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Crystal Meth And Satan

Hello everyone. I hope you had a great weekend and everyone you love is healthy. Here in Florida it's been nothing but bad storms knocking out power!! Lol. No internet or lights and we pray all the new groceries don't go bad. Blah. But I'm thankful for no hurricanes so far. I'll take thunderstorms over a hurricane any day of the week. I hope everyone else didn't have to much trouble and no one was hurt.

Well, there's no easy way to say it so here it goes.....This is a warning due to very disturbing events I'm about to describe of an ex Crystal Meth addict I interviewed. She told me in detail and has allowed me to share it. Names obviously are kept private. This is going to be so disturbing. So unimaginable but I must share. My first blog Demons and Meth? A Door to Darkness... about this topic is still getting comments and testimonies. Meth and Demons Part Two was written earlier this year. Feel free to read over the testimonies in the first blog. It only verified what I thought for years but was not taken seriously. "Any drug makes people see things." That's exactly what the enemy would LOVE. Use a drug to drag souls to hell.

"The greatest lie the devil could ever do is convince the world he doesn't exist ".

One of the first things she said to me was that these images don't disappear when the drug does. Even if it's been two weeks later, things will pop up and it's not because it was somebody who used for so many years. This was a person who just made the poor decision to do it when it was around so it doesn't matter how long or how little time somebody has been using crystal meth. Everybody claims the same thing. Dark shadows chasing her, imps everywhere laughing and harassing her. Let me explain what "imps" are. They're thought to be evil. Small little demons. Explaining what they are will help readers understand better. It has been said they are associated with hell and fire, being a real threat for humanity because it's really a small demon in many people's opinions. But we all know it's subjective. They came from Mythology. It is said these little guys find lots of fun in terrorizing people. It's been said they are just mischievous--not evil. It's also been said Imps feed off our energies and fear. So I'm not surprised my friend described them sitting on the lamp shade, or on the windowsill and they were always around.

Shadow Man

Now this is when it gets pretty bad. A lot of people could call it sleep paralysis and I would agree with that as a possibility but it's also a possibility she was experiencing demonic visitation as I call it. She was attacked and raped by some unseen forces and the shadow man. It was pleasant for her. This is how they held that grip on her. She thought maybe it was a friendly spirit attempting to make her feel better. The mind is the devil's playground. If you keep allowing something to do that it's received legal rights to you and that's not a good thing. She claimed everywhere she went it was somewhere close by. She was having insomnia and was scared to go to sleep because she felt the most vulnerable sleeping. I went to high school with her and she's not into the paranormal at all. Even she unknowingly verified what I've always said, that we are vulnerable at that time. I feel a stronghold took place and they can be dealt with but it takes the right person. Not armchair Exorcists or Demonologists. Or the phonies claiming they have been at this "for many years," but can't provide any proof. Another subject for another time. This went on for months. Her health went downhill fast.

What is a stronghold?

A stronghold is thought to be a few different things depending on your belief system. One that is common is a thinking pattern based on lies and deception. Lies put into our mind, like planting a seed. The mind is one of the primary weapons of the enemy, because it then allows strongholds to take place. A demonic stronghold is anything powerful enough to keep you in constant bondage so you don't receive God’s grace and peace. They cause us to think in ways which block us from receiving God's favor and love for us. When your view of God has been tainted with a sudden lack in faith can be the work of a stronghold taking place. God wants us to be be happy and have peace. The enemy wants us miserable and tormented. It's why fallen angels are assigned to attack us and attempt to ruin our lives in any manner possible. They want your soul.

She was kept in bondage to the drug, so of course that's a sign to the enemy she is weakening and sooner or later he can run her down easily out of her belief in Christ. What scared her the most was her trip to hell as she called it. While being fully awake and sober, it had been a couple of days since using as it was more of a weekend thing. She got up to go to the bathroom and as she walked down the hallway, she said "it just wasn't my house." A dark presence walked her down the dark hallway into a place that had to be hell. She said as she was being guided through these different mazes. All around her, people were literally being dragged to hell. People screaming and dying the worst deaths possible by a group of creatures with huge claws and long sharp teeth...People were begging for help but she couldn't do anything for them. They were being tortured burned to death JUST TO WAKE UP and die all over again in different gut wrenching ways. Skin melting off them so they were nothing but bones. Once they were living human beings just like us, now they were ghastly remnants of bones. They begged for her help as they knew they would relive that terrible death over and over without end. I'm sorry this is so violent but it must be shared. Even this victim said that. What is it about this drug? What don't the others do this to this degree? Is it really The Devil's Drug?

Demonic manipulation is something you don't hear much about. It is enticement to do things you would not ordinarily do. Things that are not indicative of said person's usual behavior. Demonic manipulation can also be defined as: the capture of one’s reasoning ability, forcing it to conform to the wishes of the manipulator.In other words, if somebody wanted you to reason in a particular way, he could put a spell on you, thereby manipulating your reasoning ability in order to achieve his goal. The problem with demonic manipulation is that when the enemy makes you want something, you will want it so desperately that all other considerations become secondary.

I just had to share one of the testimonies I was able to hear in person with someone who went through this. She said only God could save her and He did. She wasn't even sure what she believed in until now. They flee when Priests use the WORD OF GOD against them. But they will know if you have any fear or lack of faith to stand firm and cast them out so you seek professional help. Do not try anything on your own. Pray protection prayers every morning and before bed. Ask for God's favor and protection.

I hope by sharing this I have helped at least someone realize this is more than a drug. Below is my contact information if anyone should ever be in need. Or just have general questions. God Bless us all.

Written By Jennifer L Auld

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