Saturday, May 24, 2014

Greedy Preachers, Paranormal Sex Offenders & Lying Ryan Buell

By Kirby Robinson

Saturday Blue Plate Special – After you read it you'll feel blue. Here are the three courses:

Greedy Preachers
Paranormal Sex Offenders
Lying Ryan D. Buell

Failure at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries Isn't an Option – It's Very Profitable!

As some of our readers know, we have a birdy on the inside of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries who has kept my mailbox filled with tidbits. The most recent one made me think of the misconduct that takes place within the paranormal field.

May 20 was the final day of the monthly share-a-thon. Their goal was to raise 3.7 million dollars to pay for airtime, but they failed by $285,000. Don't worry -- in Swaggart land failure is very profitable.

They actually reached the amount they needed very early on May 20, so they didn't fall short of the goal. But the viewer doesn't know that.

Between now and the next share-a-thon, they'll raise the $285,000 many times over. Of course, the public won't know the difference.

Additionally, my birdy tells me that Donnie "Napoleon" Swaggart was in rare form. He let everyone on his staff know who raised the most money during the latest drive. If you wish to keep in the family's good graces you better listen to him. The phrase 'king-in-waiting' and just hope the old man lives long enough so that you can retire before he takes over. During the share-a-thon, most people's shift is three hours long, while Napoleon's shift goes way beyond three hours and well into the early hours of the morning.

Should a Sex Offender Be Allowed in the Paranormal Field?

Does a person that has been convicted, not accused, of a sex crime have a place in the paranormal?

The field of the paranormal requires great trust between the client and that can be a single person, a family with children, or a single parent. These people open their homes and businesses for the paranormal professional to enter, investigate, and try to offer solutions to any paranormal issues. They shouldn't have to worry whether the stranger entering their home is a sex offender. It's the same way with those who teach, a pastor, or a health care professional. People in those fields should never have such a conviction on their record.

Even more troublesome is finding a person who operates in the field and has kept quiet about a sex charge conviction. They should do the proper thing and be willing to inform the public that such a charge is in their past.

So it has come to the attention that Johnny Demaury is the founder of Butte Paranormal Investigative Team has such a felony He and his group have been on NBC Montana, newspapers across the country, Coast to Coast with Art Bell and the New York Times. The group consists of: John Demuary (CEO and Founder/Lead Investigator), Brandy Church (Tech-manager/Researcher), Vonnie Williams (Lead Photographer), Holly Jordan Carpenter (Investigator), Meredith Ludford (Researcher/ Lead Investigator), Amanda Rorhen (E.V.P. Specialist/Investigator), Regina Lepeir (Investigator).

John Baptist Demaury, also known as Johnny Demaury, John Demaury, or John Baptist is the founder of Butte Paranormal Investigative Team, located in Butte, MT. John is considered a sexual offender and through Facebook rules, cannot have a profile. His current profile ( was removed after numerous people reported his record to Facebook. 
When confronted about his charges and going into peoples homes, Demaury replied with the following, "You got a problem, little do you know that my charge was 18 years ago, enough is enough, you got something to say here is my address..*address withheld*...big deal if I have charges on my record, at least Im doing great things for my community". 
The victim was 14 years old. 

In a more recent event in 2005, he was sentenced to 5 years for Burglary:
John B. Demuary, 26, of Missoula, was sentenced to five years under the jurisdiction of the Department of Corrections, with all but three years suspended, for burglary. Click source to see record:

We are not judging the man. He served his time and we can only hope his life has been lived for the better. Yet we have to ask this question--does one with such a record have a place in the paranormal community?

Ryan Buell Has a New Personal Demon -- PayPal

You should read the following while listening to:

The growing firestorm over the postponement /cancellation of the so-called Conversations with the Dead Tour isn't going away. More and more hardworking people are not only demanding their money back, but they want the truth when it comes to Ryan D. Buell and crew. As usual, both are in short supply.

Earlier this week, Ryan's publicist, Sergey Poberezhny, posted on Facebook with the same old soft shoe that due to Ryan's cancer, the event had to be called off. This is a frequently cited reason for things not going as planned for PRS, the bureau, or whatever they call themselves. A well-placed source within Ryan's merry band claims that the name Untouchable is one that Ryan personally likes.

