Thursday, February 13, 2014

Reverend Mark Hunnemann's Ramblings...

By Reverend Mark Hunnemann

Well, Ghost Hunters is ten years old! I can get cynical about paranormal TV shows as well, but I intend on continuing watching them. But analyzing current trends in the paranormal is my calling, but it may not be yours (we all have different specific callings from God)...though to some extent we all need to stay culturally aware.

Whether we like it or not, many folks are newly acquiring (or sustaining) fascination with the spirit realm due to these TV shows. Hence, some folks need to keep in the loop. I watched "Ghost Hunters" and the "Dead Files" last Friday, and I'm glad I did--and the new "Ghost Hunters" tonight. Even if we have discussed this before, it doesn't hurt to return to basics every now and then. This blog will be a bit different--a string of observations re various topics. "Lord, I was born a rambling man..." (Allman Bros).

Tonight I noted for the umpteenth time that the primary desire of "Ghost Hunters" seems to be to "put the clients  minds at rest".Have you noticed that, putting the clients minds at ease, is what Jay/Grant/Steve discuss in the van after every reveal?  Blatantly downplaying serious events, like receiving a long triple-scratch down his forearm, all the data was orchestrated at the reveal to diminish any potential danger and focus on relieving the client of any emotional distress. God forbid that parents should be anxiety-ridden due to demonic attacks on the children. Anybody with eyes to see, should be able to see that objectivity is not high on their list of priorities. The net result is that the glowing clients are in worse shape after their investigation than before. At least before, they had natural fear arising from a clearly hostile environment. But honed from years of experience, Hawes and crew can make the most "hostile haunt" appear to be an innocuous and exciting live-in arrangement with"living history." Afterwards they are often made to feel grateful for the demonic presence. What percentage of investigative crews have been bitten by this sentimentalism bug?

That certainly is not the case with the "Dead Files". To their credit, Steve and Amy do not sugar coat things at the reveal. More often than not, they present their clients with brutal realities.However, one thing I have learned is that usually the most spiritually sensitive are prone to being the most thoroughly deceived. They have become too confident in their autonomous (not subject to God or His Word) usage of their extraordinary abilities. In Amy's case, she has  her spirit guides leading her through this veritable zoo of demonic entities presenting themselves in forms which reinforce her terribly mistaken view of the spirit realm.Once in a while she will actually finger a demon, and call for a proper exorcism. More often than not, their candor does not make up for her occultic solutions to occultic problems.

Real demonic "signs and wonders" are often seen/heard on these shows...and the electrifying connection they have with spiritually starved seekers cannot be over-exaggerated.

"Wanted.. a man who can smile and laugh alot and make my eyes go wide open . Need a happy person in my life"  

(This is an actual quote off of a profile on I mentioned recently that I had taken the plunge awhile back and tried online dating. Reading the profiles reveal much of what makes each person tick. Over....and over....and over again, the common motif for what these folks were looking for was laughter and fun. Of course they were looking for other traits like honesty (even if it is common knowledge that most people lie about their age, and insert dated pics) communication, outdoorsy, and so on. But this is what really struck me-- 95 % checked the box that their faith was "Christian". However, in the 2 part-main section where you summarize WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU ARE LIKE, AND WHAT YOU ARE PRIMARILY LOOKING FOR IN A POTENTIAL SPOUSE, 95% of these professing Christians never mention a thing about their own faith, nor that of their potential match. When given the opportunity to explicitly communicate the essence of who they were, and the core values/traits desirable to them in a match, their "faith" was null and void....conspicuous by its absence.There is a pronounced lack of spiritual reality expressed in these profiles.There is no such thing as a "shallow person" because of being made in God's image, but we can sure adopt shallow values, which cannot satisfy.

One thing we get confused about is the difference between faith being personal and it being private.Our faith is intensely personal--a personal relationship with the Living God through Jesus intimate walk with Him, like Enoch. But God never intended for us to keep our faith private, as if it were some private compartment of our life...some secretive, quiet area we are silent about. No, both in actions and words, we are to be witnesses for Him. To some extent, I think that lies behind the reason why so many professing Christians don't "put it out there" them, it is a matter between them and God.But from my experience, the more we make our faith private, the less personal it becomes..That is, the more we keep it to ourselves, the more "it" shrivels.

These are people (watching the TV shows and on dating sites) made in God's image and not mere statistics--so, it makes me weep to sense their spiritual bankruptcy.Why do I mention all this? They have deluded themselves that they are happier than they really are....and spiritual emptiness makes them ripe for demonic deception. These are the kind of folks who are watching the paranormal shows or are being exposed to a myriad of other occultic influences. So, again, think of how powerfully electric the connection when they SEE supernatural reality on TV.And how easily deceived due to lack of discernment.

I wonder what percentage of homes with paranormal activity (demonic) choose to simply live with it...due to the magic it brings to their otherwise mundane and spiritually empty lives? Materialism sucks the life out of life.

Another observation is the importance of understanding what a person means when they say, "They are spiritual, but not religious." (the second most popular category checked by folks on It can have two opposite definitions, and both are commonly used. First, it means that a person is actually quite serious about their faith in Christ, but they want to make sure it is not equated with legalism (not "religious").They are acutely aware of the personal aspect of faith.That is a definition we can all applaud.Then, there is the second meaning--"I have no use for any form of organized religion, especially not Christianity." For them, the "spiritual" could mean anything or nothing...often some eastern concoction....but definitely jettison the hidden God of Christianity, with its Neanderthal ethics.

Spiritual but not religious says your may gently ask them to DEFINE!!

"Seeing Ghosts through God's Eyes" (also in a Kindle edition)...please consider purchasing my book which uses science, logic, and the bible to analyze the true source of power behind paranormal activity.

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