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Truth is Stranger Than Fiction: Chip Coffey Liar Liar, Pants On Fire

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By Beatrice Marot

Above all, don't lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him or around him and so
loses all respect for himself and for others and having no respect he ceases to love.
~Fyodor Dostoyevsky

I have to warn you . . .  you are about to enter the Goddess Zone. My life is very unique and if you’re going to read my story, I only ask for you to be open, to let go of your limitations because I am about to take you on an adventure beyond reality as you know it.

My name Beatrice means “Bringer of Joy” and I like to think so and in order to tell my story I have to introduce you to my spirit guide, Merlin who is my co-star and director in spirit and by the time I am done sharing my daring tale you will understand exactly how real Merlin is in my life.  

Kirby Robinson has asked me many times to share my story of the nightmare that I went through with Chip Coffey, but I have always declined in the past. I have never sought to hurt Chip Coffey even though he deliberately destroyed my life and livelihood as a top rated psychic on  The only thing I have ever sought from Chip Coffey is that he simply tell the truth and apologize and all will be forgiven.

But a soul energy like Chip Coffey cannot tell the truth, they cannot bear to be wrong or “found out” and the mask of civility they wear is simply that, a mask that hides the true motives behind every grafter that ever walked the Earth. They need and desire above all else power, fame, wealth and control.  In modern times we call them sociopaths, in ancient times we called them demons.

Sociopaths are incredibly charming, clever, witty, a real pleasure to be around and as long as they are the center of attention, as long as your light does not outshine theirs, as long as you live and breathe to manifest their dreams you are cherished and adored. And Chip did adore me for two years. We spoke several times a week. I shared my most intimate secrets with him.  He was my confidante and my dear friend and I loved him like a brother. I shared with him all of my knowledge and wisdom about the spiritual realms and he was always the eager listener, once telling me in that confident tone he exudes with his charming southern vernacular, “You know Beatrice, you’re gonna be famous . . . you mesmerize people.” To which I would giggle, “Oh Chip, you’re so sweet.”

You are cherished and adored as long as you serve them and their agenda but when you become a threat, you must be eliminated and there is no mercy. The speed at which a true sociopath will change their colors is lighting and they will spin a story to absurdity . . . rather than admit the truth and in this case, that Chip Coffey did a great wrong to a good friend.

This is a story about friendship and betrayal told with facts and without judgment because betrayal is at the core of all the ills that affect our society and my purpose in life is to inspire change and raise the consciousness on the planet and every single person that I read for is also here for that reason. In order to do that effectively, I had to experience the incredible pain of betrayal and unreal cruelty at the hands of someone to whom I did absolutely nothing to but be a cherished friend. Alas, I made a great faux pas in the eyes of the grafter . . . I became number one psychic in Voices From Beyond on

My story is not meant as a means to seek revenge on Chip Coffey for the betrayal of my friendship and the cold callousness with which Chip continues to play puppeteer to some very misguided souls. The women that have been my tormentors who do his bidding are truly the blind being led by the blind. I am a true seer and by sharing my story, you will come to know the difference between a real seer and sincere healer and a cold reader and clever raconteur.

My story is not to malign Chip Coffey. Chip Coffey is simply a character in a morality play that will allow me to teach very important life lessons that you really do reap what you sow. I hope to inspire those reading my story to walk the path of truth and whatever your beliefs are, the truth is the same for everyone. The truth is an ideal energy that vibrates at a frequency of love and when that truth is realized, a human being treats all beings as a part of themselves and you would never betray yourself now would you?

And this is where my spirit guide Merlin comes in and just so you know, like most spirit guides, Merlin is very funny and he is always making me laugh even through the darkest times and at times, the times got really really dark to the point where I almost committed suicide and I ended up in the loony bin on a three day involuntary hold.

It was funny when the Doctor asked me the question, “Do you hear voices?”

“Yes, I get paid to hear voices, but they didn’t tell me to kill myself, that was me.”

As I sat down to write the first chapter, I asked Merlin, “Well, what should the first chapter of my story be called?” And in the same moment, uploaded a podcast on my Facebook page by Reap Paden aka The Angry Atheist who was sent by God as my Angel and Knight in Rusty Armor called “Liars” with a graphic of a pair of pants on fire and I heard Merlin say, “Call it, Chip Coffey …Liar Liar, Pants on Fire.”

Stay tuned to the light  . . .

This is a podcast featuring Bea Marot on Reap Paden's Angry Atheist radio show.

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