Apparently, Sergey has a case of liplock as he didn't bother with what others said or texted. Ryan doesn't give a rats ass. Chip's replacement, Michelle Belanger, took to Facebook claiming that she was just a hired hand. In addition, she really couldn't say anything because of the Non Disclosure Agreement. Which means I can never speak of all the crap I've seen. She also said that money for travel hadn't come her way.

What brownie points Chip Coffey would have gotten from me, and others who also appreciate honesty, if he'd spoken up about this fiasco when he had a chance. Or is it true that he was threatened with the release of some unsavory facts? Something that was confirmed by a well place source inside of Ryan's band of many…

The clock was ticking, people weren't buying, and more money had to be made. What to do? Move the event to July. June was already going to be busy for an ill Ryan. They had to come up with the already spent money. Let's not forget, Ryan majored in journalism, so he decided to tell a story in a long, long, long, [did I say long?] email. Here it is:

Dear Conversations With The Dead attendees, Ryan here. I wanted to write this message sooner, but unfortunately, I was too sick to function. So it’s probably a good twist of fate that the tour did not go on schedule for its rescheduled date this past weekend. However, I feel that the time has come to open up a little bit about what’s been happening here. I believe that, at this point, you all have a right to know. And perhaps you can help guide us with what you think we should do. Be warned, it’s a long letter. I have sat on this for a few days while I was sick, but I think the timing is right. Despite the paranormal gossip’s guttural underbelly of accusing us of this and that, we’ve successfully run events for 13 years. The first time we had to postpone an event was in 2011 and it was due to an illness. We followed through with that event. As many of you know, in 2012, I became seriously ill. As hard as we tried, there were some events I just didn’t have the strength to go to, and some had to be postponed. On one hand, I understand everyone’s disappointment, on the other hand, I wish some would try to understand that life happens and every major performer, lecturer, speaker, musician has had to postpone an event. For ten years, we never had to postpone an event or cancel an event. But once I became seriously ill, events were a gamble. The show had to go on, and the truth is, I tried really hard to keep as many promises as possible. So, for the past 2 ½ years, PRS went from having a 100% event success rate to about a 70% rate, meaning there’s a 1/3 chance, statistically speaking, that PRS would have to postpone the event judging from the past 2 ½ years. I know everyone wishes things went on as planned. I wish they did, too. I wish I didn’t get sick. I’m not saying that for sympathy, but it remains a fact that I was very sick for nearly 2 years and the state of my health could and DID drastically change like the weather in the fall. I tried to get up and try, but some days it just wasn’t in the cards. I do wish things went differently, and so for that, I am sorry. On top of that, I was losing the will to keep doing the events. It took too much energy. Many of you who have come to our events know that I spent most of it in bed. It came with a great deal of shame for me to realize that, despite every person looking up to me, I had no choice but to disappoint someone. At times I had to actually listen to my doctors, and my family. I had to be selfish and sometimes choose me. These postponements were never “planned all along.” People can search for conspiracy theories as hard as they want, there is none. Just bad timing, and bad things happening to some of us. Many of you know what that is like. And I have no doubt that some of you were able to carry on a little more gracefully. I had to carry mine out in public, which didn’t help with the morale. It was extremely embarrassing for both me and my family. I bring this up for a specific reason. Because postponing events has been a trend in PRS for the past 2 ½ years. Whether you think it’s a good enough excuse or not, at the end of the day, it all came back to my health. However, despite postponements, every event was carried out. Whether it took a 3-week delay, 2-months or even an 8-month delay (Field Trip 15), we got them done. We haven’t been the happiest over the content of our events, however. We thought we could’ve done better, and we’ve been honest about that. But by God, we aimed to finish what we started and tried our best with whoever was still willing to come along. We know many of you supported but couldn’t make the new dates. You’ll always have a credit and will always have our undying gratitude for understanding. So, there are already people angry over former events that were postponed. Then there are those who never even attended an event pretending they did; they’re just whacko’s. And god bless them, but they will always be there making up crazy claims. But that’s not what