Thursday, May 22, 2014

Will Paranormal Teams Ever Learn?

By Chris Baricko

I wrote a blog a while ago about how some teams and groups do not take the paranormal seriously.

In the last few months is has gotten even worse and people are wondering why it's don't get taken seriously anymore.

Lets start with stupid photos of the group on investigations. I have seen so many lately it is unreal. A few of groups are taking photos posing in a client's house with childish faces and just plain dumb. I said that is very unprofessional and not a good idea. Some people got upset and said so what. Well I did say you never know who the client is or knows. I got a call from a client asking for our help as they were not happy with the previous group who came out.

Here is what they told me. It has been over a month and the group has yet to get back to them with anything. So they decided to look at there home security system from the date the group was there. Well guess what. They seen them acting foolish, Taking  photos of themselves and on their phones during the investigation. They looked at the group's Facebook page and noticed the group was posting updates of the investigation. This got them upset. They also noticed the group posted they were doing an investigation. They did not say where just they were. They asked me was this common.?

Here was my reply. We never post anywhere when we have or are going on a investigation. Some groups feel there is a need. I call it the look at us we do go on investigations. The reason we do not is that most clients want to be discreet. I said unless we are at a public location we will not post any updates on Facebook, as once again there is no reason. As far as photos we will only take one of a team member if they say they feel something around them. We will not do any poses.  There are also groups or people new to the field who think they know more than they do cause they watch TV. In my opinion if you have under 10 years in the field you're new. If a group or person shows up with a duffle bag and limited equipment start asking questions.

The more respected groups will show up with cases of equipment and a table to place the equipment on. She told me they had very little equipment but told her they been around. There is nothing wrong with not having everything as we all know it costs money. But if they been around as long as they claim they should have everything other groups do.

And if they start telling you right away they think something evil or demonic is there, just ask them to leave. It is so rare I only ran into it once in over 25 years. It just seems to be the in thing today to call everything evil.

They brought up some very valid questions. How did they have time to keep posting on Facebook but not get back to them? What was the reason to take photos?

The groups or people who think it is ok to be childish at investigations reflects on us all. I am not saying there is anything wrong with having a good time or joking around on investigations, but keep it amongst the team--and off Facebook. There is no reason or room for it at a private home. It should not take longer than 2 weeks to get back client period. We have a 1 week policy.

This is just advice but when groups stop getting calls from private homes for investigations and public locations don't answer them back don't wonder why.  I am not telling anyone how to act or do there investigations but when things dry up you will only have your self's to blame. There is enough drama in this field already we do not need groups acting  kids adding to it.

There are many groups doing great things, respectable things. Helping to raise money for great causes that is great. We need more groups like that rather than the other.

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Anonymous said...

So you mean to tell me that if a group has the minimal amount of equipment the client should start asking questions equipment is expensive and sometimes groups save up Money to get equipment and the part about not getting back to the client well people do have jobs sometimes two jobs so trying to find the time to go through evidence is a pain especially if you are doing it by yourself you have no idea what the he'll you are talking about the almighty chris instead of hitting everyone and thinking they are screwing people there are things that happen that are out of peoples control so I would suggest getting all the facts oh wait you don't like to do that and then you'll back track just get a life you looses