Thursday, May 29, 2014

Unholy Trinity: Ghosts, UFO's & Cryptids

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

Okey dokey, that is it. I am fed up with the cryptid craze. As far as I can tell, it is as demonic as ghosts and UFO's.

Let me explain.

Do I believe it is possible for unknown species to be walking and swimming. in the world today? Absolutely! They are being discovered all the time! Especially in unexplored places.

When I speak of cryptids let me focus on two--mermaids and Bigfoot, especially the latter.

There is simply too much evidence to dismiss them as figments of people's imagination. I am neither a scientist nor the son of a scientist, but I can tell when a phenomenon is real.But to posit the reality of somethings appearance, is not the same as affirming that it is AS IT APPEARS.

The Angel of Light principle tells us that demons can appear as anything--ANYTHING. If that is the case, then in principle, demons can appear as Bigfoot (or mermaid, etc)

The issue is not whether demons CAN appear as Bigfoot, but whether the evidence shows that they do. I want to mention some reasons why it is plausible to see that demons have motive for doing so.

MISSING LINK....this is not mentioned much in Bigfoot discussion, but it is at times, when folks are being open and honest. I will say this with force--THERE IS NO MISSING LINK, because of the doctrine of creation. There should be millions of transitional fossils if macro-evolution took place. They do not exist...only a few big streeeethces by injudicius scientists.To use a Polar Bear as evidence (which is common) misses the point, because the bible allows for variation WITHIN THE SPECIES. However, what Christians forget at times is that Bigfoot is the biggest evidence of alleged macro-evolution....and it is alive!!!!!  THAT is a powerful motive for Satan to milk this Bigfoot crap for all its worth.

Others have studied this in more detail, but there is an unmistakable supernatural connection with Bigfoot sightings....cold spots, red eyes, movement of alleged mammal that is IMPOSSIBLE. Once second they are due North...2 seconds later it is due South.

They have that "smell".

The hair stands on end......they feel they are being "watched".


Last week I saw several episodes of "Mountain Monsters" located in West VA.Laugh if wish, but they could never catch "IT"....even though they had impressive evidence.

What do ufologists, ghost hunters, and Bigfoot hunters have in common? fact, it becomes an idol--that which drives them.

I am not an expert but I do know what the bible says. You cannot affirm the existence of giants of any kind (humanoid) from the bible.

I will say again--there are many species we have not discovered yet, but Bigfoot exhibits too many traits that I have come familiar with....pointing to demons. To me, Bigfoot is just another ploy to take our eyes off of Jesus.

Please send any comments or questions and I we can discuss this further.

"Seeing Ghosts through God's Eyes" (also in a Kindle edition)...please consider purchasing my book which uses science, logic, and the bible to analyze the true source of power behind paranormal activity.


ociana said...

I wish you did a little podcast once a week or so. Do you? I have not found it if you do.

mark hunnemann said...

Hey! Thank you for your kind comment. I used to ch-host a podcast couple years ago. And a few folks have approached me about doing a show but nothing came of it. Perhaps I will see what can be done. Thanks again.... mark

Jen A said...

I'm bringing my show back to air very soon.

eyeontheparanormal said...


Gwenda Mohring said...
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Gwenda Mohring said...
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Gwenda Mohring said...
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Gwenda Mohring said...

interesting mark. n u should do a show.

Gwenda Mohring said...

correct me if I am wrong mark. I believe God put an innate desire in each of us to chase after him, if u will, spiritually. we are spiritually designed. hhowever, if we choose not to seek Him then we are spiritually chasing demons even tho we may not realize it. even in most remote uncivilized trbes they worship something. we can't help ourselves. having said this...I can't help but wonder if this is a huge open door for the entire spirit world. their is a spiritual warfare going on for our souls every second. is this why it is so easy for demons to trick us???????

Anonymous said...

This was interesting. I never ever thought of Bigfoot or other things as being demons. It makes sense.

I never believed in UFO's until I had two sightings, a year apart, of the same type. Thankfully my daughter saw the second sighting with me. We reported it. We were not the only ones to see it.
Good article. Thanks.

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