concerns me. What concerns me are the 99% of you just asking, “why?” Most of you are willing to be patient, despite Boston, Chicago and Dallas having to be postponed a second and final time. So, I’ve addressed some of the previous problems and history of our recent events. Now, on to “Conversations With The Dead.” Despite my health still being a little shaky, it is NOT for health reasons that this event was postponed. I know that I cannot win everyone over. So I’m not going to try. I’m just going to tell you what’s been happening, and you can decide. I’ve been hesitant to write this because I do not like sharing our weaknesses (who does?). But I think, at this point, you most definitely deserve to know why… so here goes: As some of you may know, we use an online payment service to collect funds for our events, services, etc. It’s a fast and ridiculously convenient way to pay for something and receive monetary funds. We’ve used PayPal for over 10 years. We’ve never had an issue with them. Last year, we started to hear rumors and rumblings about PayPal suddenly – and without notice – freezing small business accounts. I am attaching links to articles that report on this. It is becoming more and more common for PayPal to instantly freeze your account, withhold ALL funds in that account for up to ANY specified time. They have done this to small mom-and-pop businesses to large businesses like the guy/company who invented “MineCraft.” Yes, seriously, the company that invented MineCraft suddenly had their PayPal account suspended without notice. We’re talking millions of dollars. If you read the fine print when you sign up for PayPal, you agree that they can suspend your account at their sole discretion. And they can also withhold your money for an unspecified time. Some people have had to wait up to 9 months to receive THEIR money. Some, believe it or not (google it), have NEVER seen their money. 99.9% of people cannot afford to go up against a gigantic company like PayPal. As of last month, we became one of those companies. We awoke to a sunny day to find that our account had been “limited.” Which technically means, “frozen.” If you’re thinking, “why would they do this? You must have done something wrong?” You’re not alone. We asked that ourselves. Hell, my own mother said I must’ve done something wrong. Yes, after throwing over 100 events and selling thousands of tickets, we’ve had some not-too-happy customers. And like I said, we’ve had to postpone a few events. But, that’s not the reason why we were told our accounts are now limited. We’ve become so used to using PayPal that we started treating it like our business banking account. After all, you can get business cards with your PayPal account. You can easily download every transaction for your bookkeeper, and above all else, it’s so freaking easy and convenient to use. Can any of you quickly think of an alternative to PayPal? We could not. We spent WEEKS trying to resolve this issue. But despite the constant calls (which, by the way, PayPal admitted in court when they were sued that they purposely make it difficult to even talk with someone) and e-mails, we were yanked around until it came down to the truth. From what we understand, we are pulling in too much money and it since it’s all mostly due to events, we are considered ‘high risk.’ Never mind the fact that we’ve been in business with PayPal for 13 years. So, they froze our accounts. This meant that not only was our current balance taken away from us, it also meant we couldn’t raise a single dime. All of it, every penny, is to be held in “reserve” for an undetermined time. That time limit keeps changing. Out of desperation, I even switched PayPal accounts, using my personal one. But they shut that one down. And the next. To reiterate, PayPal not only froze our assets, they also turned off a way to RECEIVE money. Any money put in our account was immediately frozen. Their argument is that we shouldn’t need event money to throw an event. We should already have the collateral to throw the event in case it doesn’t make its money. Quite frankly, that argument is kind of stupid, even though generally speaking I agree that an event organizer should have some sort of assurance of guarantee. Our guarantee was taken away from us. We always have successful events. And these events were successful. But the dilemma is that all event money that was in the PayPal account when they “limited” us, is still there and untouchable. We’re talking about a good deal of money, our money, frozen and untouchable. I feel like I should be on a PSA commercial, where I start off by saying, “I never thought it could happen to me…but it did.” So my friends, life became miserable. Not only were our funds withheld but we had no way of RECEIVING any additional money. This is why we haven’t been promoting our events for the past two months. Because any money coming in would instantly be frozen. We were so unbelievably stuck, it was frightening. The more we read up on PayPal, the more we learned that PayPal is NOT a bank. It’s not FDIC