Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Issue 156 – The Eye is Under Attack/Bishop James Long Ripped Off

By Kirby Robinson

The Eye is under attack. Bishop James Long gets ripped off by the Ripoff Report and the Truth is Exposed on May 31

It's been a very busy past few days but GOD is great. When we see no way out of a situation, when all is stormy and unsettled, He places his protective hand over us.


The forces of darkness and untruth have been working 24/7 to try to shut us down and silence our voice. As I've said before, that won't happen. In 2008 when I started this blog I had no idea what it would grow to be or to mean to our readers. To date, we have almost 900 blog posts and there will be more--no matter what.

We've been offered by folks who run servers overseas in nations that take the idea of freedom of the press and speech a little more seriously than here in America, space to place our blogs in case of removal. That means they will always be available online.

Additionally, it might be time for me to move from the great state of California, and the lovely city of Los Angeles that I get to see so little of due to being on the road so much, and head to the great nation of Canada.

Last weekend I received an invitation from a Canadian-based Deliverance ministry seeking help on cases throughout Canada. They also work with a group of exorcists based out of northern United States. I've been told that it's possible for a person to gain Canadian Citizenship [it might take a while, but it can be done] so soon we can say that the EYE ON THE PARANORMAL is truly an international operation.

Saturday, May 31 the Darkside of the Paranormal Will be Exposed

From [3:30 PST] 6:30 to 8:30 PM EST


We've invited the major players in this debacle: John Zaffis,  George Lopez,  and Andrea Perron  to attend this event to present their side of the story.

You're Invited to Share YOUR Side of the Story!
Call in on May 31, 2014 from 6:30 to 8:00 PM EST. The name of the program: THE DARK SIDE, DARK SECRETS--PARANORMAL AMBUSH SMACKDOWN. It's hosted by Evan Johnson and features Kirby Robinson as a guest.

Call-in number: 215-383-5840
We want to present a far and balanced  program. We wish all sides will be heard on this very important topic. 

The only one not invited yet is Chip Coffey. This is because he reads every word I post anyway, so Chip consider yourself invited!

Bishop James Long Ripped Off by the Ripoff report

Sad but true, even good men get dragged down into the gutter of internet stalkers. It seems that there is a person who calls himself or herself Truther that has led some to think that TRUTHER is me. Let me clearly say this: I've never heard of a more stupid name than Truther. 

Below is a link to the report and the overwhelming condemnation of the report. Sadly, Bishop Long has become a victim to a false report just like thousands of others including Chip Coffey and even me. You see the only way to get it removed is to pay them.

Email from Ripoff report

Ripoff Report has always had a uniform policy to not remove Reports. Ripoff Report is a permanent record.
People have tried to sue Ripoff Report over 80 times, .. we’ve never lost. We did not create the content. We only mention this because most people have this in their minds – so, don’t be insulted we did..

 We will all get complaints – how you handle them is what separates good businesses from the rest. You can always file a Rebuttal – it’s free. explain your side, you can even attach photos, documents and any evidence to your rebuttal to back up your claims. This is completely FREE! if done correctly, this can make you look better and work as permanent postive advertising for you – there is no business that can go without complaints – no matter what you do for a customer, sometimes they will still complain.
if that is not good enough …
If the complaints are personal in nature … You can also try and look at our VIP Arbitration program .. This program is mostly for personal comments. If you are business, keep reading. BUT…
The above VIP Arbitration program does not include monitoring for new complaints like the program below. The above VIP Arbitration program does not include creating NEW positive titles reflecting your commitment to customer service like the program below. The above VIP Arbitration program does not include Ripoff Report sending out a photographer / writer to your business to verify your business and Ripoff Report writing a feature REVIEW about your business like the program below.. Everything above is inlcuded in the program below.
do more for your business like many other businesses have been doing for over the past 13 years of our 16 plus years in business… read below.. VIP Arbitration best works if the comments about you are personal in nature..
Watch these 3 short YouTube Videos that will explain it all.. The 3 short videos will automatically play. just ask any of our members if their business is better now than it was before they had NO complaints. See this video Let the 3 short videos play – they will play automatically.

