Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Paranormal Groups & Facebook

By Chris Baricko

This blog is about my personal opinion regarding groups who feel the need to post on Facebook every time they are going on an investigation.

I have been investigating the paranormal for over 25 years and not once have a ever felt the need to post when I was going on an investigation. There is one group I see post every single time they go on an investigation. That's not the worst of it. They take group photos of themselves in a clients' home making dumb and childish faces. REALLY?  How much  more childish and unprofessional can you get? Then they posted they were still doing reviews from March.

Again really? Most groups get back to the client in a week. They called you for help not to wait for months. I posted about this on Facebook and got mixed reactions. Some agreed with me some did not. One person felt the need to write an essay about why it was okay. They even felt the need to try and attack me by bringing in another group's name who I know and have spoken with. This person I also invited on many investigations but they always had an excuse on why they could not make it. So They are one of what I call wannabe investigators.

What people do not think about is the legal trouble. Unless you have something in writing from the client saying you can release anything, you're opening yourself up to a can of worms.

I had another person ask me why do I care what others do? Well, after all the years it is disgusting how many groups out there are a joke. They do not know what type of harm they can cause a family. Then another said I only post bashing others. No I post advice basically saying grow up.

Then she said it's not sportsmanship. I never knew paranormal was a sport? These are the people who need to pack it up and stay away from clients.

Reputation is everything. So to the groups who feel you need to post every time you go on an investigation and then take dumb photos at clients' houses, when the hammer falls I will be the one laughing.

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