insured. And, believe it or not, they aren’t only freezing “bad” companies’ assets. We’re talking about respectable businesses being frozen, without warning. Please read the following attached articles. Now, I do well for myself, and I am not ashamed of that. And I have already had to pay out a lot until I wait for this magical day when PayPal decides to grace us with their presence and release our funds. But, events just aren’t that profitable anymore, so anyone who thinks we’re sitting on mountains of cash have never thrown a professional event. The goal of this event was to get myself back OUT THERE. I have practically been a hermit for the past 2 ½ years, and now that I am returning to TV, I think it’s time for people to see me and see that no, I am not dead. Most importantly, I wanted to share my story. It’s called “Conversations With The Dead” for a reason. I thought really hard after we hosted the first one with Chip back in October. And I realized that as much as I HATE opening up, that’s what PRS and “Paranormal State” has been about. Yet I was the one always withholding the cards. I never trusted anyone with the whole story. So it was always given in little pieces. But the thing is, my friends, even though my life wasn’t officially taped by a camera crew for the past two years, there is indeed one HELL of a story that needs to be told. For some, you will never look at me the same again. Others, will say worse. “Conversations” is not meant to be my soapbox. Some things are best left unsaid, and to anyone reading this thinking I’m going to tell ALL, I’m sorry to say that will not be the case. I have been and always will be a private individual. I greatly cherish my privacy. But the timing feels right, and I am so very comfortable around Michelle Belanger. She and I couldn’t be any more different but similar at the same time. I would take a bullet for her and I have been indebted to her for a long time. She’s always been there, like a silent guardian, ready and willing to walk down the dark roads with us, despite even knowing that she’s going to take a bit of a hit. And despite the controversy surrounding this event, she stood with us. That’s no slight on Chip. Chip did what he felt was in hit best interest and he was also concerned. Chip had to make some hard decisions, and he made them and we respect them. I still consider Chip to be someone who will always be, for better or worse, my friend. So please, do not “read in between the lines” and think there’s any dig on Chip, because you are just making yourself look silly. Despite how embarrassing this has been, everyone from my mother to my staff recommended that this damage has been too big and it needs to be told. In fact, it’s Michelle who finally convinced me that I should write this. And she is right. Why put out another “due to unforeseen circumstances” post? This is your guys’ money as well. To be clear on another point, it wasn’t like we “knew” we were stuck in PayPal limbo for weeks and weeks. It was a slow realization. We worked with them, and yeah, tried to bypass them. And then we had to face the hard truth. We weren’t going to see a resolution to this in time for the event. So, I was willing to put up my own collateral for this event, which yeah, is a bit pricey. The problem, however, came to the fact that it was still going to take some time and we also hadn’t focused on the important part: the CONTENT of the event. We had been spending weeks panicking and trying to get back online. Our ability to collect and receive funds was completely cut. The first time the event was postponed, it was due to two factors: 1) we had our event finances withheld at the last minute and we were trying to figure out the best solution and 2) Chip had to bow out. We decided that, try as hard as we wanted, it just wasn’t meant to be. So we postponed. My staff tried to recommend pushing the entire tour to July, so we had time. But I wanted to appease as many as possible and we felt that we’d be able to recover within a few weeks. Thankfully, half of the tour was already rescheduled for July. Dallas, Boston, Chicago, we’re coming to your city come hell or Armageddon. Two months is more than enough time to get back on our feet and in shape for this tour. And obviously, this whole debacle has become part of the story. On one hand, I beg all of you who use PayPal, to pay attention to the new changes they have been implementing. They are limiting and freezing accounts at a rapid rate. If you run a business and you are completely RELIANT on PayPal for your funds, you are a sitting target and I BEG YOU, do not only rely on PayPal. There are actual merchant accounts out there, such as and banks that will work with you and have way more credibility. Maybe it won’t ever happen to you, but if it does, you will not receive ANY warning and despite every argument you throw at them, it will come down to them saying this: as it states in the terms and conditions in your agreement, we reserve the right to limit, suspend or terminate your account at our sole discretion (I’m paraphrasing). If