Sounds like a scam to me.

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Anonymous said...

Dr Kirby it seems like we are on the run to canada and while we are at it I listened to that radio show that James long was on and he buried you more than all the other ones when it came to Catholicism. And yet you are not attacking him...very interesting Dr Kirby. You Dr Kirby can run but you can't hide from the truth and it's catching up with you!Dr Kirby it seems like we are on the run to canada and while we are at it I listened to that radio show that James long was on and he buried you more than all the other ones when it came to Catholicism. And yet you are not attacking him ..very interesting Dr Kirby.Since you are not attacking James long perhaps we should all start looking into him. Safe and speedy travels Dr.

Anonymous said...

Wow... this clown is nothing but an internet troll who has no idea how to carry on an intelligent debate and really likes to inflame and jump to conclusions. Sadly, any good blog has it's trolls.

Bishop James Long said...

Anonymous - I invite you to speak to me anytime you wish. If you would like to reach me on Facebook, please feel free.

I am not a hard person to find Anonymous.

I have had more jerks, clowns and trouble makers attack me throughout the years and by now, I am pretty use to it.

Furthermore, I have spoken with Kirby and I am not interested in drama. I am too busy with ministry to get involved in he said/she said attacks.

Kirby chose to write about a ridiculous attack on me that was submitted to the Rip Off Report and I appreciate that. From what I understand, the Rip Off Report was created to "out" businesses who rip people off. Strange, considering that I do not own a business and yet, someone was given free reign to attack me because I helped a woman who was beaten by her husband.

Again, should you require more information from me, do not hesitate to contact me. I will be more than happy to speak with you.

And do me a favor next time. When you want to use my name in a post, put your name there instead of Anonymous. My name is Bishop James Long and I am not afraid to use my real identity.

eyeontheparanormal said...

you do not have to prove yourself to anyone Bishop you are a good man and thank you for the post

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 10:54 on May 28,
Where did you ever get the idea that Kirby is a Dr.? I would hazard a guess that you either got it off Official Paranormal Crime Busters or you are the composer of site, the one with the 2 writing degrees who thinks that unauthorized biographies are illegal and now who is posting that Kirby is a doctor. She set up her site, she says, as an anti-bullying platform and then goes about demonstrating all the ways you can bully other people by using Kirby and Evan Jensen as the punching bags for her demonstration. She is also the same person that posted a picture of a writer (I think his name was Jason) and said it was Evan Jensen. She has lost all her credibility as a writer by spewing out things that just aren't true and any newspaper who ever considered picking her up as a journalist would think twice after reading her page. She says they are out to combat fraud and thievery. I have yet to see anything posted on her page about the ticketholders from PRS's previous events who never got refunds for $300 tickets or the students who paid $100 for a class that he started and never finished. Instead she calls Ryan their Para-Icon. It is a hypocritical page that wreaks of hatred and vengeance. Luckily, anyone with a brain can see right through it.
I have never seen Kirby post anywhere that he is a doctor. So, please enlighten me what credible source you got that information from?
I personally did not like that the Bishop took part in a public bashing and ambush of Kirby on the radio in a 5 on 1 free-for-all. Obviously that radio show has no conception of how to treat their guests. But it appears from Kirby's prior post that the Bishop and Kirby have made their peace. I see that Evan Jenson has invited all the participants from the prior show on and I hope the Bishop accepts the offer because I would like to hear what he has to say. As a religious leader, he has the potential to actually fix some fences here, to mediate and bring tolerance, understanding, and peace to some volatile relationships and not just stoke the fire. I hope to see that.
Andrea Perron did not like Norma Sutcliffe's video because Norma did something she obviously did not do correctly; Norma researched the history of that house and found the actual documented history of the home to be inconsistent with the information previously presented. She owns and resides in the house and is being affected negatively by the attention drawn by both The Conjuring and Andrea's books and she had every right to present her video, which I found far more interesting than the movie or the book. Kirby didn't even write the blog or do the video on Norma's evidence, it was one of Kirby's bloggers, who did an excellent job. Then Kirby gets ambushed. So Andrea went and ambushed the wrong person. Had she gotten the actual writer of the blog and Norma on the radio show, it would have been a very interesting show. I don't see how Andrea could hold her own against the documented facts that were presented on the video.
I hadn't seen it until this blog, but I tried to read the RipOff report on the Bishop. The complaint was very difficult to understand. I don't know either the complainer or the Bishop. To me, the rambling of the complainer seemed to be written by another unstable, overly zealous control freak who is sure that they have the right answer to everything and they know all and intent on telling everyone how to live. Just my impression. Even if the complainer's observation was totally correct (no proof was provided, so I find it hard to believe), what better person to comfort a sinner than a Bishop or minister or pastor? Although anyone in the situation described could benefit from the assistance of a trained counselor, it stands to reason that no one needs this religious comforting more than the person who has lost their spiritual way. The Bishop did his job.

