The most excellent truths we can seek are often the old ones. And when He learned what the final act of His earthy life had to be, the betrayal, the trial, the beatings and floggings, carrying His own instrument of death, and finally, hours of suffering, being nailed up on the cross. Nails driven through both His hands and feet. With bones broken, organs bruised, blood flowing from countless cuts, He knew what He had been born to do. Not only had He come to give a message to an unlistening world, but also He came to this earth to live and die for all of us.

As His last breath left his body, He spoke: "Why hast thou forsaken me?" and "Blame them not for what they do for they know not." His blood flowing to the ground to pay a price so we can seek healing and salvation. With His breath gone, His body moved into a tomb, the darkest hours of Christ’s life was at hand. There was one final task He had to do. The hardest and most challenging task still lay ahead.

Christ had to descend and stay in hell for 72 hours. Alone, cut off from angels, the Holy Spirit, and the Lord Himself. He had to endure 72 hours of torment. What deepest recesses of hell He must have been cast down into. What manner of demons must have been unleashed upon Him? His spiritual body must have been torn to shreds. The devil, Lucifer and Satan only had 72 hours to force Christ into forsaking His power. Understand that Lucifer has access to the heavens. He knew about Revelation and the final conflict to be played out in Armageddon, and he knew that unless he broke Christ, he was going to lose the battle.

Jesus Christ is and was the ultimate Bodhisattva, (the Sanskrit term Bodhi [enlightenment] and sattva [being], meaning someone who releases all sentient beings from suffering). He had to take on all forms of physical illnesses during those hours on the cross. Every infirmity ever known to man, Christ had to endure. So we could be healed. Think of that, will you? Every form of cancer, every infection, virus, and germ released on his body. Every form of mental illness was unleashed on his mind. Each and every major and minor sin He endured. He had to go to hell and suffer the full might of evil for every single person that had been born, for all times, past, present and future. He paid the price for believers and nonbelievers. This is what grants us the grace of salvation for those who seek it. This is what grants us dominion to cast out demons. If Kirby Robinson’s name were used to cast out a demon, the dark forces would laugh, as I have no spiritual authority. But because of the dark hours that Christ spent in hell, He never gave up. He could have, but He didn’t. He knew that if HE could not withstand the onslaught of evil, then who could? Not you, nor I, but only Him.

Why is it that more and more people are trying to take Jesus off the cross and turn His works and teachings into myths and lies? His life was led to the fullest for every single person that has and will ever inhabit this planet. Some have been insinuating that His life was part of some wild conspiracy. He used the cross as a means of escape. He snuck out of Israel and lived under an assumed name in another country. A wise man once said that the smartest thing that the devil ever did was to convince people that he did not exist. I say, the smartest thing the devil ever did is convince people that Christ did not pay the ultimate price. He may sell that bill of goods to others, but not to me. I have Christ in my heart, spirit, and mind. My Christ lived for me, my Christ taught for me, my Christ suffered for me, my Christ died for me, my Christ rose for me, and my Christ will always be there for me. Will yours?


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