you use PayPal, do NOT do what we did and use it like a bank account. Instantly withdraw the money from PayPal, do NOT let it sit there like we did. We’ve had tens of thousands of dollars in there at any given time, and one day our account was frozen. And our money is in some weird state of limbo. We’ve been told it will be released anywhere from 6 months to 2 weeks after our event is concluded. The irony of all of this is that one of their main arguments is this, “what if you have to cancel or postpone your event? That’s risky. That’s why we’re going to withhold your money.” Well, because the money was withheld and we couldn’t get access to a single dime, we hit a very big dilemma. It caused panic, and moments of desperation. And yeah, it hurt our business. And now that we’re done licking our wounds and we finally found a new way to accept payments online, we’re now kinda pissed. We’re. Very. Pissed. We moved on from PayPal. The damage is just too great. We spent a lot of time researching and learning about the differences between PayPal and actual merchant accounts. We now work directly with a bank, 24/7 support, and way easier accounting access. We’re going back online this week. For those of you upset, please do not be offended at us selling tickets. We have to move forward. We have sent out refund request forms. If you absolutely do not want to attend or CANNOT attend, then please fill it out and be patient. Please, guys, yelling and calling us names isn’t going to make anything move faster. But what WILL help is if everyone gives us the chance to do what we’re now trying to do. Get back on our feet. We’ve been working hard to keep up with e-mails. Chris, a PRS member, has literally pulled 24-hour binges to answer e-mails. I know it’s popular to hate, and yeah, it’s still our problem, but if you think we’re sitting back, kicking back, rolling up $100 bills and lighting them on fire while smoking Cubans…. Please. You can hate us, but remember that we’re human. This is our story, and this is what happened to us. I’m sorry if it isn’t that exciting of a story. But it’s what happened. And now we’re trying to just get back up and try. Will you please allow us this attempt? If you would like a refund, please follow the procedure we set up. And PLEASE, post a little note saying “I got my refund” when you get it, because people only go online to complain, it seems, but when they actually get what they wanted, I rarely ever see a follow-up saying, “finally got it! They did good.” If you are willing to attend the tour, I really hope you will. After this whole debacle, do you really think we’re going to come to your city and then give a really bad evening of events? We know the pressure is on, and I’m ready to get on that stage. July is two months away. You have two months to decide. You can tell us. We do need to know sooner rather than later because we can only sell so many tickets, and believe it or not, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, San Diego are pretty much sold out. Refunds will loosen that up. But it depends on how many people aren’t going. We would also like to know how you feel. For better or worse. I do ask, however, to realize that we have over 1,000 attendees e-mailing us, and we have a small staff. We ARE working. It’s kind of ironic, because I won’t lie, I was very numb at the beginning of this year. Going through the motions. And suddenly I find myself wondering if this tour is CURSED because of what we’re going to talk about. But it doesn’t matter. What matters is how badly I want to do this. And to bring change all around. My staff has been waiting for me to write this before we move forward. We are planning a few little “surprises” for attendees to build up momentum for this tour. This tour HAS to happen. And thank you, Michelle Belanger, for making me realize a simple truth, that sometimes just tell the truth and it’ll set you free. She wasn’t the only one who recommended it, but for some reason, she talked me through it. So here we are, ugly skeletons in the closet and more. I’m sure for some, it’ll spark more debate, and for others, they’ll say, “damn boy, can you give me the SHORT version next time?” You all paid to support us and come and see us. It’s amazing. Three years after “Paranormal State” went off-air and you guys are just getting louder. And trust me, the networks have been paying attention. I’ve just been waiting until I’m better. And I can do this right. Which reminds me, we have one hell of an announcement to make in JULY. But first things first, we have to start here. We hold no anger or ill will towards anyone who doesn’t want to wait until July. We understand completely. At the very least, just please understand that we were caught in a compromising position and we don’t wish this to happen to even our worst enemies. If you’re willing to give this weird guy and his society another shot, we know it’s make it or break it time. Whether you’re attending or not, let us show you what we can do. Just a bit of patience. Thank you for reading. Yours,RYAN