Bishop James Long said...

I am hoping and praying that peace falls upon this situation. Anonymous is right, it has become so volatile and our lives are so short on Earth. Why spend it attacking one another?

I have made my peace with Kirby. I have also made peace with those who have viciously attacked me in the past as well. I just don't want that burden of having a heavy heart against others. But that is me.

I have learned that when you let anger, frustration and resentment go, life becomes much, much happier.

Anonymous said...

ok we should ask dr kirby what happened in florida he seems to have left that out of his bio also he was an eye doctor in florida he left that out what else is he leaving out

Anonymous said...

Kirby can you answer me one question ? Why in your smack down have you included John Zaffis into this? I have listened to both radio programs, the first one he was not even on and the second one no where in the broadcast did he ever attack you, in fact Kirby he only asked two questions and never mentioned you! But you and Evan Jensen seem hell bent on attacking him, Evan I can understand as it seems that what he blogs comes from what you blog or say, but why did you attack John Zaffis? Was it perhaps you were jealous? Or was it that by attacking Zaffis you knew you could increase your ratings and gather a larger audience for your blog? I would really like to know the answer and so would many others who after listening to the shows are wondering the same thing. I can only hope that John Zaffis is able to rectify this!

eyeontheparanormal said...

He really had no business being on the 2rd show as he was not brought up in the 1st one

as more parts of the blog PARANORMAL AMBUSH SMACKDOWN are posted it will become more clear his role in this

At one time I looked on Zaffis as a friend not any longer even stuck up for him but will no longer

I hear that word jealous thrown around so much in the paranormal that is why I am glad not to be in it my work is theological Demons have nothing to do with the paranormal

read on friend in the end if your ears are open to hear and your eyes open to see you will understand if not that has far more to do with you not me

Anonymous said...

From Bishop Long:
"I have also made peace with those who have viciously attacked me in the past as well. I just don't want that burden of having a heavy heart against others. But that is me.
"I have learned that when you let anger, frustration and resentment go, life becomes much, much happier."
Those are really beautiful sentiments. I wish you would post here more often.
I guess I'll have to go check out your page.
Can you tell us more about the spiritual retreat you are having, when and where it is? Is there a website that describes it? I hadn't heard about it until this and now I'm interested in it.

Anonymous said...

Once again Kirby you have skirted the question with your way of trying to seem like you are telling the truth when in reality you are once again making up things to make you sound like you actually have a reason to go after someone. You Dr are a bitter old wanna be that will stoop to any level to gain an audience or make a name for himself! People like you and Evan Jensen and your little para wanna be's are pathetic ! You stoop so low in your jealousy that you even attack a dead man! It seems that is the only way you can be right, dead men cannot defend themselves . Just remember the truth about you will soon be revealed and then that will be a true smack down!

Anonymous said...

Again, put your evidence where your mouth is. What gives you the idea that Kirby Robinson was a doctor?
This site shows current and prior medical licenses in Florida. I searched it and found no Kirby Robinson.
Either you have valid information from a reliable source that you can share with us or your comments can be discounted. Just in case you need a definition:
to regard (a possibility, fact, or person) as being unworthy of consideration because it lacks credibility.
So, is it dribble you are spouting or do you have some documentation?

