Saturday, April 16, 2016

More Death & Violence Due to Occult Factions

Sadly more death and blood shed in the name of Satan and his demons. I came across the below article @ dailymail (and below I posted link for the entire article.) Below is just part of the story I believe. Just like with Slender Man. Those two girls were trying to kill their friend as a sacrifice so they could live in the mansion in the woods with slender man. Those are their own words. What is going on? Anyway the below I felt was noteworthy:

'A teenage girl, 18-year-old student Iveth Lopez, is among those being held. The other two suspects were named as Gustavo Dorantes, 18, and Omar Sanchez, 25.
They face up to 40 years in prison if found guilty.
Police say Edwin, known as Piwa, was killed after being fooled into taking part in an initiation ceremony to become part of a satanic cult called the Sons of Baphomet 1.
Instead he was tortured after having his hands tied behind his back after one of the alleged killers persuaded the others their victim should be sacrificed so he could return to life as a vampire.

Police were alerted last Tuesday after his body was found abandoned in the street wrapped inside two plastic bags in what detectives believe was a botched attempt to pass the murder off as a drugs-related crime.
Officers found traces of the victim's blood inside the cyber cafe, which they say belongs to the older of the two men being held, after obtaining a search warrant when a protected witness told them how Edwin had been killed."

So disturbing. Awful to even think about it. Demons are fallen angels sent to torment us just as we have God's Angels making sure any limitations are kept. I found a few articles of this nature online and it disturbed me to know all this is going on. I just know what hell is being unleashed into our world. Their ignorance will have consequences. The news is so depressing many hate to even watch it. It's mostly so negative. 

I found on this following little diddy:

'though police said he already confessed.
Instead, O'Neal said, it was a close friend of his. He told KHOU 11 News, that friend was jealous of O’Neal and Robert’s tight-knit friendship.
He claimed the day of the murder, he was at a park with Robert, his friend, his friend’s girlfriend, and the woman’s baby when his so-called jealous friend began stabbing Robert.
O’Neal said he ran for his life and didn’t tell anyone out of fear. During the conversation on Sunday, O’Neal would tap his foot quickly and tremble slightly.
The day Robert’s body was found, O’Neal said his dad took him to the psychiatric ward. Court documents revealed O'Neal tried to commit suicide.
He told KHOU that doctors prescribed him medications used to treat bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.
He said he hallucinates and that the devil has been a part of his life for years. He claimed to also believe in God and when he tries to read the Bible, the devil gets upset with him.
O’Neal wants Christina Roberts and the public to know the wrong person is behind bars.
He also mentioned that if he is convicted, he hopes for the death penalty instead of living with the anguish knowing his friend is gone.'
Is that not very disturbing and sad or what? He could be mentally ill no foul but it could be oppression or even possession when these things happen. This world needs prayers against the enemy in a bad way. Satan and his army of demons  break you down piece by piece little by little and you won't even know it. Our minds are the enemies playground. We must always stay in the armor Of God and stay prayed up for lack of better words. It's your best defense. In my humble opinion. This world is getting worse by the day. Terrible things are happening. I wouldn't know where to even begin. But remember we have power over the enemy through Jesus Christ. No ones perfect, we all make mistakes. 
Written By Jennifer L Auld

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