I told you it was long! Borrowing a line from both Pink Floyd and Chip Coffey— BULLSHIT!

Ryan did something that all kids who are caught do--they make their explanation of innocence way too long. By doing so, they give away too many details.

At least he didn't blame his pancreatic cancer for all his problems. Was it that many people are asking why is Ryan too sick to attend any PRS events [remember, he founded the PRS!] but he can travel, go to movie premiers or write comics. Recent pictures show him looking to be in good health. Some are wondering if he really has cancer?

But he did blame PAYPAL! Oh, evil PayPal that froze our money because we brought in too much of it!

There have been cases of it but the facts don't add up. Plus, no one can verify if it's true. You can't call or email PayPal and ask as they can't release that information to the public. It's an iron-clad alibi for the event's failure. But wait -- Ryan said they've used PayPal for years. For several years, they raised large sums of money through PayPal. Where does the suspicious activity come from? Nowhere. The money was never frozen. They found a few articles and, bam, Ryan had his story.

Ryan's lengthy email is packed with lies as he indicates we never cancelled an event completely. Read this information that was sent to me:

Lizzie Borden event in 2011 NEVER happened. It was cancelled, it was not made up, and the people I'm talking to now who had tickets NEVER got refunds to the present. The cost of the ticket alone was $300 per person. Obviously, that was a lie. Field Trip 15 as advertised NEVER happened. They put together an ad hoc event at the last minute with Michelle Belanger for those who did not get the notice at the last minute and who wasted their time and money in travel and lodging expenses to get to Orlando. Then, months later, they have another event they called a make-up Field Trip 15, only it was not in Orlando, it was in Savannah, and it bore no resemblance to the event the ticketholders paid for. Ask the members of PRS Support and they will tell you the Demonlogy class was never completed

Chip dropped out. But if you'd visited Chip's Facebook page, the reason he dropped out sounds less than innocent.

Sites for the new event and the one in Canada is still lacking. We'll report on this matter even more due to the fact it's not going away and neither are we.

Like all good con men and cult leaders, Ryan dangles a better future in front of the readers. Big news, bigger events just follow me, give me your support, your time, and your money. Especially your money.

Something from Ryan's Bio on IMDB gives us a clue as to where he learned his song and dance.

His mother, Shelly, owns a CPA business. Ryan's father, Tim, is a state police officer in Pennsylvania… 

Keep current and follow us on Twitter:!/eyeonparanormal

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Anonymous said...

So they blame pay pal Ryan says that they will release the money 6mnths to 2 weeks after the event so is PP on to their constant canceling hold funds to make sure it happens and happens right or just BULLSHIT like said. I would hate to think he may be "faking" or using cancer as a way to gain support if u r sick Ryan I wish the best for u but dont plan events if this is an issue if u r faking or using as a crutch shame on u and may u ask for forgiveness. As for chip BLAH he is am arrogant man and needs some serious mental and spiritual help.. Thanks Kirby and those who blog for Kirby for keeping a very Good Eye on the Paranormal..God Bless

Anonymous said...

so the title of the post is greedy preachers,paranormal sex offenders and lying ryan buell i think the title says it all are we sure we are'nt talking about you mr kirby you claim to be a minister and well we know where we are going with this and i guess i'll be deleeted also

Darlene Watts said...

Yeah sure... You post like a lying weasel to afraid to show her name and you talk about Kirby. The sex offender was also arrested for burglary and served time. It was in the news. But I guess some people think doing crime is OK and people should be allowed. As for Kirby... He is a minister. He isn't Evan. He's not a sex offender. You suggesting that just because your panties are in a bunch because you like to be a troll and stuck up for stars you don't even personally know, makes you look bad. Not anyone else. Especially the ability to ignore facts presented that don't suit you.

eyeontheparanormal said...

not being able to read can lead to silly comments no place in print or in a radio interview have a ever said I was a pastor

case closed next case

Count Mallachi said...

It seems as though execrable grammar and hyper emotional, knee jerk reactionary responses are something we have come to expect from the brainless PRS groupies...

Grow up and get a clue you mindless bimbos...

Anonymous said...

Evan Jensen, please stop calling yourself "anonymous." If you have the courage of your convictions, sign your name to the slander you write. If we know who you are, we're able to sue you for a piece of your social security disability check.

eyeontheparanormal said...

what discovery would look like hell Nancy Grace would even cover it

Anonymous said...

Are you telling us something about yourself dr kirby

Anonymous said...

Kirby Kirby Kirby, I love your site but I disagree with calling his parents out. Ryan is a grown man and is accountable for his own actions. I don't really have much to add to the conversation except a few observations...
In December Ryan posted that his health is no longer an issue "that door is shut" or something like that on facebook. There was no typical person in remission gratitude for all who helped or Dr's and nurses who aided in the shutting of the door. The words "cancer free, remission or cure" were never mentioned. He most likely had too many people to mention as during his battle with one of the deadliest cancers in the world he moved from State College to Raleigh and spent much of that time in LA on "business."