Anonymous said...

Defaming dead people? Andrea Perron spoke of a real person, Bathsheba, dead many, many, many years now, having died at an elderly age in her own home (NOT the house in the Conjuring) of a stroke (NOT of suicide). After a search of the records, to date there have been NO records found that she murdered or attempted to murder anyone. She is not here to defend herself. Her reputation and integrity for the way she lived her life were attacked. Norma Sutcliffe made that right by presenting actual historical documentation and exposing the farce.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - 12:07pm
Cyber-bullying at its best. Name calling. Making claims without substantiating them.
You need to get yourself over to that cyber-bully site they've got now. You'll fit in really well. They like to give people demonstrations on the proper way to bully others. The page is filled with hate and venom. Just the place for you.
Be careful, though. They don't believe in free speech. They want to control the way everyone thinks. They condemn everyone who does not agree with them. They delete posts and ban people who post there if their posts don't conform to their own little brand of hate. They either don't provide documentation for their claims, or if they TRY to provide it, they haven't done their research and they screw it up. Like the Evan is not Evan fiasco.
You'll fit right in there. You'll feel right at home.
However, before you leave, I'd still like to see that documentation you have that Kirby is a doctor.

Anonymous said...

I am sure the "good" Dr might not like the evidence we have as the real truth about his sudden departure to Canada might be revealed! Once I hear from the good Dr that it's all right I will

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just put on your big girl panties and quit playing games? Other than a nasty temperament, you seem to have nothing.
Would you like some websites for anger management?
Or possibly Reality 101 courses?

Anonymous said...

Ask Kirby as I see
He is not denying it

Anonymous said...

You need the reality course not I when the truth come out you will be the one that needs to put their big girl panties on

Anonymous said...

Since the show was not yours how do you know who the host invited?

Count Mallachi said...

Anonymous vs Anonymous


I couldn't care less about the "The Paranormal", I'm simply fascinated by the cretins who comprise the "community".

Keep entertaining me subhumans.

eyeontheparanormal said...

well I guess Zaffis could have said I will dial the phone and lopez will pick it up and I might end up on the air

but I doubt thats the way it happened

eyeontheparanormal said...

could you guys post at least 45 more times if you do I could get a 70 inch TV out of google right now looking at a xbox player which I really do not need so keep the posting up we have till saturday

Anonymous said...

Kirby, How many more posts till you have your Mercedes?
I'd look funny in big girl panties.

eyeontheparanormal said...

Cone june the 4th some peoples lives are going to change forever

Update on my move sublet my apartment in Los Angeles the tenant cannot move in for 60 days more then a enough time to move north

Then the Eye will be truly international

Anonymous said...

Count, as long as I can be Anonymous subhuman I, I'm okay with that.
Kirby, do you now, or have you ever, been a doctor? If so, what kind of doctor? Medical? Did you get a theology doctorate?
Anonymous subhuman II seems to have no evidence, only dribble.

Count Mallachi said...

Hey great comeback there Rodney. Perhaps after you master remedial English, you can work on honing that rapier wit.

Why would Kirby feel a need to validate his doctorate to an anonymous subhuman? You seem to be answering your own questions.

Let the pigeons loose!

eyeontheparanormal said...

keep the comments coming folks do not slow down so close to our goal

Anonymous said...

Avoid the question doctor avoid the question what happens in Florida

Anonymous said...

So thi s whole time he was supposedly looking for the truth our dr kirby has been hissing the truth from us and let me tell you all its big its going to turn the tables yes dr kirby you re secret is coming out next time you may want to prepare before going into battle

eyeontheparanormal said...

I am busy in LA where it is still very early packing to go to my new home so share with us this great truth you have

but keep posting I see that big TV coming my way

Anonymous said...

Again avoiding the question hidding the truth has no clue excuse after excuse lie after lie. The hole is getting deeper the truth is about to be exposed answer me one question is the reason you are going to canada is it has no extradition

Anonymous said...

