Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Supernatural and Time

By Lisa Grace

The Scriptures make it clear God is the great “I Am.” He was, is, and will be. Unchanging.
God exists outside of time, and created it for the purpose of our universe. The evening and the morning were the first day. (First mention of time Genesis 1:5).

Most theories surrounding God put Him inside our universe, which is why they don‘t work.
He spoke and the universe was. He is outside of time, and the other rules that govern our universe. The thing is—time is relative, based on the concept of numbers. We can’t control numbers (destroy or make them) the same with time (can’t destroy it or make it.) Time really exists as a matter of thought. Same as numbers.

Books, writings, start as thought. When a reader reads a story, or words that have been written like this article, it doesn’t matter if it was written five minutes ago or five years ago. My words and you, are both in the now.

Thought is more powerful than we realize, even on just a lowly human scale. God created us to think, which leads to us creating, which is no surprise, as we are made in our Creator’s image. Genesis 1: 26
Thoughts are powerful, literally. With the age of brain scans, scientists can now map out pictures of what you are thinking just from your thoughts. If man can already do this, how much more can God do?

Scientists talk a lot about the speed of light; however, they really can’t measure the speed of light. What they can measure is when it bounces off one thing and arrives back where it started, and then they divide that by two. Therefore, we really don’t know what the speed of light is, just that the bounce back rate is measurable. It’s bounce back rate could be comparable to that of a car hitting a wall for all we know. In other words, what we call the speed of light (the bounce back rate) could be the same ratio as that of a car coming to a dead stop after it hit’s a cement wall.

Supernatural creatures were created. Their concept of time and living within time is not the same as ours, as they are not bound to the rules of our universe. They existed and were created before our universe (they shouted for joy as the foundations of our universe were laid. Job 35: 6-7). 

Since time as we know and understand it, exists for the purpose of our universe asking “when” supernatural creatures were created may not be answerable in a way we can comprehend. They were created before “time” as we know it, existed. They are not bound by time, thus comes our concept of immortality.

We do know in our universe, on our earth, they can only be in one place at one time, but it can appear as if they are instantaneously there. This could be because of what they are made of which I describe in my four part series:

The whole point being is: since God created time, and He and His supernatural creatures exist outside the constraints of time, we can not possibly understand existing without time anymore than a fish can understand living outside of water.

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