Saturday, August 19, 2017

Can Spiritually Starving Ourselves Lead To Danger?

Can Spiritually Starving Ourselves Lead To Danger?

Hello everyone. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are enjoying your Sunday. Kids are back in school but the weather here in Florida sure doesn't feel like it's cooling down for fall. I'm lucky if I get to wear my light weight leather jackets and light sweaters 3 times each cold season. That is the truth.

Oh yes! In my humble opinion anyway. When we lose our close personal relationship with Christ we have less armor to protect us. Remember our battle is not against flesh and blood. We must be wise and stay sober to recognize evil and bad people. What I mean about 'bad people' is the ones you just know are no good and hurt others and just all around bad. That opens doors to the demonic because as many can see this world and many people are obsessed about learning more about demons. And even summoning them! All these movies coming out new tv shows that are just evil storylines. Or people claiming voices 'told me to do it.' This is after unspeakable crimes have been committed.

They are building more Santanic temples with after school care. Freedom of religion I get but these people do sacrifices! They don't just worship themselves as a living God. There is spirit cooking, human and animal sacrificing and much more. A lot of pedophilia is known to take place in these ceremonies on certain satanic holidays. They have women as ' Breeders' so there is no questioning of missing kids when no one knows they even existed for long. When they are no longer any good to these sickos they dismember these dear children and sell off body parts to canibals. I wish I could be fabricating but I'm not. I've seen too much in 26 years.

We need our Lord God more than ever. We need to turn to him and stay in his Word in these days of horror. But they the government keep pushing him away taking his name out of court some court rooms that use to say 'In God We Trust'. It will only get much worse from this point. This world has changed, we have way too many people wanting to know about the occult. That in of itself is opening a door. It will attract something I can assure you and possible bring friends. This is no joke ladies and gentlemen. Hold your kids tight. Don't let them roam too far. This world has gone to pot to put it politely.

Why is Satan and dark arts all of a sudden just considered so cool? Kids asking for ghost boxes and doing evp's at home, use spirit boards etc...They download the app version on devices and just because it's a phone (as I've said many times) and not a costly paid for device doesn't mean demons can't manipulate those apps. Phones have radio and recorders. Are they only able to do it to these devices? My bet is they can and do manipulate our phones. YouTube and the Internet and people will email me and ask  "how to properly summon a demon Baal." But mainly ask the proper safe way to summon a demon. There is NO safe way to summon something from darkness. They only obey Satan. You can't control them. They will turn on you.

Look at the racial tensions due to that attack/riot in Charlottesville. This is to divert attention off of peace and love. He was loving and still is loving every bit of the chaos and sadness. His demons are dancing in hell! There will be a judgement no matter what God you believe in. I'd think doing bad things comes back on you at sometime or another. Karma pretty much in so many words. No race is better than another. We are equal in my God's eyes. This is awful what took place there. Let's send those families all our prayers.

Next week or after I'm going to talk about someone who is a speaker. Has been for many, many, years now. God saved her from deep dark occult practices she did and even facilitied some I believe. Carol Karnacki is her name. A wonderful women of God who says it like it is. No sugar coating at all. But very kind. A genuine soul who cares and loves others. I'm going to go into more detail about her. It relates to today and this world going to pot. It really is. I hate to even say that.

Written By Jennifer Auld

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