Why would Kirby run to Canada to avoid extradition? Only a preschooler or a moron would not realize that Canada and America have an extradition treaty.
There are some delightful places that would much better for a person on the run:
Croatia, Kazakhstan, my favorite, Dubai, or best for the spiritual people, Bhutan.
If you do your research you might be able to avoid shoving your foot in your mouth.
Kirby, got the TV yet?

eyeontheparanormal said...

I guess people can be headed so I will spell it out one time and one time only I bow to no man I Answer to no man

There is one god in Heaven he I bow to and in the nd ebd is all that matters

do not like those words then get in the long long line that can just kiss my butt

Anonymous said...

I have not seen anywhere that Evan is attacking John Zaffis personally. He is attacking backing someone who is proven to be deceptive of the history to a haunted home. That is crucial. It speaks of his credibility when he actually sticks up for her., Some would like other's to think that he is so above other's in the paranormal, as not to be questioned.

As for Bishop James Long, he is who he says he is. He is the ONLY person that is known that I consider to be a friend. But, that is because of who he is as a person.

As for Kirby, eye doctor? Where did you learn to research people? A DVD with a self fill in certification from Flamel College? I only hope you actually paid for that information. Florida huh. LMAO I could say a lot about Kirby. But, you know what, it's actually fun to see how stupid people are out there and what totally off the wall conclusions they come to.

Just so some know, Kirby is educated, but not as an eye doctor. I have known Kirby a long time and we have been in battles over some issues in the past. I know how he works and what he does. There are a lot of people out there that are NOT Kirby that he gets blamed for being. I question this, why the hell would anyone hide their name in some places and put their name on others on the same subjects? What sense does that make to anybody? The conclusions here are so off base and incredulously moronic, that one can only conclude that they are made based on trying to stir a chaotic load of crap or the writer is incredibly stupid.

AS for Zaffis, he can speak well and has the ability to actually defend himself in a proper manner which he has done in the past. As for Perron, she has a lot to answer for. You can not write a book, use fake history and then expect that people will just believe you. One thing here, the story was when she was little and is actually a story of the families. So by no way am I saying the story is false altogether. I am referring to the book she wrote with fake history. As for the haunting, there has to be something to it, because of all the witnesses. Norma, the current owner to the home, was featured on the Ghost Hunters show in 2005. That predates the writing of the Perron book actually. The movie is based on the Warren's files to begin with, who Perron's mother called and consulted with. The question is what is true and what isn't. Now, I am not about to call a bunch of people liars that I can not talk to personally and verify. It's paranormal also, so one can not really say. I think that Perron needs to admit that she made her experiences into a book form and that not all the information is the whole truth. It's based on her experiences and not totally the truth. That's what people are looking at here. But to come off as if it's all true and get mad when someone questions it is really insulting to many in the public. My suggestion to famous people... stop trying so hard to be perfect and seeming above everyone else in people questioning some of what seems to be going on. And stop thinking that just because you are friends with someone, it makes them protected in being a liar or fraud from the public. You can't control what the public thinks. AND Zaffis... really... lighten up. The world is not so against you that you have to back people that are more likely to make you look the fool (we know, they've done it to us) then be a true friend.

Anonymous said...

You go, Darlene:)

Anonymous said...

Magician/Illusionist Daniel Rumanos exposed" Bishop" James Long as a fraud some time ago. Rumanos has appeared on numerous chat shows and shown proof that Long has no legitimate credentials. Long has responded only by name-calling, claiming all his critics are "satanists", and other hateful, un-Christlike reactions.

Anonymous said...

Long is not an ordained minister and is a fraud. Check this link out people. It's all legal.

As you can clearly see, Long did file his charter for his church, but neglected to file an annual report the following year. In so doing the Secretary of State of the Commonwealth of Kentucky filed a dissolution certificate: which means the United States Old Catholic Church does not exist nor is legal anymore. What does this mean? Well people, no church charter means no legal ordinations of ministers, which means no legal marriages, which also means Long has set donors up for audit by the IRS for not preparing a legal nonprofit, tax exempt organization.