Paypal is responsible for refunds. Perhaps they have received complaints from those who feel they are owed a refund. A "true fan" would consider it a donation. Clearly from his heart felt letter any one would just forget their hard earned money and know that the many people who complain about not receiving refunds are simply "haters, stalkers and those jealous of Ryan's vast success."

I laugh at the mention of movie premiers. You can get your cat invited to one by simply asking. I'm glad Ryan is going to movie premiers-they are free to attend and appear to fall right into his budget.

I truly hope Ryan is well enough to go on The Canada Tour this June. I truly hope that The Canadian Authorities can hear for themselves the reasons for past cancellations and lack of refunds. Clearing up such ugly matters is just good for the soul.

Bobnoxious said...

A "true fan"

How sad when your career has been relegated to friggin Canada to stay afloat. LOLOLOL

Ya hey dare... us canadians are dumber than US rednecks!

Oooooh SLANDER! (gasp) :o

Sue me...

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at May 27, 2014 at 2:02 PM,
You are too funny.
You managed to encapsulate all of the indoctrination and cultism of all the Kool-Aid drinking attack fans I have seen come out of that camp in the last few years. The perfect "true fan" post.
Thank goodness it is just irony or we'd have to be finding you an exorcist to cast out cobwebs that create that kind of thinking.
Unlike his rambling fictional email claims, there were events that never materialized and refunds that still need to be paid. I'm pretty sure most of the "true fans" who lost $300 + on a ticket to one of the events that never transpired and not received a refund can now be referred to as "former fans". Especially the ones who did not get the last minute cancellations that went in their spam boxes and went to the events paying for airfare and lodging, only to find it had been cancelled.
I'd also like to know what doctors and what nurses he would have to thank. I've never seen any medical professional confirm any diagnosis. If you've got a link to a reputable medical source confirming the diagnosis, please post it here. I'd love to see it.
I really did enjoy your post, though. No one could ever be that gullible.
To the prior fans who are still owed money, do an internet search and contact the North Carolina and/or Pennsylvania Attorney Generals and the Attorney General in the state where your event was suppose to have taken place and file a complaint. Follow it up with a complaint on the FBI Cyber Crime site. File police reports. There is now a Paranormal Fraud Society on Facebook that gives excellent advice on what you can do. And good luck.
I hope they do follow through and have these two tours and I hope all of his fans and customers have a great time and get what they paid for.

Count Mallachi said...

Darlene, I thought you hated Kriby, Ron Tebo and any or all of us that are intellectually insulted by the unbridled idiocy of mindless paranormal television and their insipid fan base.

Have you seen the light?

If so, good for you, it's the ones that refuse to see what is SO painfully obvious that are beyond salvation.

Bobnoxious said...

Snippet from the priceless post (above):

...."You are too funny.
You managed to encapsulate all of the indoctrination and cultism of all the Kool-Aid drinking attack fans I have seen come out of that camp in the last few years. The perfect "true fan" post.

Now that's feel-good entertainment! :)

Anonymous said...

Appears that unless you really like to gamble, if you really want to go to one of these events you should buy your ticket at the door AFTER you check to see who bothered to show up for it. I doubt these events with this group are ever really "SOLD OUT".
Kirby, glad you are speaking out for the victims who have lost money.

Anonymous said...

I followed your link on your Facebook to the Anti-Bully page to find a page that does nothing but bullies both Evan Jensen and you. The writer speaks about their Para Icon Ryan Buell and how he is being bullied. Exposing the truth about the people who have lost money to Ryan is not bullying, it is reporting. It is making the para-community a safer place for consumers and giving them the ability to make informed choices before spending money on events that may or may not occur. Interviewing people featured on Paranormal State and getting their side of the story on what transpired during taping is reporting.
They sure do want to silence you, don't they? Don't you let them. You must be getting to them if they put up a website just to trash mouth and bully you.
The writer then goes on to claim having 2 writing degrees, but she thinks unauthorized biographies are wrong and people just aren't aware of the law. I wouldn't want to go to her college. Unauthorized biographies are usually the best to read, and if done correctly, the most truthful.
Then the writer goes on to post a picture of Jason Piper and say, "Here is the real Evan Jensen" and the writer claims Evan stole the real Even Jensen's identity. There is a picture of Evan Jensen himself from his Facebook page so you can compare the two pictures and see they are not the same person. Of course they are not, one picture posted is Evan, the other picture is Jason Piper. The Anti-Bullying writer trying to expose fraud and identity theft by Evan has now libeled Evan. I'm sure Evan must have a screen shot by now.
Reading that page is like watching a child throw a temper tantrum.

King Krimson said...

Paranormal State's Sergey Pobereznhy's Lost Audition Tape for "Dancing With the Stars"


King Krimson said...

Paranormal State's Sergey Pobereznhy's Lost Audition Tape for "Dancing With the Stars"


Anonymous said...

I love the follow up video:

Bobnoxious said...

Whaaaaaaaaat? LOL

Quote Ryan's long-winded email:

"... From what we understand, we are pulling in too much money and it since it’s all mostly due to events, we are considered ‘high risk.’ Never mind the fact that we’ve been in business with PayPal for 13 years. So, they froze our accounts. ..."

Bobnoxious said...

Holy crap my sides hurt!

MIchone said...

First I'd like to say LOL! now thats a great video King Krimson!

Second Nick Foust lol, WTF he looks just like Sergay!

Now for the Paypal issue, PayPal only "limits" an established account after complaints are filed, so yes that is what started it down the monitored account road.

PRS was ripping people off with what they thought was their best mastermind idea using a PayPal loophole.

This loophole is the 45 day window you have to file a complaint against a merchant you made a purchase with, after this 45 day limit passes, the money is considered legitimate and belonging to the person that you sent it to and you have no more recourse to a refund from this event.

Ever notice most all events were planned beyond this time period of 45 days? this is why.

We picked up on this a long time ago and have watched it preformed over and over by Ryan and company.

For PayPal to shut you down, you have a lot of complaints and have established a pattern, unlike Ryan's fantasy email saying they just had too much money in the account. PayPal doesn't work like that.
When you reestablish a positive record after a few months they reinstate your full account privileges, like immediate access to all funds, if you don't do this and the complaints continue to grow as in this case, they will end your business account very quickly, hold the funds and wait for the victims to file a claim and refund them as they do.

Ryan and Sergay's little practice of keeping money and manipulating fans is a federal offense its called defrauding.

You all need a class action suit..

Anonymous said...

There is a group on Facebook called PRS Support. Currently they have 50 members. They say their purpose is, "For all if us interested in pursuing legal action against PRS or Ryan Buell and getting our money back.". Kirby, I see that you are a member of this group. Can you say if they have an attorney and if they have started a class action or any legal action against PRS?

Anonymous said...

Great job getting the message out, Kirby. I'm looking forward to hearing your Paranormal Smackdown on May 31 with Evan Jenson. I wouldn't miss it.
There is a really great editorial put up today over on the Facebook page Paranormal Fraud Society.
With no names used, it covers just about every issue Kirby is covering here. Well worth reading.
The whole thrust of that page is that those who were wronged have to go beyond just verbally complaining about their situation. They have to ACT. This means calling the police and filling out police reports, filing complaints with the Attorney General, filing on the online FBI internet site, filing a complaint with Paypal, filing a complaint with the ticket agent selling the tickets, filing a dispute with your credit card and asking them for a charge back, and a host of other actions you can take are listed on that site. If your actions don't get the desired results, keep on contacting these people until they do. Be that squeaky wheel that gets the oil. Be that person who gets the refund. There are people who bought tickets to events in 2011 and 2012 who will tell you that waiting for them to do the right thing and refund your money just doesn't work. First you may get promises of refunds, but then your emails will be ignored by this company until you give up. And when you give up and when this situation is ignored by the legal community, more people will be being victimized in future events. Waiting to act can jeopardize your ability to get the refund you deserve. ACT NOW.
Don't worry about being a "true fan" of someone who will defraud you. That kind of person does not merit having any fans at all. Find someone more worthy of the attention.

Karen said...

oh dear Lord Kirby, are you hanging out with evan jensen? tell me this is not true. you need to rethink that one my friend. sent you an email with more information.

God Bless,

Karen R.

eyeontheparanormal said...

Karen if you sent me a email it did not come thru use

Say what you want about Even he was the ONLY one that offered me a chance to tell my side of the ambush story

eyeontheparanormal said...

to all my haters keep posting thru out today that BIG TV is in reach

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